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411’s UFC 282 Report: Draw Leaves Light Heavyweight Title Vacant

December 11, 2022 | Posted by Robert Winfree
UFC 282 Image Credit: UFC

MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view, 10 p.m. ET)
#3 Jan Blachowicz (204.5 lbs.) vs. #4 Magomed Ankalaev (205 lbs.) – for vacant light heavyweight title
Jared Gordon (155.5 lbs.) vs. Paddy Pimblett (156 lbs.)
Alex Morono (179.5 lbs.) vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio (179.5 lbs.) – 180-pound catchweight
#14 Dricus Du Plessis (185 lbs.) vs. #10 Darren Till (184.5 lbs.)
#9 Bryce Mitchell (146 lbs.) vs. #14 Ilia Topuria (146 lbs.)

Jay Perrin (136 lbs.) vs. Raul Rosas Jr. (136 lbs.)
#11 Chris Daukaus (242.5 lbs.) vs. #9 Jairzinho Rozenstruik (261.5 lbs.)
Dalcha Lungiambula (185.5 lbs.) vs. Edmen Shahbazyan (185.5 lbs.)
Joaquin Buckley (185.5 lbs.) vs. #15 Chris Curtis (186 lbs.)

Alexander Hernandez (145.5 lbs.) vs. Billy Quarantillo (146 lbs.)
TJ Brown (145.5 lbs.) vs. Erik Silva (146 lbs.)
Steven Koslow (136 lbs.) vs. Cameron Saaiman (135 lbs.)

Hello everyone and welcome to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of UFC 282. Well we’ve reached the last PPV of 2022, and it’s been a pretty interesting year overall. Some ups and downs, some craziness, and while nothing truly hit crossover status it’s not been the worst year for MMA. This event had some really unfortunate incidents in the lead up as our main event was originally a rematch between Jiri Prochazka and Glover Teixeira for the light heavyweight title, those two had the Fight of the Year thus far and a rematch had some intrigue. But then Prochazka suffered a bad shoulder injury and gave up the title rather than logjam the division, Teixeira didn’t want to fight Ankalaev on short notice (totally understandable) and the UFC didn’t want to do another Teixeira vs. Blachowicz fight with Ankalaev right there. So now we’ve got Glover Teixeira vs. Magomed Ankalaev for the vacant title and a relatively weak supporting card. The co-main event sees budding star Paddy Pimblett take on Jared Gordon. A little further down the card are a couple of solid fights, Darren Till vs. Dricus du Plessis is maybe the last stand for Till as he’s in a rough spot career wise, and Bryce Mitchell vs. Ilia Topuria has some pretty serious potential in the featherweight division. Beyond that it’s pretty slim pickings so let’s hope the action is better than the card is on paper.

UFC 282 comes to the world from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We’ve got Jon Anik, Joe Rogan, and Daniel Cormier on podcast commentary duties while Megan Olivi is our roving reporter. Keep in mind that Nevada uses most of the newer rules but you still only need one hand on the mat to be considered downed. There is also the use of instant replay, a replay official outside the cage, and the fight can be restarted after replay is used if that’s applicable to the situation. Seriously, Nevada has the best instant replay rules of any commission. Lastly keep in mind that we’re in the larger 30 foot diameter Octagon set up.

Cameron Saaiman is undefeated coming into his UFC debut, now he’s looking to make a good first impression on the UFC audience. Steven Koslow is also undefeated and trying to prove himself on the UFC stage. The odds are pretty heavily with Saaiman at -315 to +260 for Koslow.

Bantamweight Bout: Steven Koslow (6-0, 136 lbs.) vs. Cameron Saaiman (6-0, 135 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Saaiman is half an inch taller while Koslow has two inches of reach advantage. They touch gloves to get us going, Koslow fighting southpaw at first but he’s apparently a switch fighter. And less than 10 seconds in the “woo’s” have started. Saaiman goes southpaw for a bit, both men are just getting a feel for each other. Bit of a left from Saaiman as both men are switching pretty regularly. They clash into a clinch, Koslow gets a takedown and moves to half guard. Saaiman keeps fishing for a double wrist lock but Koslow avoids it. Saaiman goes towards rubber guard, but Koslow moves to half guard on the other side. Koslow moves to mount, Saaiman bucks though and gets on top in Koslow’s full guard. Koslow goes to rubber guard immediately, he might be setting up a dead orchard attack but Saaiman postures through it. Saaiman lands a couple of short elbows. Back to rubber guard for Koslow, he winds up inverting for a leg attack but Saaiman grabs a guillointe and forces him to the mat with it. Koslow is defending and Saaiman spins to the back as Koslow bases up. Saaiman winds up falling over the top and Koslow gets back on top and lands some punches. Full mount for Koslow and Saaiman gets a sweep to be on top again as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Koslow

ROUND TWO: Saaiman lands a body kick, but Koslow attacks with a takedown against the fence. Koslow is able to finish the takedown, then grabs a guillotine in transition. Saaiman looks to defend and he’s able to break the grip and fight up to his feet but Koslow dives after the double leg again. They trade some knees in the clinch, then Saaiman lands one to the face that Koslow didn’t like. Koslow hits a double leg into half guard. Saaiman is able to scramble through into top position, technically in leg drag, and lands punches then gets the back as Koslow tries to wrestle up. Saaiman moves to the back but again falls over the top and they fight up into a clinch. Illegal knee from Saaiman to the head of Koslow as Koslow was on his knees so we’ve got a time out. Replay confirms the foul and Koslow doesn’t seem to be doing well at the moment. The doctor is in to check on Koslow, Koslow ultimately decides he wants to continue and the doctor doesn’t object based on the brief examination. The ref deducts a point from Saaiman, which is fair I think, and we’re back to fighting after 3:40. Saaiman lands a couple of inside leg kicks then a knee to the body. Both men miss hooks in close, Koslow tries a single leg but Saaiman is defending with a front headlock. There’s a cut around the left eye of Saaiman, not sure what caused it. Saaiman fires a few head kicks as they break. Koslow avoids a spinning kick and they trade punches to close the round.

