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411’s UFC Fight Night 122 Report 11.25.17

November 25, 2017 | Posted by Robert Winfree
Kelvin Gastelum UFC Fight Night 122

Hello everyone and welcome to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of UFC Fight Night 122. I’m Robert Winfree, staying up into the early morning to relay to you good people all of the action just as I see it. I hope all of my fellow Americans had a good Thanksgiving and that you all stayed safe during any excursions. I’m going to apologize in advance if the coverage gets loopy towards the end, the first bout starts at 3:45 am eastern time which is 1:45 am for me, so just a heads up in that regard. Also, fair warning, my computer has been acting up a bit again. I’ve taken as many precautions as I can to fix it, but if it starts shutting itself down again I’ll just have to have fun restarting and trying to keep in touch with everything going on.

Our main event was to be Anderson Silva vs. Kelvin Gastelum, but that bout seems nearly as cursed as Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov and it fell through again when Silva failed a drug test. Stepping in on very short notice is former middleweight champion Michael Bisping, who’s circumventing his thirty day suspension by competing outside of the jurisdiction of the Association of Boxing Commissions. Also on this card is the debut of Muslim Salikhov, a man who’s finished three of his last four wins with some kind of spinning technique, and the return of Zabit Magomedsharipov. Other than those there’s not much on paper to be excited about, hopefully the action is good though.

This is the UFC’s debut on mainland China, they’ve held three previous events in Macau, specifically we’ll be in the Merceds Benz Arena in Shanghai, China. On commentary will be Jon Anik and Dan Hardy.

In your regularly scheduled update on the rules in effect, there is no governing body for combat sports in China so the UFC will be self regulating and will be using the updated Unified Rules of MMA. This means extending fingers towards your opponent is a foul regardless of contact being made, you need both palms or fists flat on the mat (or a knee of course) to be considered downed, and the language around scoring is clearer.

Cyril Asker is 1-2 in the UFC and coming off of a loss to Walt Harris, he’s trying to get back on the winning side of things and move his UFC record back to the .500 mark. Hu Yaozong is undefeated as a professional, he took this fight on very short notice when Asker’s original opponent fell through but he’s got a chance to make a good first impression in his home country on the UFC stage. Asker is a significant favorite at -260 to +200 for Yaozong.

Heavyweight Bout: Cyril Asker (8-3, 244 lbs.) vs. Hu Yaozong (3-0, 232 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Yaozong is three inches taller while Asker has two inches of reach advantage. They touch gloves to get things going. Asker is pressing forward, he gets a quick double leg against the fence and Yaozong is trying to wall walk. Asker is fighting to strip posts away, he lands a few solid lefts as Yaozong gets up. Asker still after the double leg, Yaozong grabs a standing guillotine and spins Asker into the fence to further leverage it, Asker fights and gets free then takes a right from Yaozong as they break. Asker lands a glancing right, both guys already breathing from the mouth. Asker with another takedown against the fence, Yaozong sitting quickly and Asker switches to a front headlock while standing over his seated opponent. Now Asker spins towards the back, he’s got one hook in and is looking for the other one. They trade a few punches, Asker looking to get the choke but Yaozong is defending well to this point. Asker lands a knee to the body and moves back to the front headlock. Yaozong breaks the grip and stands but is immediately taken back down by Asker. Asker has the ride position again and is starting to land some punches. A few rights get through for Asker but he can’t get that second hook in. Yaozong lands a couple of back elbows as he’s taking body shots, it’s enough to convince the ref he’s still in this as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-8 Asker

ROUND TWO: Asker is bouncing around to start the second, he tries a lazy jab and eats a good right. Leg kick from Yaozong, then another one. Asker bulls in close, lands an uppercut and tries a single leg then spins Yaozong down against the cage. Asker lands some rights, his control has been pretty good so far. Asker moves back to the ride position. Rights and lefts from Asker coming in and he’s got the second hook in finally. Asker flattens Yaozong out and is looking to pound him into the mat. They roll a bit, Asker gets the choke in and forces the submission.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Cyril Asker via Submission, rear naked choke, at 2:33 of Round 2

Solid stuff from Asker, Yaozong was just out of his depth. Asker on the mic now, along with a translator for the audience. He thanks the audience for being there, notes that usually the first fight of the night isn’t well attended and appreciates that they love MMA. He wants to move up in the division and kick some “big asses”. He talks us through the finish, saying he wants to be a complete fighter and feels he’s making strides in that direction. He thanks his coaches and his family then thanks Shanghai again.

Here’s the finish, text book stuff from Asker.

Wuliji Buren is making his UFC debut on the back of a three fight winning streak, he’s looking to keep that momentum going and kick his UFC run off with a bang. Rolando Dy is 0-2 in the UFC, in fact his last win was over a year ago. Dy has to win here because an 0-3 start has ended more than a few UFC runs. The odds lean towards Dy at -165 to +135 on Buren.

