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Xavier Woods Discusses How to Play D&D in UpUpDownDown’s “Rollout”

February 17, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
UpUpDownDown Xavier Woods Rollout

– Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown channel has a new video in which the WWE star talks with DM Arthur Wright about how to play D&D. You can see the video below, which is a precursor to the second season of the channel’s “Rollout” D&D show.

In the video, Wright — who is the DM for the show — talks with Woods about what Dungeons & Dragons is exactly, and how one plays. It’s a pretty basic overview of what D&D is but nicely covers all the bases, going through the dice and talking about D&D as a cooperative storytelling experience.

You can also see the four videos from the first season of “Rollout” below. The D&D series features Woods, Ember Moon, Brennan Williams and Tyler Breeze being run through the early parts of Lost Mine of Phandelver, Fifth Edition’s introductory adventure.