SCORECARD: 9-9 DRAW after the point deduction, 19-18 Koslow overall

ROUND THREE: Bit of a right from Koslow to start the round. Saaiman lands a spinning back kick. Knee from Saaiman, but Koslow is after a takedown against the fence. Koslow gets the takedown then looks for the back but Saaiman is able to shake him over the top, Koslow looks for a leg attack but his legs aren’t involved so Saaiman is able to settle into top position. Half guard for Saaiman and he lands some short elbows. Saaiman slips to the back, and then transitions to 3/4 mount. Koslow fights up and hits a takedown into full guard. Half guard now for Koslow but Saaiman sweeps him into half guard. Saaiman lands some punches and hammer fists while taking the back. Koslow is struggling here, Saaiman lands punches and starts looking for a choke. Elbows from Saaiman as he stands over Koslow, Koslow is tired and Saaiman unloads as they stand. Knees from Saaiman then punches, Koslow is hurt and Saaiman is all over him with punches and knees and the ref steps in for the standing TKO.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Cameron Saaiman via TKO, punches and knees, at 4:13 of Round 3

The Final Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Saaiman for his work this evening. Mic time for Saaiman, he says this has been an experience then apologizes for the illegal knee before thanking Vegas for the time of his life. He thanks his coaches and team, the UFC brass, and gives glory to God. He knew he was behind in the fight going into the third round, and his coach was honest with him and told him to find the sixth gear and get the finish. When talking us through the finish he puts over Koslow’s grappling and says he’d like to fight on the upcoming London card.

This was likely a necessary finish, the best Saaiman could have had was a draw and I don’t think he was en route to a 10-8 here so the stoppage was necessary. Nice work from Saaiman, he’s careful about his shot selection and doesn’t just swing punches but looks for other openings as well.

TJ Brown has gone 2-3 in the UFC and is coming off of a loss back in June, now he’s hoping for a win to end the year and head into the new year with some positive momentum. Erik Silva brings an eight fight winning streak into his UFC debut and now looks to extend that here and get that all important first UFC win. This one is close on the odds, closing at a -110 pick ’em.

Featherweight Bout: TJ Brown (16-9, 145.5 lbs.) vs. Erik Silva (9-1, 146 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: These two are the same height while Brown has an inch of reach advantage. They touch gloves to get us going, Brown then lands a right hand and looks to follow up. Silva looks for a standing guillotine against the fence as Brown fishes for a single leg. Brown finally finishes the takedown by switching to a double leg and gets on top in the guard of Silva. Half guard now for Brown but Silva scoots to the fence and looks to wall walk. Brown is working from a leg ride and lands some punches but Silva is able to shake him off and get on top while Brown loosely threatens with a double wrist lock. Wall walk from Brown, and he gets on top in the ride again. They fight up into a clinch and Silva trips Brown back down. Silva looks to pass, Brown transitions to attack a heel hook but there’s no control and they just scramble back up into a clinch. They trade some knees then Brown lands an elbow. Another elbow from Brown but Silva spins him to the fence then they trade punches on the break. Bit of a right from Silva. They clinch up, Silva gets a late takedown and lands an uppercut, then Brown lands a right hand as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Brown but could go either way

ROUND TWO: Brown gets right after things and both men land punches. Silva lands a calf kick. Brown barely avoids a jumping knee. They trade rights, but Silva seems to have more power. Another right form Silva then he hits a double leg into full guard. Some elbows from Silva as he’s on top. Brown scoots to the fence and looks to wall walk, then he comes up and hits a double leg to get on top. Now Brown goes to work from the ride position, landing some punches and looking to strip the posting limbs of Silva. Neither man is doing a whole lot at the moment, then Silva tries a kimura sweep but Brown smothers him and gets the back with both hooks in. Brown starts fishing for the choke but he’s not able to get under the chin before the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Brown, 20-18 Brown overall

ROUND THREE: Brown lands a right hand and a knee, Silva lands a knee to the body but Brown is able to get a takedown into full guard. Half guard now for Brown. Brown is attack a kimura but winds up bailing on it to transition towards an arm triangle but Silva avoids it. Silva looks to scramble and he gets full guard but Brown lands an elbow. A few more punches and elbows from Brown. Silva is cut now, not bad at all but it’s there. Brown moves to half guard and tries another arm triangle, but again he can’t get the finish. Another arm triangle attack from Brown, this time he’s in full mount and he’s able to crank things down, move to side control to tighten things and Silva has to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – TJ Brown via Submission, arm triangle, at 3:41 of Round 3

The Final Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Brown for his work this evening. Mic time for Brown, he felt he was a little flat to start and he finally found his groove in the third round. He talks us through the finish and says he’s here to finish, then thanks his coach for being like a father to him.

Nothing special here, just solid technique from Brown all around.

Billy Quarantillo has gone 4-2 in the UFC but he’s just 2-2 in his last four fights, his last outing was a great fight against Shane Burgos over a year ago and now he’s looking for a win and possibly a busier schedule going into 2023. Alexander Hernandez has been very up and down in his UFC time as he’s been trading wins and losses since 2019, now he’s hoping a move down to featherweight will revitalize his career. The odds are with Quarantillo at -170 to a +145 comeback on Hernandez.

Featherweight Bout: Alexander Hernandez (13-5, 145.5 lbs.) vs. Billy Quarantillo (16-4, 146 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Quarantillo is an inch taller while Hernandez has two inches of reach advantage. They touch gloves to get us going. Some leg kicks go back and forth then Quarantillo lands a right hand. Bit of a left from Quarantillo. Hernandez looks to press forward and lands a right hand. Both men have started switching stances as they move around. Hernandez lands a body kick then a right hand. Jab from Quarantillo. Stiff left from Quarantillo then a high kick. Hernandez lands a couple of punches but a calf kick from Quarantillo seems to monkey with the leg of Hernandez. They trade body shots then clinch up and hit the fence. Hernandez looks for the takedown, he’s able to finish it and get on top in full guard. Quarantillo looks to wall walk, he’s up but took some elbows along the way and he’s still clinched. Knee to the body from Quarantillo. Another knee from Quarantillo. Hernandez lands an elbow. They break without incident. Hernandez lands a left hook. Quarantillo avoids a right hook and lands a front kick. Hernandez is cut under the left eye. Both men miss punches then Hernandez hits a takedown into half guard and attacks an arm triangle right away. Hernandez bails on the attack to land an elbow and Quarantillo is cut up open between the eyes. Rubber guard for Quarantillo, but Hernandez postures through and lands some more punches. Hernandez stands over Quarantillo and Quarantillo comes up looking for his own takedown but he wont find it and they reset. Jab from Quarantillo closes the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Hernandez