Featherweight Bout: Wuliji Buren (10-4, 146 lbs.) vs. Rolando Dy (8-6 1 NC, 148 lbs.)*

ROUND ONE: Buren is an inch taller while Dy has half an inch of reach on him. Buren comes out first, Dy looks a little flat to start things. Dy lands a bit of a leg kick. Buren lands a body kick but eats a left hook that drops him, he gets back up quickly but he was dropped for a bit there. Buren after a single leg and is able to spin Dy down to the mat and get on top. Buren tries to pass too quickly and Dy scrambles back up, Buren has a rear waist lock though and is able to elevate and drop Dy so he gets the back. Buren tried to hit a Demetrious Johnson like choke on that toss but couldn’t get it, he’s only got one hook in and Dy fights back up and they swing hooks then separate. Dy lands a bit of a left hook after an uppercut was blocked. Solid leg kick lands for Dy. They both feint a bit, Dy lands another leg kick. Some punches falling short for both men, distance management issues on both sides but Dy is landing some leg kicks. Buren lands a bit of a right after they both missed in close, Buren’s hooks are looping pretty heavily. Dy tries a double leg, Buren defends as the last bit of action from the round.


ROUND TWO: Both men miss rights, Dy lands a left hook to follow up. Buren after a takedown, he transitions to get a knee tap but Dy is able to reverse from his knees to get on top in side control. Dy lands a few knees to the body, Buren is holding a headlock and has the left arm tied up to prevent a possible Von Flue position. Dy gets his arm free and Buren immediately releases the head. Buren is able to bridge then spin free and we’re on the feet again. Buren lands a bit of a right, Dy responds with a left hook. Buren lands a leg kick, Dy responds with a combination that ends with a body kick. Buren lands a quick combination and blocks the counters. Sharp jab from Dy lands. Right from Buren lands but he eats a hard counter left hook. Buren gets a single leg, Dy kicks him hard in the chest to keep him from getting top position and regain his feet. Buren’s second effort on takedowns is impressive, he doesn’t finish clean but he wont be stopped once he makes contact. Leg kick from Dy, and another one. They both miss punches, Dy misses a leg kick then Buren blocks some offense to close out the second round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Dy, 20-18 Dy overall

ROUND THREE: Both men feint to start the final round, Dy lands a jab. Buren tries a single leg, Dy blocks the first effort but Buren is able to elevate the leg and push him over to land on top in half guard. Buren lands a few very weak body shots, Dy is stalling him out. Dy elevates, Buren tries to grab a choke but Dy defends and stands. Buren lands a right and is after another takedown, this time Dy is against the fence and is using that to stay upright. Buren can’t finish the single leg and Dy separates then circles off of the fence. Dy lands a right, he’s got an edge in firepower for sure. Body kick from Dy lands, we get time though as that seems to have glanced the groin of Buren. Buren walks it off quickly and we’re back to fighting. Buren tries another single leg, Dy stuffs this one and separates. Dy just misses a right, Buren lands a bit of a left. Buren tries another single leg, Dy tries to limp leg free but Buren gets a rear waist lock. Dy turns into him and spins him into the fence then lands a hard elbow. Dy lands a couple of body shots then avoids a takedown from Buren. They both miss offense and clinch up, Dy misses an elbow strike. Dy lands an elbow but Buren spins him into the fence and they trade knees to the body as time runs all the way down.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Dy, 30-27 Dy overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Rolando Dy via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

No interview for Dy, some good technique from Buren but he lacked firepower and the ability to really impact Dy when he had superior position.

Wu Yanan is making her UFC debut, she’s won her last two bouts and could announce herself in a big way with an impressive showing here. Gina Mazany lost her UFC debut when she stepped in on short notice against Sara McMann and was subsequently choked out, she’s trying to show the depth of her skills now that there’s a full training camp ahead of this bout. This bout is close according to the odds, but favor Mazany slightly at -155 to +125 for Yanan.

Women’s Bantamweight Bout: Gina Mazany (4-1, 135 lbs.) vs. Wu Yanan (8-1, 135 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Yanan is two inches taller while Mazany has two and a half inches of reach on her. Mazany comes out southpaw, they get close and trade some leather but Mazany landed better. Yanan lands a side kick to the body and they wind up clinched on the fence. They spin a few times while fighting for position. A few knees to the body go back and forth. Mazany is bleeding from around the left eyebrow, not bad as of yet but bears watching. More knees from Yanan, Mazany returns them. Yanan is able to trip Mazany down and land some punches before Mazany scrambles back up and they’re fighting in the clinch again. Yanan lands a knee to the body and they separate. Yanan lands a body kick then they both land punches and fall into another clinch. Mazany land a few knees, tries a trip but Yanan stays upright. Mazany gets an outside reap and is on top in half guard now. A few hard blows from Mazany sneak through. Yanan on a hip looking to sweep or stand, Mazany pushes her over, Yanan tries for an armbar of some kind but Mazany pulls free and they stand. Mazany gets another quick takedown and lands some rights. Yanan looking for a reversal from her knees, they wind up clinched again and Mazany is on the fence. Yanan lands a knee to the body, and another. A third knee from Yanan then a left as the last blow of the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Mazany

