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Yuke’s Producer Hiromi Furuta on Company’s Goal for AEW Game, Doesn’t See a Rivalry With WWE

November 25, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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Video Games recently spoke to Yuke’s SVP and Producer Hiromi Furuta, who discussed the recently announced AEW console game that the company is currently developing. Previously, Yuke’s was a developer for the WWE video games until recently. Below are some highlights.

Furuta on Yuke’s goal for the AEW game: “My goal is simply to create high-quality pro-wrestling games that are loved by the community. I do not think of it as being a rivalry with WWE, but rather as us creating a new product with AEW. I still love the WWE and respect its talent.”

On if the new AEW game is the same wrestling game the studio publicly said they were working on back in 2019: “At that time there was the possibility of it becoming something else, but your understanding is correct. However, it was very recently that we began making the game with AEW. Unfortunately, [it’s] too early for us to discuss [details] at this time.”

During the AEW game’s announcement this month, it was revealed that genre luminary, Hideyuki Iwashita, the director of classic fighting games WWF No Mercy and Def Jam Vendetta, would also be involved in the AEW title.

Iwashita’s past games were created during his time at Yuke’s’ historical rival AKI Corporation, a fellow Japanese developer which effectively left the genre in 2006. However, producer Furuta said it would not be strange working with the director as it had already hired some former AKI developers.

The exec would not reveal specific details of Iwashita’s role on the AEW game, but suggested that his recruitment could have been influenced by Kenny Omega, the AEW executive who spent several years in the New Japan Pro-Wrestling league and is an avid video game player.

On No Mercy Director Hideyuki Iwashita joining the development team for the AEW game: “Mr. Iwashita was one of the members essential to assembling the greatest pro-wrestling game team that Kenny Omega had envisioned. After AKI stopped making WWE wrestling games, part of their former team joined Yuke’s and worked on our games with us. We thus think of [Iwashita] as a reliable member for creating wrestling games.”

On how WWF No Mercy’s game system will inspire the AEW game: “Fans of pro-wrestling games love No Mercy’s game system, so it will undoubtedly serve as key inspiration for us.”

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