ROUND TWO: The doctor is in to check on the cut on Quarantillo, the cut is over the left eye but far enough above the brow to not be a problem yet. Quarantillo keeps coming forward and lands a body kick but gets taken down. Hernandez lands some punches from the ride position. Quarantillo wall walks and lands some knees before breaking. They trade some jabs. Hernandez looks for a takedown, that stalls out on the fence and Quarantillo lands a few knees to the body. Elbow from Hernandez lands. Hernandez looks for a double leg but Quarantillo defends thus far. A knee from Quarantillo lands and they break. They split a few jabs, then Quarantillo lands a leg kick that drops Hernandez but he can’t get on top and they wind up clinched on the fence. That left eye of Hernandez is swelling up. Quarantillo digs body shots then a few punches to the head as they break. Hernandez forces a takedown attempt but Quarantillo remains upright and lands body shots. Both men land punches in close but the volume and pace of Quarantillo is getting to Hernandez now. Quarantillo lands a couple of rights. Another flurry from Quarantillo lands then he hits a double leg against the fence. Quarantillo lands punches from the ride position. Hernandez forces his way up but Quarantillo is still all over him and forces him back down then lands more punches as Hernandez stands. Another flurry from Quarantillo, Hernandez is melting against the fence as Quarantillo keeps landing punches. They clinch up and Quarantillo unloads with elbows as Hernandez gets free. Knees to the body from Quarantillo, he just wont let Hernandez breathe and keeps landing blows along the fence until the ref steps in.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Billy Quarantillo via TKO, punches and knees, at 4:30 of Round 2

Mic time for Quarantillo after that impressive comeback, he knew Hernandez would force a dog fight and jokes about breaking his Joe Rogan curse as he’d never won a fight when Rogan was commentating. He acknowledges the cut is bad but he knew he’d keep coming and is always happy to bring out his inner dog.

Here’s the finish. Quarantillo just never quits and never runs from a fire fight, and that kind of opponent can break you down physically and mentally.

Chris Curtis just had an eight fight winning streak broken when he fought Jack Hermansson back in July, he’s hoping to avoid his first UFC losing streak here while defending his ranking. Joaquin Buckley has gone 3-2 in his last five fights but he’s coming off of a loss which ended a three fight winning streak, now he’s trying to avoid his first ever losing streak and potentially move into the top fifteen going into the new year. Buckley is your favorite at -165 while the +140 comeback on Curtis might be a tempting value bet.

Middleweight Bout: Joaquin Buckley (15-5, 185.5 lbs.) vs. #15 Chris Curtis (29-9, 186 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: These two are the same height while Buckley has half an inch of reach advantage. Both men fight southpaw. Some circling from both men, they probe with leg kicks as well. Buckley misses a head kick. Leg kick from Buckley. Curtis lands a jab. Another jab from Curtis lands. Bit of a one two from Curtis. Buckley has a few punches blocked then lands a leg kick. Hard left from Curtis but Buckley is able to eat it and fire back but he doesn’t land. Curtis blocks a few punches, Buckley might be better served by body work. Buckley jabs the body. Inside leg kick from Curtis, that one strays high and we’ve got a time out. Buckley takes a little less than 30 seconds and we’re back to fighting. Jab from Curtis. Hard left from Curtis and he avoids the counters. Some jabs go back and forth then Buckley misses a head kick. Body shot from Buckley then he fires hooks that are blocked. Curtis lands a left hand. Leg kick from Buckley. Curtis lands an inside leg kick. Body kick from Curtis. Bit of a right hook from Curtis. They split some more jabs as they circle. Both men land punches in close. A few punches from Buckley land to end the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Curtis because I think he did the better work but could easily go the other way

ROUND TWO: Both men resume jabbing. Curtis keeps pressuring forward, he lands a leg kick and avoids the punches. Buckley lands a leg kick. Curtis is blocking or avoiding most of Buckley’s offense but he’s not countering much yet. Bit of a right from Buckley. They trade jabs again. Curtis lands a leg kick. Glancing left from Buckley. Body shot from Buckley lands. Curtis jabs the body. Left hand from Buckley, he’s starting to find the timing now. Bit of a head kick from Curtis. Curtis blocks a combination, then drops Buckley with a left hand and gets on top to pound him out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Chris Curtis via KO, punches, at 2:49 of Round 2

Mic time for Curtis after win number 30, he puts over Buckley as fast and explosive as well as the seven year age gap that favored Buckley, and while he hates to quote Conor timing does beat speed. He says there’s no bad blood and puts over Buckley again as the one guy in the division who’d stand and fight with him. To close he puts over his team and the UFC Performance Institute staff.

This is actually pretty slick from Curtis, he catches the kick but doesn’t commit to the catch instead just kind of hooks the leg to keep Buckley planted in place then Curtis takes another step forward at an angle to open up that left hand counter.

Edmen Shahbazyan was considered a pretty bright prospect back in 2019, but he’s currently on a three fight losing streak and has been out of action for over a year. Shahbazyan has changed his team and his management during his time out of action, and frankly finds himself in a must win situation here as a four fight losing streak combined with his overall trajectory would spell some bad things for him going forward. Dalcha Lungiambula has gone 2-4 in the UFC and is on a three fight losing streak, he could easily be fighting for his job at this point. The odds are firmly with Shahbazyan at -325 while that +270 payout on Lungiambula might tempt some bettors given the volatility of these two fights.