ROUND TWO: Mazany lands another left then a head kick, Yanan just eats it and pushes into the clinch. Mazany on the fence now, Yanan lands some knees to the body. Yanan lands a glancing elbow strike. Yanan lands a few more body shots. Yanan keeps grabbing at the fence, the ref is warning her. Mazany lands a knee to the body and they separate. Double leg attempt from Mazany hits the fence, she has to fight for it but does finish the double leg. Yanan wall walks, Mazany holds her waist and rides her back to the mat. Lefts to the head from Mazany, he’s in a loose half guard. Yanan moves to sitting on the fence, Mazany leans on her and lands a few short lefts. Yanan back up and they trade in the clinch. Mazany drives Yanan into the fence again and lands some lefts, she’s got control of the far arm around the back. Yanan gets her arm free and knees the body. The ref calls time to give Yanan a stern warning about grabbing the fence, he makes sure the translator is involved for this one and they reset in the middle of the cage. They trade some lefts and push into the clinch again. They jockey a bit, swing some punches and the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Mazany, 20-18 Mazany overall

ROUND THREE: Yanan was holding her right arm up in place and complained of a shoulder issue between rounds. Replay shows that right shoulder got torqued but she comes out for the final round. Yanan lands a bit of a left. Body kick from Yanan lands, Mazany returns it. Yanan is moving the right arm but she’s not throwing it, commentary speculates it’s a recurring injury that she knows how to fight through. Some body kicks go back and forth. They clinch up again, Mazany drives Yanan into the fence and is after a double leg. Mazany is able to finish the takedown and land in the guard of Yanan. A few lefts land for Mazany, Yanan is trying to get her hips in play. Rubber guard from Yanan, Mazany is trying to posture through it. Yanan bails on rubber guard, resets it but there’s a few minor errors in set up. Yanan tries a triangle but it was desperate and Mazany spins through to land in side control. Mazany moves to north-south and punch the body. Mazany lands an elbow and moves to side control again. Another elbow from Mazany, Yanan tries a desperation armbar from the bottom but eats some elbows as time runs down.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Mazany, might be 10-8, 30-27 Mazany overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Gina Mazani via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Good stuff from Mazany, high pace and output. No interview for Mazany though.

Chase Sherman has recently pulled his UFC record to an even 2-2, he’s riding a two fight winning streak though and he could prove that he’s finally found his footing by extending that here while earning a shot at a bigger name. Shamil Abdurakhimov was last seen losing to Derrick Lewis in December of last year, he’s trying to rebound and possibly reclaim a top fifteen ranking. Another close fight according to the odds, they favor Abdurakhimov -145 against +115 for Sherman.

Heavyweight Bout: Shamil Abdurakhimov (17-4, 261 lbs.) vs. Chase Sherman (11-3, 252 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Sherman is an inch taller and has two inches of reach on Abdurakhimov. They touch gloves to get us going. Sherman doing some feinting with his hips. Abdurakhimov lands a left hook and eats a short counter punch. Right to the body from Abdurakhimov and then eats a couple of counters. Sherman lands a jab but eats a flush left hook for his trouble. Abdurakhimov lands that left hook again, then a right spins Sherman around and a left drops him to his knees and this one is over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Shamil Abdurakhimov via KO, punches, at 1:24 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Abdurakhimov for his work this evening. Mic time for Abdurakhimov, we’ve got two translators here, one for the crowd and one for Abdurakhimov. He says the plan was to get the knockout and he worked hard on maximizing his power in preparation for this fight. He says nothing really surprised him in this bout and he worked hard on his boxing.

Here’s your finish, he landed the left hook pretty consistently to set up the feint to overhand right that basically ended things. Really nice short left hook in close to end Sherman’s night.

