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Xavier Woods, Alexa Bliss, Ember Moon & More Journey to Icewind Dale For D&D Live

June 21, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE D&D Icewind Dale

Several stars of WWE including Xavier Woods, Alexa Bliss, and Ember Moon sat down at the gaming table for an adventure in Icewind Dale for D&D Live over the weekend. Woods, Bliss, and Moon were joined by Dio Maddin and Tyler Breeze for an adventure during the D&D weekend event, run by lead rules designer Jeremy Crawford. You can see the video below of the stream, which was played to benefit the Red Nose Day charity.

The players in this WWE group are by no means strangers to D&D, playing a D&D campaign for Woods’ UpUpDownDown channel.

The adventure sees Moon play Raven, a Shadar-Kai. Woods is playing David the Gnome, while Bliss plays a Changeling named Penelope Twinklebottom. Maddin is playing Lum, a longtooth shifter barbarian, and Breeze is playing a drow bruid named Wirtinfuff. The adventure sees the group heading through the Dale and making their way to Ten-Towns when an avalanche waylays them. They find themselves in a ravine that introduces them to their adventure.

In addition to raising money for Red Nose Day, the weekend served as the introduction and announcement for the newest D&D storyline, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.