Middleweight Bout: Dalcha Lungiambula (11-5, 185.5 lbs.) vs. Edmen Shahbazyan (11-3, 185.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Shahbazyan is six inches taller and a decade younger but Lungiambula has two inches of reach advantage. Some feinting from both men to start. Shahbazyan lands a jab. Some stance switching from Lungiambula now. Front kick from Shahbazyan. Bit of a right from Shahbazyan then a body shot. Lungiambula lands a body kick then misses a left hand. Shahbazyan lands a few more body attacks. Lungiambula lands an inside leg kick then misses a left hand. The body work from Shahbazyan might be adding up already, then Lungiambula lands another body kick. Front kick from Shahbazyan. Both men miss in close. They trade body kicks. They trade leg kicks, then Lungiambula looks for a takedown but that stalls out on the fence. Shahbazyan is able to spin Lungiambula into the fence and lands a few knees to the body and thigh. Things are stalling out a bit now, then they break without incident. Lungiambula avoids a head kick then lands an inside leg kick. Shahbazyan lands a front kick. Lungiambula lands a leg kick then a left hand that staggers Shahbazyan for a moment. They end the round on a body kick from Shahbazyan.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Shahbazyan

ROUND TWO: Back to body kicks from both men. Shahbazyan lands a right hand. Lungiambula lands a body kick then a glancing left hand. We get a time out as Lungiambula lands a punch to the groin. The replay shows the punch bounced off the guard and just rolled down to the groin. We’re back to fighting relatively quickly. Shahabazyan lands a front kick. Lungiambula lands an inside leg kick. Bit of a right hand from Shahbazyan. They tie up then break as Shahbazyan lands a short punch. Lungiambula lands a hard body kick, Shahbazyan didn’t like that one. Both men land punches in close, then Shahbazyan lands another front kick. A lot of motion from Shahbazyan, that body kick might have bothered him more than I thought given his change in strategy. Both men miss punches, then they trade body kicks again. Lungiambula lands a few punches in close. Bit of a left from Lungiambula. They trade rights. Shahbazyan misses a head kick, then avoids a takedown attempt. Knee from Shahabazyan stuns Lungiambula, he looks to flurry along the fence and Lungiambula reaches for a takedown but winds up just rolling over and getting pounded out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Edmen Shahbazyan via TKO, knee and punches, at 4:41 of Round 2

Not exactly spectacular, but a much needed with for Shahbazyan. Mic time for our winner, he says winning feels amazing and he’s just grateful for everything including taking about a year off with his new camp and just getting better. He puts over his new team, and expects to keep climbing and getting better. He talks us through the finish and gives love to the crowd to close.

This doesn’t show the knee that started all of this, but Shahbazyan keeps his cool and recognizes the opportunity to get Lungiambula out of there.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik has gone 2-4 in his last six fights and is currently on a two fight losing streak, if he wants to get back into the top rankings he can’t afford another loss here. Chris Daukaus had a pretty good run going in the UFC for a while but now finds himself on a two fight losing streak and he really needs a win here and then look to continue rebuilding himself next year. Rozenstruik is your -175 favorite while the underdog status on Daukaus is +150.

Heavyweight Bout: #11 Chris Daukaus (12-5, 242.5 lbs.) vs. #9 Jairzinho Rozenstruik (12-4, 261.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Daukaus is an inch taller while Rozenstruik has two inches of reach advantage, Rozenstruik is also 20 or so pounds heavier. Quick lefts from Rozenstruik then a knee, Daukaus is in trouble and Rozenstruik unloads against the fence. Daukaus tries to escape but eats a left hook and drops to prompt the stoppage.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Jairzinho Rozenstruik via TKO, punches, at :23 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club would like to thank Mr. Rozenstruik for his work this evening. They would also like to register a formal complaint about the Final Round Finish Club aligning with the upstart and potentially fraudulent Middle Round Club to keep us out of the venue until now. Mic time for Rozenstruik, he says he’s changed a lot of things in training and this is the result. He talks us through the finish and dedicates the win to one of his coaches.

Here’s the finish. Rozenstruik came out firing on all cylinders and kind of just ran over Daukaus.

Raul Rosas Jr. is undefeated coming into his UFC debut and became a bit of an oddity when he fought on Dana’s Contender Series at the age of just 17, now he’s looking to get his UFC career up and running with a win. Jay Perrin has gone 0-2 in the UFC and is pretty clearly being used a set up opponent for Rosas, but he could still upset the apple cart and get his first UFC win tonight. The odds are predictably with Rosas at -240 to Perrin’s +200.

Bantamweight Bout: Jay Perrin (10-6, 136 lbs.) vs. Raul Rosas Jr. (6-0, 136 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Rosas is two inches taller but the reach is identical, but Rosas is also 11 years younger. Southpaw for Rosas. Both men with some lead hand work right away. Perrin lands an inside leg kick. Rosas tries a single leg, Perrin defends against the fence but Rosas slips to the back. Some mat returns from Rosas and he jumps to the back with one hook in. Perrin looks to base up and shake off Rosas but Rosas gets the second hook in and flattens him out. Choke attempt from Rosas as he grabs a body triangle. Another choke attempt from Rosas but Perrin breaks his grip and remains alive in the fight. Perrin stands with Rosas on his back in the backpack position. They sink back to the mat and Rosas finally gets the choke under the chin and forces the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Raul Rosas vis Submission, rear naked choke, at 2:44 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Rosas for his work this evening. Mic time for Rosas, he gives some love to the crowd and says he’s living the dream then asks for a post fight bonus (that 12/12 Contender Series contract kicking in). Rogan calls this unprecedented hype, I remember Sage Northcutt buddy that’s BS, but Rosas loves doing what he can do and says he’s coming for the belt.

Bryce Mitchell is undefeated as a professional and has risen into the top ten ranks at featherweight, now he’s looking to remain perfect and then set his sights on the very top of the division next year. Ilia Topuria is also undefeated and has recently cracked the top fifteen, now he’s looking for pretty easily the biggest win of his career which would set him up nicely for next year. Topuria is a slight -150 favorite to +130 for Mitchell.