Song Yadong is making his UFC debut on the back of a two fight winning streak, he’s looking for the highest profile win of his career. Yadong took this fight on short notice but the opportunity to get into the UFC was one he couldn’t pass up. Baharat Kandare is also making his first appearance in the UFC, he lost his last bout and is trying to get back on the right side of things and make a good first impression to the UFC audience. The odds are with Yadong at -145 to +115 for Kandare

Featherweight Bout: Bharat Kandare (5-2, 145 lbs.) vs. Song Yadong (10-4, 146 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Yadong is an inch taller while Kandare has five inches of reach on him. Yadong is also eleven years younger. Yadong opens with a body kick. Both men have some energy going, Yadong misses a wheel kick. Kandare winging the right, he’s not measuring it out he’s just throwing it right now. Yadong is pressing the action, he slowed down to a more measured pace. Yadong wobbles Kandare with a short left in close. Kandare pushes forward for a bit but misses his offense and Yadong patiently pushes him backwards. Yadong lands a right hook, and another glancing one. Kandare is missing badly with his offense and Yadong is patiently taking him apart. Kandare lands a sharp jab. Hard calf kick from Yadong. Yadong misses a wheel kick again, he actually threw it over the head of Kandare. Slip and counter from Yadong, he’s looking very smooth thus far. Both men miss in close, Kandare is much wilder and wider with his hands. Hard overhand right from Yadong knocks Kandare down, Yadong follows up but Kandare stands and Yadong grabs a standing guillotine. Kandare tries to kick off of the fence but he can’t get his neck free and finally has to tap. Excellent work from Yadong.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Song Yadong via Submission, front choke, at 4:16 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Yadong for his work this evening. Minor correction, that was much more of a front choke or ten finger guillotine than a traditional guillotine. Excellent stuff from Yadong, excellent technique from start to finish. Yadong on the mic after that one. He plays to the crowd a bit then says this is his dream to be in the UFC. He thanks his coaches and team for the effort, then thanks everyone who’s supported him to this point.

And here’s the finish. He’s patient in not biting on the feints of Kandare, then when Kandare gets loose with his lead hand he cracks him with the right and grabs the front choke during the scramble.

Kailin Curran is just 1-5 in the UFC and is currently on a three fight losing streak, she desperately needs a win here because a loss almost certainly would end her time with the UFC even in a still developing division. Yan Xiaonan brings a six fight unbeaten streak into her UFC debut, she’s looking to extend that streak at the expense of Curran and prove herself a UFC caliber fighter. Xiaonan is the favorite here at -145 to +115 on Curran.

Strawweight Bout: Kailin Curran (4-5, 116 lbs.) vs. Yan Xiaonan (7-1 1 NC, 116 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Xiaonan is an inch taller while Curran has two inches of reach on her. Xiaonan misses a lead leg hook kick. Curran lands a leg kick but eats a couple of counters. They trade in close and Xiaonan lands a lead leg side kick to the face. Xiaonan lands a right that wobbles Curran, they trade in close and Curran is trying to fight back into this one. Side kick to the body from Xiaonan then a right. They clinch up and Curran is trying to slow things down. Curran drives Xiaonan into the fence and lands a few short lefts. Curran after a trip, can’t get it and they separate. Xiaonan lands a counter right but Curran is after a double leg against the fence. Xiaonan defending so far, then breaks the grip of Curran. They trade some knees to the body and thigh. Xiaonan spins free and lands a couple of lefts then a hook kick to the face. Xiaonan blocks a double leg and lands some lefts before Curran gets the clinch again. Xiaonan is on the fence but Curran is struggling to get offense here. Curran lands a couple of short lefts, Xiaonan lands a right as they break. They both land in close again, Curran in on a single leg attempt that stalls on the fence. Xiaonan has a couple of blows deflected after they break and the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Xiaonan

ROUND TWO: Curran was talking about something being injured between rounds, didn’t catch what though. Xiaonan lands a side kick to the thigh. Curran blocks a high kick, Xiaonan lands a couple of straight rights. Low leg kick then a left hook from Xiaonan. Another calf kick from Xiaonan and Curran gets a clinch and hits an outside trip landing in side control. Xiaonan tries an armbar, Curran stands to avoid it and Xiaonan is back up though still clinched. Curran lands a knee to the body but Xiaonan pushes free and lands a right. Xiaonan lands a jab. Short counter right from Xiaonan lands then a calf kick. They both swing then wind up clinched, Curran again has Xiaonan on the fence. Lots of wall and stall from Curran, she’s not getting much off in those exchanges. Xiaonan spins free and separates. Hard right from Xiaonan wobbles Curran, Curran dives for a clinch to buy herself time to recover. Xiaonan spins free quickly. Calf kick from Xiaonan lands. Another straight right lands for Xiaonan, Curran’s defense is basically not there. Xiaonan sticks a couple of jabs, Curran’s guard is open down the middle. Curran gets a clinch again and they hit the fence. Some short lefts from Curran close out the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Xiaonan, might be a 10-8 argument based on efficacy, 20-18 Xiaonan overall