Featherweight Bout: #9 Bryce Mitchell (15-0, 146 lbs.) vs. #14 Ilia Topuria (12-0, 146 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Mitchell is three inches taller with an inch of reach advantage. Southpaw for Mitchell. Topuria looks to jab the body early, Mitchell with some ugly side kicks. Topuria lands a combination of punches. Hard calf kick from Topuria. Mitchell tries a single leg, Topuria stuffs it. Bit of a left from Mitchell. Topuria lands a right hand and avoids a clinch. Mitchell has started switching his stance a bit. Topuria lands a jab. Hard right from Topuria. Bit of a left from Mitchell. Topuria with another hard right hand then a left hook to follow up. Another right from Topuria, he’s landing more regularly now. Jab from Topuria then he avoids a combination and stuffs a takedown attempt. Mitchell lands a front kick. There’s a cut on Mitchell’s left eyebrow, I think it was from a clash of heads though. Jab from Topuria, Mitchell then lands a jab of his own and tries a single leg that hits the fence. Mitchell finishes the takedown but Topuria bounces up immediately then pushes out of the clinch. Left to the body from Mitchell. Topuria keeps stalking forward, he lands another couple of rights. Mitchell ducks under a left hook. Topuria with a knee to the body then a right hand. Hard body shot from Topuria. Mitchell tries a single leg, he’s able to finish it and get on top in half guard. Topuria with a few elbows from his back as he gets full guard. Mitchell lands a few punches. They’ll end the round on the mat.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Topuria

ROUND TWO: Topuria lands a left to the body. Bit of a right from Topuria, Mitchell tries a single leg but Topuria defends and lands a right hand. A few more punches from Topuria land, then he avoids a takedown attempt. Mitchell is committed to forward pressure but he’s running into punches. Combination from Mitchell mostly lands. Topuria clubs Mitchell with a left hook. Hard uppercut then a right hand from Topuria drops Mitchell then Topuria gets on top in side control. Mitchell quickly grabs half guard and looks for a sweep. Topuria gets back to side control and lands a few punches. Back control for Topuria now and he lands punches as Mitchell fights to his feet but Mitchell’s face is becoming a mess. Topuria keeps coming forward now and lands a right hand. Topuria lands an uppercut and stuffs a takedown then shoves Mitchell over and gets on top in side control again. More punches from Topuria as he rides Mitchell. Arm triangle from Topuria and Mitchell has to tap out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Ilia Topuria via Submission, arm triangle choke, at 3:10 of Round 2

Seriously impressive outing from Topuria there from start to finish. Mic time for Topuria after the win, he wants a title fight as soon as possible but if not that he’d love to fight Brian Ortega in Spain if possible. He knew he was better than Mitchell everywhere and saw the chance for a submission after battering him. He talks us through the finish and then calls out the crowd just a bit. To close he thanks everyone for their support.

Darren Till is a top ten middleweight despite having just one win in the weight class and currently being on a two fight losing streak as well as having been out of action since September of last year. Till is at something of a crossroads fight here, a third consecutive loss considering his losses and injury history might necessitate some difficult questions about his career. Dricus du Plessis is on a five fight winning streak and is 3-0 in the UFC, he recently got into the top fifteen rankings and now takes aim at the top of the division. Du Plessis is after the biggest win of his career here and could wind up set up nicely for more ranked opposition going forward. The odds lean towards du Plessis at -175 while to a +150 comeback on Till.

Middleweight Bout: #14 Dricus Du Plessis (17-2, 185 lbs.) vs. #10 Darren Till (18-4-1, 184.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Du Plessis is an inch taller with an inch and a half of reach advantage. Southpaw for Till per usual, they touch gloves to get us going. Du Plessis opens with some leg kicks as they circle. A lot of forward motion from Till. Du Plessis gets close and lands punches then hits a takedown. Till tries to get up and Du Plessis moves to the ride position against the fence and lands punches to the head. More punches from Du Plessis as he works to keep Till on his knees. Du Plessis with some knees to the thigh as he rides Till back to his knees. A few more punches from Du Plessis land as Till stands but Du Plessis is still on him landing punches. Till is kind of stuck here as Du Plessis keeps landing punches. Du Plessis looks to get another takedown, he muscles till down and gets the back as they move. Body triangle from Du Plessis and he keeps punching the head of Till. Du Plessis gets Till pretty flat then lands punches and grabs a choke, it’s more of a crank and he bails to attack again on the other side. Till’s left eye is badly swollen. Some more choke attacks from Du Plessis, he’s giving himself a little time to recover as well after all the punches he threw. Till breaks the body triangle and gets on top briefly, Till tries to roll for a front choke and they just wind up back on the feet. Bit of a left from Du Plessis then a jab. Du Plessis lands a leg kick but Till off balances him and gets on top throwing hammer fists. Du Plessis comes up and hits another takedown to end the round on top.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Du Plessis, borderline 10-8

ROUND TWO: Till’s corner got a lot of that swelling on his eye under control but it could still stop things if it gets any worse. Inside leg kick from Till. Till with some punches, Du Plessis fires back with a right hand. Du Plessis circles away from Till a bit. They both miss power hand punches. One two from Till, Du Plessis looks to counter but runs into an eye poke and Du Plessis doesn’t want a break so there’s no real time out. They trade some inside leg kicks then Du Plessis lands a knee to the body but eats an elbow in reply. Knee from Till, Du Plessis shoots a single leg and gets it then nearly gets the back but Du Plessis forces him down then grabs a front headlock for control. Till forces his way up and eats a knee before they break. Du Plessis misses a kick. Leg kick from Du Plessis then he blocks a left hand. Till lands an elbow, nicely timed there. One two from Till. Till misses a left hand. Left hand from Till lands. Du Plessis lands a right hand then tries a single leg, and on the second effort he gets Till down. Du Plessis on top in half guard now and he lands some short punches. Du Plessis is aiming at that damaged eye whenever possible. Short elbow from Du Plessis then a few punches. Du Plessis rolls for a foot lock, he’s really cranking on it but Till wont tap as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Till, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: They hug to start the last round. Till looks to come forward again. Both men miss punches. Bit of a left from Du Plessis. Till lands a couple of punches. Left hand from Till. Du Plessis lands a right hand. Till lands a left. Bit of a calf kick from Du Plessis. They trade lefts then Du Plessis lands a hard calf kick. Left from Du Plessis lands then a few follow up punches. Du Plessis’s jab is starting to work now as he’s southpaw. Some jabs from Till now then a front kick. Du Plessis lands a right hand. Stiff jab from Du Plessis, then he avoids a punch and lands his own left hand. Double leg from Du Plessis into full mount. Du Plessis lands punches, Till gives the back and Du Plessis grabs a neck crank which forces the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Dricus Du Plessis via Submission, neck crank, at 2:43 of Round 3

The Final Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Du Plessis for his work this evening. Mic time for Du Plessis, he says his gas tank can’t be emptied but it can get low and feels the fight got close in the first but doesn’t think it should have been stopped because Till responded every time the ref told him to. He knows he kind of gave away the second round but the dog came out of him in the third and says South Africa always shows up late. Asked about the game plan he says the grappling was kind of an audible as striking was the first game plan, but thinks he showed off better wrestling, and even mentions going southpaw to Till opened up his jab to set up the rest of his game. He talks us through the finish and knew he was heavier than Till but felt a touch slow in the second and had to get his groove back. He says him being in the top ten is history for South Africa in the UFC, and puts over Till a bit. Asked about the future he reminds the crowd how to pronounce his name and says hello to the top ten and Vegas.