ROUND THREE: Xiaonan lands a side kick to the thigh. Curran coming forward, gets her feet swept out with a low leg kick and she gets up quickly. They clinch and trade knees to the body then separate. Xiaonan lands a couple of jabs. Curran lands a leg kick and blocks a right, Xiaonan lands a side kick to the thigh. Curran tries a double leg, they hit the fence and Curran is able to trip Xiaonan down. Curran is in half guard looking to work. Xiaonan working to get guard, and does. Curran lands a couple of body shots. Curran lands a couple of hammer fists. Curran trying to posture but Xiaonan is content to kick her over then regain her feet. They trade a bit, Curran gets another clinch and has Xiaonan on the cage. They trade in the clinch then separate. Some jabs go back and forth, Xiaonan lands a series of lefts then a right. Hard combination from Xiaonan then Curran avoids some offense as time runs out.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Curran, 29-28 Xiaonan overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Yan Xiaonan via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

I can see Xiaonan stealing the final round. Xiaonan on the mic now. She thanks the fans and says she’ll be in the UFC for a long time, then thanks the UFC for the opportunity and the chance to fight in her home country. Asked if anything surprised her about the fight she believes she performed well then thanks her coaches, fans, and family for all of their support.

Song Kenan is on a two fight losing streak as he comes into his UFC debut, but he could overcome that here and get the biggest win of his career. Bobby Nash is also on a two fight losing streak, he’s been finished with strikes in both of his UFC appearances and is in pretty desperate straits if he can’t right the ship here against the newcomer Kenan. With both men on losing streaks the odds seem to have been swayed by Nash’s UFC experience, he’s the -300 favorite against +230 for Kenan.

Welterweight Bout: Bobby Nash (8-3, 170.5 lbs.) vs. Kenan Song (12-4, 170 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: These two are the same height while Nash has two and a half inches of reach on Kenan. They touch gloves to get us going. Kenan tries a left body kick that hits the groin, Nash waves it off. Kenan lands a right that floors Nash, he lands hammer fists as Nash holds a single leg attempt until the ref ends it. Well that was quick.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Song Kenan via TKO, punches, at 0:15 Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Kenan for his work this evening. Kenan is definitely getting some mic time after that quick finish. He says he feels pretty good, that gets a laugh from the crowd. He says he’s been training very hard and took time off to get better and thinks that showed tonight. He talks us through the finish, mentions angling away from the linear attack to set up the right. Asked when he wants to be back in the cage he says he wants to stay in the promotion and promises to do even better his next time out.

Your finish ladies and gentlemen, textbook stuff as Kenan just slips off at an angle then blasts Nash with a straight right. This is why you don’t charge in on a straight line guys, anyone who knows what they’re doing will probably do this to you.

Zabit Magomedsharipov is riding an impressive nine fight winning streak and put in a memorable performance in his winning UFC debut. There’s some hype building behind Magomedsharipov and he needs to keep up his winning ways here if he wants to start an assault on the top of the division. Sheymon Moraes brings a two fight winning streak into his UFC debut, in fact his only loss is to top bantamweight Marlon Moraes in a failed bid to take the WSOF belt from him. Moraes is looking up upset the hype train around Magomedsharipov and prove that he’s a prospect to watch going forward. Magomedsharipov is the biggest favorite on the card, a prohibitive -500 to a tempting payout of +300 on Moraes.

Featherweight Bout: Zabit Magomedsharipov (13-1, 146 lbs.) vs. Sheymon Moraes (9-1, 145 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Magomedsharipov is five and a half inches taller and has an inch of reach on Moraes. Magomedsharipov circling early, both men feinting a bit trying to read each other. Magomedsharipov lands a side kick to the body then a body kick. Magomedsharipov lands a jab. Magomedsharipov misses a spinning back kick. Moraes lands a bit of a head kick, impressive given the height difference. Moraes lands a leg kick and just avoids a counter right. Left body kick lands for Moraes, Magomedsharipov lands a counter right. Hard straight right lands for Magomedsharipov, Moraes responds with a left kick and a bit of a left hook. Moraes lands another leg kick. Magomedsharipov catches a body kick and gets a takedown into the guard of Moraes. Magomedsharipov postures up and passes, gets the back as Moraes stands then gets a nice suplex. Moraes back to his base but Magomedsharipov gets the back with both hooks in. Magomedsharipov moves to a ride position, then rides Moraes to the mat as he stands. Magomedsharipov in side control, now knee on belly for a bit. A few elbows land for Magomedsharipov then he tries to mount, Moraes scrambles to half guard though. Magomedsharipov lands a right and gets a mounted crucifix. Moraes gets his arm free but gives up the mount. Magomedsharipov lands a few elbows, Moraes trying to hold on for the end of the round. The round ends as Magomedsharipov moves to side control again.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Magomedsharipov