Santiago Ponzinibbio used to be a top welterweight but he’s just 1-3 in his last four fights and is on a two fight losing streak, that’s slightly mitigated by those two losses being split decisions. Despite that Ponzinibbio needs a win pretty badly if he wants to make another run towards the top of the welterweight division. Alex Morono took this fight on short notice, hence the catchweight, but he’s on a four fight winning streak and could get the best win of his career if he’s able to take out a longtime veteran like Ponzinibbio. Ponzinibbio is the favorite at -170 while a Morono win would payout at +145.

Catchweight Bout: Alex Morono (22-7 1 NC, 179.5 lbs.) vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio (28-6, 179.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Ponzinibbio has an inch of height and reach over Morono. They circle each other for a bit. Morono lands a right hand. Ponzinibbio lands a calf kick. ESPN+ is having a few issues at the moment so things are stuttering a bit on the feed. Ponzinibbio lands a right hand. Leg kick from Ponzinibbio then Morono lands a counter right. Bit of a spinning back fist from Morono. Both men land some jabs, they’re keeping a pretty high pace. Calf kick from Ponzinibbio. Morono lands a front kick. They split some jabs. Both men miss punches then Morono lands a body kick. Hard right to the body from Ponzinibbio. Ponzinibbio jabs the body then lands a calf kick. Bit of a calf kick from Ponzinibbio, who’s cut around the left eyebrow from something that I missed. Morono lands a right hand. The crowd boos, for no good reason as this is a perfectly acceptable fight. Ponzinibbio lands a right hand then a body jab. They both try spinning attacks, both miss but Morono lands a right hand that drops Ponzinibbio. Morono jumps on him but Ponzinibbio is able to defend and regain his feet just before the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Morono

ROUND TWO: That cut on Ponzinibbio is in a bad spot, it’s under the eyebrow but we see the cut was opened by a clash of heads in close. They touch gloves. Both men with some jabs as they look to get back into rhythm. Ponzinibbio jabs the body. Morono avoids a few punches. Ponzinibbio lands a jab. Some body shots from Ponzinibbio. A lot of body jabs from Ponzinibbio. They get close and trade left hooks. Calf kick from Ponzinibbio. Those calf kicks might have affected Morono. Morono lands a right hand that drops Ponzinibbio, but Ponzinibbio bounces right back up. Bit of a left hook from Ponzinibbio. That left leg of Morono is definitely a little compromised but I don’t think Ponzinibbio has picked up on it. Ponzinibbio misses a few punches then lands a calf kick. Morono misses a wheel kick. A right from Ponzinibbio seems to stun Morono for a second. Ponzinibbio keeps up the body work as they move around. Bit of a combination from Ponzinibbio. Both men miss rights. They tie up, then break apart. Ponzinibbio lands a right hand then they split jabs to end the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Ponzinibbio but might still go the other way, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: They touch gloves for the final round. Leg kick from Ponzinibbio lands. Ponzinibbio jabs the body again. Morono is just not throwing or landing as much anymore. Morono checks a calf kick. Ponzinibbio lands a left hand then a jab but Morono counters with a right hand and Ponzinibbio is hurt. Morono stalks down Ponzinibbio and hits him again but Ponzinibbio seems to be recovering now. They trade in close. Morono lands a jab. Ponzinibbio with a left hook then a jab of his own. Both men miss punches. A Ponzinibbio right hurts Morono, he drops on a second punch and Ponzinibbio hits another punch to prompt the stoppage.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Santiago Ponzinibbio via TKO, punches, at 2:29 of Round 3

The Final Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Ponzinibbio for his work this evening. Mic time for Ponzinibbio he gives glory to God and thanks his coaches. He runs down all the bad luck he’s had lately but feels his heart is big inside the cage and he’ll show it no matter what. He talks us through the finish and felt the right hand was there but it took him a while to figure out the timing. To close he speaks Spanish for the people back in Argentina.

Paddy Pimblett has gone 3-0 in the UFC and has been emerging as a potential star for them, now he’s looking to end the year with another win and take aim at more recognizable opponents going forward. Jared Gordon has been with the UFC since 2017 and is 4-1 in his last five fights, he’s coming off of a win and is poised for his highest profile win to date as halting the hype train around Pimblett would be the most visible thing Gordon has done. Not surprisingly Pimblett is the favorite at -250 against +210 on Gordon.

Lightweight Bout: Jared Gordon (19-5, 155.5 lbs.) vs. Paddy Pimblett (19-3, 156 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Pimblett is an inch taller with a notable five inches of reach advantage. They touch gloves to get us going. They trade leg kicks then Pimblett misses a head kick. Gordon blocks a few punches. Gordon cracks Pimblett with a left hook then a leg kick. Pimblett lands a leg kick. Hard left from Gordon stuns Pimblett, it might have hurt him a bit. Gordon is coming forward now. Leg kick from Gordon, Pimblett returns it. Gordon lands a leg kick, he’s just baiting Pimblett into closer range where he can counter with power punches. Another left hook from Gordon lands then a right hand follow up. Pimblett’s chin is holding up so far. They trade calf kicks then Gordon lands a hard right hand. The defense of Pimblett is just porous. Gordon lands another left hook. Bit of a combination from Pimblett but Gordon is blocking most of these. Pimblett lands a calf kick and avoids the counters. They clash on kicks. Gordon blocks some kicks. A lot kicks from Pimblett, then Gordon lands a body kick. Gordon lands a couple of lefts, that punch is money for him so far. Bit of a right from Pimblett, Gordon then hits a couple of lefts. They trade calf kicks. Those calf kicks have been Pimblett’s best offense this round. They get close and trade hooks. A left hook from Gordon lands again. Pimblett ties up and tries a takedown but Gordon counters to get on top. Elbow from Gordon as he’s in the full guard of Pimblett. Pimblett tries a triangle attack, Gordon postures through it and lands punches to close the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Gordon

ROUND TWO: Gordon starts stalking forward. Pimblett tries to get his jab working but Gordon is reading his offense at the moment. Bit of a calf kick from Pimblett. Gordon lands a calf kick then a front kick. Bit of a head kick from Pimblett, Gordon then hits him with a left hook. Pimblett lands a body kick. Another left hook from Gordon then a calf kick. Bit of an uppercut from Pimblett, Gordon is still pressuring him though. Gordon lands a calf kick then checks the return. Bit of a combination from Gordon. Gordon has Pimblett on the fence and lands a left hook then looks for a takedown. Pimblett grabs at a weird back take as he goes down, he’s attacking a rear naked squeeze but Gordon gets his head free and starts working in the clinch as they stand. Short punches from Gordon land. Some knees go back and forth, then Gordon looks for a high crotch lift but bails on it. More punches from Gordon in the clinch. Hard right from Gordon as Pimblett gets out of the clinch. Gordon lands a calf kick, bit of a counter from Pimblett. They trade in close, Gordon is getting the better of these with his defense. Calf kick from Gordon then a right hand. Pimblett lands an uppercut but Gordon gets him in the clinch again and lands short punches. They trade some knees then Gordon lands a couple more punches. They break and Pimblett lands a right hand then Gordon responds with a left hook. Both men land front kicks then Gordon lands a left hook. We get a time out as Gordon took an eye poke. Replay confirms the poke as Pimblett gets a hard warning from the ref. Gordon takes about 30 seconds then we’re back to fighting. Leg kick from Gordon. Pimblett swings a right hand then misses punches in close.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Gordon but a closer one, 20-18 Gordon overall

ROUND THREE: They touch gloves for the final round. Gordon resumes coming forward and lands a right to the body then clinches. Gordon looks for a takedown on the fence, he gets it and moves to the ride position. Some knees to the body from Gordon as Pimblett is just posting on his hands. Gordon starts working for sweeps and trips, Pimblett fights chest to chest again and does so. Some more knees from Gordon, Pimblett is just defending but not doing much more. Some knees from Pimblett now and Gordon lands punches to the face in response. A few more punches from Gordon then Pimblett spins free and eats a left hook. Gordon gets back to offense and lands a left hook then clinches again. They trade knees in the clinch and Gordon peppers in some punches. Gordon slips to the back standing and lands punches. Pimblett gets chest to chest again, and Gordon looks for a single leg. Trip from Gordon and he gets the back but he’s too high and Pimblett shakes him off and gets on top but Gordon scrambles and they resume clinch fighting. Pimblett is now on the back in the clinch but he’s not doing much. Pimblett jumps for the back but there’s nothing doing and no time left.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Gordon, 30-27 Gordon overall but I’d bet Pimblett winds up taking the split because MMA judging

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Paddy Pimblett via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Well thus ends our perfect night of finishes. I can’t call BS on the scoring, round two was close enough and three wasn’t definitive. Pimblett claims the fight wasn’t close and jokes about getting paid for the interview. He feels he won the first two rounds, which is utter crap as Gordon won the first handily. He knew this would be a tough fight and puts over Gordon then offers to work together with some of Gordon’s charities. Asked about the future he says he hurt his foot in the first round and might have to get that checked out, then asks for Fight of the Night, which it absolutely wasn’t. Apparently two of the judges gave Pimblett the first round, which is utter horse shit.

Jan Blachowicz is a former light heavyweight champion and has gone an impressive 6-1 in his last seven fights. Blachowicz is coming off of a win that was due to a random knee injury to his opponent, and while this fight wasn’t originally for the title he’s not found himself with a chance to reclaim the belt he used to hold. Magomed Ankalaev is on a nine fight winning streak and has been considered a future champion for a year or so now, and now he gets his first crack at the belt at the expense of the best opponent he’s faced. Ankalaev is well thought of enough to be the favorite at -345 while that +285 payout on Blachowicz might tempt some bettors out there.

Light Heavyweight Title Bout: #3 Jan Blachowicz (29-9, 204.5 lbs.) vs. #4 Magomed Ankalaev (18-1, 205 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Ankalaev is an inch taller but Blachowicz has three inches of reach advantage, Blachowicz is also nine years older. Southpaw for Ankalaev as they touch gloves. Ankalaev looks to get his jab working. Both men just range finding at the moment, looking to get a read on each other. Blachowicz lands a leg kick. Front kick from Ankalaev. Decent left from Ankalaev to counter a leg kick from Blachowicz. Ankalaev lands another front kick then a right hand. Bit of a left from Blachowicz. A couple of rights from Ankalaev land, he might be finding Blachowicz when they enter the pocket now. Blachowicz lands a leg kick then a body jab. Jab from Ankalaev then a follow up left. Ankalaev’s jab is starting to disrupt Blachowicz at this point. Blachowicz lands a right hand but eats a counter. Ankalaev has faster hands at this point. They trade rights then Ankalaev lands a left and Blachowicz responds with a body kick. There’s some swelling around the right eye of Ankalaev. Ankalaev lands a couple of front kicks. Blachowicz blocks a head kick but that was a fast kick for guys this big. Jab from Ankalaev. Right hook then a left hand from Ankalaev and a follow up front kick. Both men miss punches in close. Ankalaev lands another front kick. Bit of a body kick from Ankalaev. They trade leg kicks. They feint away the final few seconds.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Ankalaev