ROUND TWO: Magomedsharipov circling again, just misses a spinning back fist. Moraes trying to find an opening, and he just avoids a tornado kick. They clinch and Magomedsharipov hits a judo throw, they scramble and Moraes winds up on top in mount but Magomedsharipov reverses him. Moraes tries a triangle, Magomedsharipov pulls free and gets the back standing with a rear waist lock. Fun scrambling there from both guys. Magomedsharipov rides Moraes back to the mat, Moraes is after a knee bar but loses it as he eats punches. They stand again, Magomedsharipov still has him by the waist and rides him back down to his knees. Magomedsharipov has the back again, he’s after the choke but Moraes is defending so far. Hard punches from Magomedsharipov and an elbow strike as well. Moraes spins in to give up mount, Magomedsharipov punches him to the body and head. Magomedsharipov moves to knee on belly, he’s after the mounted crucifix and has it for a second. Magomedsharipov back into mount, Moraes gets half guard as he does though. Magomedsharipov lands an elbow. Magomedsharipov moves to side control and back towards the mounted crucifix. Knee on belly now, Moraes gets half guard but eats a couple of hard rights to the body. Some more punches from Magomedsharipov, he’s all over Moraes on the mat. Moraes is able to get guard as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-8 Magomedsharipov based on how one sided it was, 20-17 Magomedsharipov overall

ROUND THREE: Magomedsharipov comes out jabbing, and lands an oblique kick to the knee of Moraes. Magomedsharipov kicks the legs out from under Moraes and he gets on top, then lets Moraes back up. Moraes lands a bit of a right. Moraes lands a bit of a left hook, Magomedsharipov lands a spinning back fist. Magomedsharipov gets a waist lock and rides Moraes down. Moraes to his base, lands a back elbow but Magomedsharipov pushes him into the fence. One hook in now for Magomedsharipov, he settles for the ride as Moraes regains his feet. Magomedsharipov pulls Moraes to the mat again. Moraes back up but he’s fading and Magomedsharipov still has the rear waist lock. Magomedsharipov pushes Moraes to the mat again, he’s just wearing him out with these mat returns. Magomedsharipov sweeps a leg and gets to mount. Moraes trying to bridge off of the fence, Magomedsharipov moves to knee on belly and Moraes gets half guard. Magomedsharipov looking to pass, Moraes is able to spin to his knees but gives up an anaconda choke, Magomedsharipov locks it up and walks into him to finish the choke and get the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Zabit Magomedsharipov via Submission, anaconda choke, at 4:30 of Round 3

The Final Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Magomedsharipov for his work this evening. Mic time for Magomedsharipov, and we’ve got double translators again. He thanks everyone, mentions that he started training with Mark Henry and Ricardo Almeida one year ago and this is the result of the work they’ve done. Asked who or when he’d like to fight next he says he wants a ranked opponent next, specifically Yair Rodriguez he thinks would make a good fight. I’d be down for that as a fan. He closes by thanking his coaches and the fans in some broken English along with “thank you” in Mandarin.

I’m a sucker for an anaconda choke, and that one was a beauty. Take note of how he doesn’t sell out his squeeze to control the lower body, you don’t need it you just need the grip and then compression of the neck which he achieves by walking his legs and chest into Moraes rather than squeezing with his legs.

That’s it for prelims, we’re still on Fight Pass as we move to the main card.

Muslim Salikhov has been making some waves among hardcore MMA fans and here he’s making his UFC debut on the back of two impressive finishes of UFC veterans. Salikhov is trying to have an equally memorable first fight for the UFC and announce his presence to the wider MMA world. Alex Garcia has traded wins and losses while going 3-3 in his last six fights, he’s coming off of a loss to Tim Means and is hoping to avoid the first losing streak of his career. Salikhov is the favorite at -225 to +175 on Garcia.

Welterweight Bout: Alex Garcia (14-4, 171 lbs.) vs. Muslim Salikhov (12-1, 170 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Salikhov is two inches taller while Garcia has two and a half inches of reach on him. Feinting from both men to get things going. Leg kick from Salikhov. Garcia tries a double leg, Salikhov defends as they hit the fence. Garcia switches to a single leg, it takes a bit but he does finish it and land in half guard. Garcia trying to pass but he’s being stifled. Salikhov elevates and is able to escape to his feet. Salikhov misses a spinning kick. Leg kick from Salikhov. Hard spinning back kick from Salikhov lands. Both guys trying to find an angle to attack from, Salikhov lands a leg kick. Garcia after a double leg again, they hit the fence and stall out again. Salikhov spins off of the fence this time and eats a bit of a knee as he pulls free. Garcia ducks a right and gets a double leg into guard. Garcia lands a left, Salikhov rolls to his knees where the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Garcia