ROUND TWO: Those front kicks from Ankalaev have been money so far. Both men show the jab as the round starts. Bit of a head kick from Ankalaev, Blachowicz didn’t like that even though he blocked it. Blachowicz lands a body kick. Ankalaev lands a few jabs. They trade punches, Blachowicz landed a good right hand there. Ankalaev lands a front kick. They trade lead hooks then Blachowicz avoids a head kick. Ankalaev lands a front kick, then another one. They both miss punches in close. Blachowicz avoids a few punches. Inside leg kick from Blachowicz, Ankalaev responds with a front kick. Ankalaev lands an inside leg kick. Blachowicz avoids a few punches. They trade punches in close, Blachowicz is working higher volume now and it’s paying dividends. Ankalaev lands a front kick. Pretty decent pull counter left from Ankalaev. Ankalaev lands a left hand. Blachowicz lands a hard inside leg kick, Ankalaev didn’t like that one. Ankalaev lands a front kick to the body. A leg kick from Blachowicz bothers Ankalaev, and Ankalaev forces a clinch after that. They fight in the clinch then break without much happening. Ankalaev goes orthodox now, Blachowicz just lands a calf kick. Jab from Ankalaev. Blachowicz avoids a right hand. They trade rights again. Blachowicz lands a calf kick, then Ankalaev forces a clinch. They’ll end the round in the clinch.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Blachowicz, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: More leg kicks from Blachowicz to start the third round. Ankalaev is trying to get his legs back under him as he circles. Some front kicks from Ankalaev, then Blachowicz lands an inside leg kick. Hard right hand from Ankalaev but Blachowicz just eats it. Blachowicz lands a body kick. Ankalaev with some jabs then a left hook. That Ankalaev jab is still a problem for Blachowicz. More jabs from Ankalaev, he’s pushing Blachowicz back now. Front kick from Ankalaev. Bit of a right from Ankalaev in close. Ankalaev lands a jab. A couple more leg kicks from Blachowicz and Ankalaev has to back up. Bit of a left from Ankalaev. Both of Ankalaev’s legs are hurt at this point. Ankalaev tries a takedown and settles for a clinch on the fence. Some knees from Ankalaev in the clinch. Elbow from Ankalaev as they break, then he dives back into the clinch. More knees from Ankalaev then a left hand as Blachowicz slips free. Another body kick from Ankalaev. Both men miss uppercuts. Another front kick from Ankalaev and he tries a knee that goes low so we’ve got a time out. Replay confirms the knee to the groin. Blachowicz takes about 30 seconds then we’re back to fighting. Ankalaev lands a front kick and forces another clinch. Some body shots from Ankalaev in the clinch, then he hits a trip takedown into full guard. Some punches and elbows from Ankalaev end the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Ankalaev but a really close one, 29-28 Ankalaev overall

ROUND FOUR: Ankalaev gets back on forward pressure right away. A few punches from Ankalaev. Ankalaev tries a takedown, he eats an uppercut but gets a clinch. Knee from Ankalaev lands, then more body shots as they fight for position. Blachowicz tries to get free but Ankalaev is keeping him pinned and landing knees. Short uppercuts from Ankalaev land then a few knees. Blachowicz finally spins free but Ankalaev shoots a double leg and gets it into full guard. Interesting stat about Blachowicz, he’s just 2-5 in fights where he’s given up a takedown, now he’s given up two to Ankalaev. Some short elbows from Ankalaev land as Blachowicz just keeps his guard closed. Blachowicz looks to start a wall walk but Ankalaev gets the back as he tries to get on his knees. Some punches from Ankalaev now as he fishes for a choke. Ankalaev picks an ankle and keeps Blachowicz flat on his back. Some more body shots from Ankalaev as he passes to half guard. I appreciate Ankalaev’s body shots in his ground and pound, then he lands an elbow to the face. Ankalaev stands over Blachowicz and lands punches, then a few leg kicks as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Ankalaev, 39-37 Ankalaev overall

ROUND FIVE: They touch gloves for the final round. Ankalaev lands a punch and off balances Blachowicz, then he jumps on top of him. Punches from Ankalaev as he returns to the guard of Blachowicz. Blachowicz just closes his guard, I’m not sure I understand the decision making here. Some short hammer fists from Ankalaev, now body shots being added in as well. Ankalaev looks to pass, he’s in half guard now as Blachowicz tries to fish for something but can’t find anything. Blachowicz looks to start a wall walk but Ankalaev pins his base leg down with a knee. Ankalaev looks for wrist control, gets it and starts landing lefts to the body and head as he’s got Blachowicz’s right arm tied up. More lefts from Ankalaev, these are adding up and he’s starting to get some real power into them. Elbows from Ankalaev now, he’s got Blachowicz kind of helpless in some ways. Ankalaev can sense the finish and looks to unload with punches and elbows as Blachowicz tries to get his hand back. Blachowicz does get his hand back finally but he’s still pinned and Blachowicz is sort of threatening an arm triangle. Ankalaev bails on that attack to land some short elbows to the head. More elbows from Ankalaev, he’d like a finish but it looks like Blachowicz is going to tough his way through the final 30 seconds. More hammer fists from Ankalaev and body shots as well. A final flurry from Ankalaev connects but he wont prompt a stoppage.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Ankalaev, 49-46 Ankalaev overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – DRAW, split (48-46 Ankalaev, 48-47 Blachowicz, 47-47)

I have no idea which round was 10-8, and frankly on idea how you give Blachowicz 3 rounds.

Mic time for Blachowicz first, he knows he didn’t win but isn’t fully sure he lost as he just got out of the fight and will have to rewatch it. Blachowicz says he’s not a judge and can’t further comment on who won. Asked about a rematch he’d like to fix things and be prepared for five rounds.

Mic time for Ankalaev, he doesn’t have anything to say but feels he won and wants his belt. Blachowicz comes over and says Ankalaev should get the belt, bless him we don’t deserve Blachowicz. Ankalaev is asked about the future, he can’t choose the judges but is pissed and reiterates he won and should have the belt. Asked about the leg kicks he says feeling the pain didn’t matter he did everything to get the win. Frankly I agree. He says he’ll always do what’s necessary to adjust, but he’s not sure he’ll fight for the UFC again because he doesn’t know what just happened. Ankalaev is really pissed off, and with good reason, he does thank his coaches and team, but he’s at a loss for words right now.

Well on that unbelievably annoying note, UFC 282 comes to a close. We’ll be breaking down all of this on the 411 Ground and Pound MMA Podcast Sunday, and try to make some kind of sense out of it. I’ll be back next week for the final UFC event of 2022, and I hope you will be as well. Until then thank you for reading, stay safe out there, and keep checking 411mania for all of your pop culture needs.

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