ROUND TWO: Feinting again from both men, Garcia misses a right. Bit of a spinning back kick from Salikhov, Garcia misses a left. Salikhov lands a glancing spinning hook kick to the head. Garcia lands a bit of a right. Salikhov avoids a double leg and lands a body kick. Garcia after another double leg, they hit the fence and Garcia switches his takedown a couple of times before finishing it and landing in half guard. Garcia into side control, lands a right then moves to the back and he’s after the choke. Garcia is just across the chin but he gets enough of a squeeze to force the submission.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Alex Garcia via Submission, rear naked choke, at 3:22 of Round 2

Very mature and patient performance from Garcia, who’s on the mic now. He says this is one of the biggest wins of his career and puts over Salikhov as a legend of kickboxing and kung fu competitions, then apologizes for swearing on the mic. He mentions that his plan was to get this to the mat and his pressure in the grappling worked to his advantage. Asked how soon he wants to fight again, which seems to be the new thing instead of asking who they want to fight next, he says he’d like to fight in Winnipeg on December 16th promising to knock someone out if he’s on that card. He closes by thanking the fans.

Wang Guan has an impressive record coming into his UFC debut and has won his last seven fights, he’s drawn a recognizable name here giving him an opportunity to have people pay attention to his debut performance. Alex Caceres has had one of the more up and down UFC runs in recent memory, he just broke a two fight losing streak by beating Rolando Dy. Caceres is trying to get another winning streak going and hopefully finding some semblance of consistency for his career going forward. The odds are slightly with Caceres at -155 to +125 on Guan.

Featherweight Bout: Alex Caceres (13-10 1 NC, 146 lbs.) vs. Wang Guan (19-1-1, 146 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Caceres is an inch taller and has two and a half inches of reach on Guan. Caceres starts southpaw, he’s been known to switch his stance though. Guan lands a straight right, then another both were counters to kicks from Caceres. Guan lands an inside leg kick. Circling now, both guys seem to be waiting to counter. Guan with a few side kicks to the knee. They clinch up, Caceres tries a knee to the body but it hits the groin so we’ve got time for Guan to recover. Replay shows they both landed groin strikes at the same time, simultaneous knees that just missed as the other was throwing theirs. They both take their time but can continue so we’re back to fighting. Both guys probing with short blows, Guan lands a body kick then a bit of a right. Caceres eats a left hook that wobbles him, they clinch up then break but Caceres is still a little unstable. Guan looking to cut him off along the fence, they clinch up again and jockey for position then separate. Caceres seems to have recovered now. They both miss punches. Guan lands an inside leg kick. They trade in close, both men landed during that exchange. Caceres lands a bit of a left but misses the follow up. They both land to the body. Power hand punches go back and forth, Caceres is throwing a little straighter. Body kick from Caceres. Caceres lands a knee to the body. Hard left drops Caceres, Guan tries to swarm but Caceres holds on until the end of the round, Caceres is incredibly wobbly getting back to his corner.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Guan, might be 10-8 given how close that was to being stopped

ROUND TWO: Guan comes out quickly, Caceres is still hurt. Guan lands a left hook. Caceres is backing away, Guan stalking him. Guan lands a right to the body then a bit of a high kick. Caceres seems to have recovered at this point, and he lands a body kick. Guan lands a straight right that off balances Caceres again then lands a body kick. Caceres tries an inside leg kick but it hits the groin. Guan doesn’t want to take time and we’re back to fighting quickly. Guan lands an inside leg kick. Guan avoids a head kick. Caceres avoids a head kick, they both miss in close. Guan gets a rear waist lock, lands a short right as Caceres escapes the position. Right lands for Guan again, Caceres seems a little out of sorts, might also just be his style of movement. Caceres lands a left to the body. Guan lands a right to the body. Caceres avoids a high kick, lands a bit of a body kick. They stare away the final few seconds.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Guan, 20-18 Guan overall

ROUND THREE: They touch gloves for the final round. They both miss a few punches. Guan is throwing side kicks to the lead leg. Left hook lands to the chin of Caceres, Guan has a read on him at this point. Caceres is bleeding from around the right eyebrow after that. Guan drops Caceres with a right, Caceres back up but he eats another punch. Short counter hook lands for Caceres. Caceres is bleeding from the cheekbone and mouth. Solid body kick from Caceres. They clinch up, Caceres lands a knee to the head before Guan spins and tosses him off. Caceres lands a right uppercut then a spinning back kick to the body. Guan lands a bit of a right. Caceres lands a short right hook, Guan lands a body kick. Caceres lands another groin kick, he was trying for the inside leg kick but hit the groin again. Given that this was the third instance the ref could take a point. Guan takes his time but is able to continue and we restart. Caceres lands a body kick. Caceres is pushing forward now, Guan lands a right. Caceres lands a body kick but they wind up clinched. They fight for position along the fence then separate without incident. They trade in close then clinch briefly as time runs out.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Guan, 30-27 Guan overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Wang Guan via split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Clucky, why do you always show up for Caceres fights? It’s personal isn’t it, you know just how close I came to getting you in the salt flats after you scored the Rodriguez fight for him. No interview for Guan.

Li Jingliang is riding a three fight winning streak, two of them finishes and his most recent bout was the Fight of the Night. Jingliang is trying to get a signature win in his home country and prove he’s ready to take a step up in competition going forward. Zak Ottow is 2-1 in the UFC but his fights haven’t been all that memorable or impressive, he fought to a split decision with Josh Burkman in 2016 for crying out loud. Ottow is also after a signature win that could move his career forward rather than simply treading water. The native Jingliang is your favorite at -185 against a +150 comeback on Ottow.

Welterweight Bout: Li Jingliang (13-4, 171 lbs.) vs. Zak Ottow (15-4, 171 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Jingliang is an inch taller while Ottow has half an inch of reach on him. They touch gloves to get the bout going. Jingliang switches to southpaw, Ottow is doing some stance switching. They trade some kicks to the body, range finding mostly. Both men are doing stance switching, Jingliang lands a counter right. Ottow lands a left but eats a counter right. Straight right lands for Jingliang and Ottow is backing up now. Left hook from Jingliang lands, Ottow tries a leg kick but eats a counter right and is down. Jingliang is teeing off on him on the mat, he keeps swinging and landing until the ref stops it. Jingliang exits the cage immediately to hug his daughter in the crowd.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Li Jingliang via TKO, punches, at 2:57 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Jingliang for his work this evening. Jingliang gets some mic time after that. He dedicates this win to all of his supporters, then expresses his love for them. He talks about China’s history in martial arts and says that Chinese MMA is looking better and better. Asked who he wants next he says he’s focused on getting to the title. He closes by thanking his coaches and family as well as some things that don’t get translated.

Michael Bisping (30-8) is the former UFC middleweight champion, he lost the title just 21 days ago to Georges St-Pierre and he’s trying to get back on the winning side of things. Bisping is also trying to avoid the first losing streak of his entire career, it’s worth noting that he took this fight on very short notice after Anderson Silva was forced to pull out of the bout. Kelvin Gastelum (13-3 1 NC) just suffered his first loss at middleweight when he was bested by former champion Chris Weidman and is technically winless in 2017, he’s trying to take out the former champion and prove he’s an elite level middleweight. All things considered, the late notice and rough finishes Bisping suffered so recently to be specific, Gastelum is your -285 favorite to +225 for Bisping.

Middleweight Bout: #2 Michael Bisping (30-8, 186 lbs.) vs. #9 Kelvin Gastelum (13-3 1 NC, 186 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Bisping is four inches taller and has four inches of reach on Gastelum. Gastelum fighting southpaw. Gastelum misses a left. Left to the body from Gastelum, Bisping circling early. Body kick from Gastelum and he avoids a counter right. Bisping lands a bit of a right. They trade power hand punches then clinch up and separate without incident. Both guys still getting a feel for each other, Bisping lands a bit of a counter right. Right lands for Bisping to counter a body kick. Hard counter one two from Gastelum ENDS Bisping. Bit of a late stoppage actually, he was out before he hit the mat.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Kelvin Gastelum via KO, punches, at 2:30 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Gastelum for his work this evening. Gastelum on the mic now. He thanks the crowd and says this is the biggest win of his career and he tries not to get emotional. He puts Bisping over and expresses gratitude to his family, all the fans in attendance, then speaks some Spanish. He says he drilled that counter combination a lot because Bisping throws that combination well and he wanted to be ready for it. Gastelum puts over his team and coaches, then when asked who’s next or when that might be he says that Robert Whittaker needs an opponent for the upcoming Australia card and he’s up to the challenge.

They give Bisping some mic time now as well. Anik asks about the whole experience from the last three weeks, he congratulates Gastelum then thanks the fans for coming out and he hopes the fans enjoyed the fight. He says he’s getting hold and says God bless to both Gastelum and the fans. Asked about one more fight in London, he says it’ll take a bigger loss than this to get rid of him and he does plan on being in London. He thanks his family, his team and all his fans to close out his interview.

That was a beautiful finish, Gastelum threw a bit of a one two just to bait the counter from Bisping then slipped the power punch, landed a short right to straighten Bisping’s chin then took his head off with a left.

On that note, UFC Fight Night 122 comes to a close. Thank you all for reading, those few who braved the wee hours of the morning and to everyone who’s reading after the fact. We’ll unpack this event Sunday at 8pm eastern time on the 411 Ground and Pound Radio Show, which will also preview the finale of this season of The Ultimate Fighter and preview UFC 218 which is a really solid card. I’ll be back on Friday and Saturday for those two events, but at the moment I’m going to go pass out. Until next time everyone thanks again for your patronage, stay safe out there, and keep checking 411mania for all of your pop culture needs.