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411’s Ultimate Fighter: Redemption Report 4.19.17

April 20, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka

The Ultimate Fighter 25: Episode One
INTRODUCTION: Current UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt will be coaching opposite former champion T.J. Dillashaw. Both of them are former training partners. The twenty-fifth season (American version) of the series, the producers have opted to bring back previous participants from the previous seasons; the cast will consist of welterweights that have all competed on The Ultimate Fighter on previous seasons; this includes former participants and winners of the show, as well as one current UFC fighter. The winner gets $250,000 (no mention of a contract). Judging by the opening video package, some of these good brothers have had rough times post TUF.

– Everyone one arrives at the gym as Jesse Taylor explains that TUF 7 changed his life; he was the only one to make the finals and then have it taken away from him due to a drunken rampage prior to the finals. He’s here to prove himself and to get back to the UFC.

– James Krause discusses losing in season 15, and is currently on the UFC roster, he wants the money and has unfinished business.

– Julian Lane explains that he drank too much on his failed bid at the TUF crown.

– Dana and the coaches (UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt & former champion T.J. Dillashaw) arrive; Dana wants to give the fighters another chance. They will also get paid $10,000 a fight; one of the fighters talks Dana into a $5,000 bonus for finishes. Dana plays up the beef between the coaches.

– There will be a wildcard fight between two losers to get back into the competition.

– The fighters go through a work out, leading to the coach’s picks. Duane Ludwig (Team Dillashaw) and Urijah Faber (Team Garbrandt) are assistant coaches, adding to the drama.

Team Garbrandt
* Seth Baczynski – 20-14 (released by the UFC in May of 2015 after an 0-3 skid, TUF 11 alum)
* Mehdi Baghdad – 11-5 (TUF 22 alum, and was released in 2016 after an 0-2 skid)
* Eddie Gordon – 8-4 (Season 19 TUF winner)
* Hector Urbina – 17-10 (TUF 19 alum, and was released in 2016 after an 0-2 skid)
* Hayder Hassan – 6-3 (released by the UFC in January after an 0-2 skid)
* Julian Lane – 11-6 (TUF 16 alum, never fought for the UFC out side of TUF)
* Justin Edwards – 9-5 (TUF 13 alum, and was released in 2015 after an 0-3 skid)

Team Dillashaw
* James Krause – 23-7 (TUF 15, current UFC fighter who is 4-3 in his last seven UFC fights)
* Jesse Taylor – 30-15 (TUF 7, released after his UFC Fight Night 14 loss)
* Ramsey Nijem – 9-6 (TUF 13 alum, and was released in 2015 after an 0-2 skid)
* Dhiego Lima – 12-5 (TUF 19 alum, and was released in 2015 after an 0-2 skid)
* Joe Stevenson– 33-16 (Season 2 TUF winner)
* Tom Gallicchio – 19-9 (TUF 22 alum, never fought for the UFC out side of TUF)
* Gilbert Smith – 12-6 (TUF 17 alum, released after his TUF 17 finale loss)

– The first fight is Gilbert Smith (12-6) vs. Seth Baczynski (20-14).

– The second fight is James Krause (23-7) vs. Hector Urbina (17-10).

– The fighters arrive at the house.

– Team Garbrandt heads to train, and Hector Urbina is currently 190 something, concerning his teammates. His issue is that he admits that he’s been eating and drinking regularly so far.

– Team Dillashaw arrives during training, and Dillashaw says that Team Alpha Male has been telling false stories about his departure; Dillashaw says Faber gave him an ultimatum, leading to his departure. Garbrandt says McGregor was right and that Dillashaw’s a dick and a sellout. Dillashaw is very hands on as a coach to begin things, and seems happy to be there.

– We get some discussion between the guys at the house about the chance to be back and the opportunity that they have. Gilbert Smith discusses Jon Jones picking him to fight first on his season, which he wasn’t happy about. He lost that fight via devastating jumping knee KO. He felt let down by his team, and admits that he has considered retiring, and that this is all he has; this is it for him. He praises his ex-wife for keeping him grounded.

– Dillashaw thinks Smith will have the advantage in his fight, due to his wrestling. Smith feels he’s fighting without pressure and is excited.

– Garbrandt doesn’t see Smith as a threat and feels that they can lead Baczynski to a victory. Baczynski says he’s looking for a KO. After losing on TUF, Baczynski went 4-1 in the UFC; he then went 0-3 after dealing with some personal issues. Baczynski gets emotional trying to discus the murder of his sister; he and his brother are raising the two kids she left behind. We get a tour of Baczynski’s small farm; he has a wife and five kids.

– Team Garbrandt heads to train, and Hector Urbina is still having weight issues two-days out of the fight. He says he body isn’t allowing him to get under 186. Garbrandt feels Urbina is mentally broken and has given up. His team is trying to help him, and Urbina doesn’t think there is a big problem.

– Urbina is running to try and sweat it out, but isn’t wearing a plastic suit, Danny Castillo is pissed at how lazy Urbina is being about the weight cut, and feels he should have taken charge sooner. Urbina feels that he was picked because he was big and would have difficulty making weight, which is exactly what Dillashaw said. Urbina is broken here.

– The day before the weigh-in and Urbina admits he can’t cut the weight in one day. He tells Garbrandt he pulled out because he can’t make the weight. Garbrandt says it’s on Urbina, and now feels like he’s lost already.

– Dana arrives and is surly looking and makes Urbina tell the class he can’t make the weight. Dana sends him home because he doesn’t want to be a fuckin fighter. Dana and the coaches meet and say that no one gets a pass this season. Garbrandt wants to pick alternate Johnny Nunes to replace Urbina, he’s local and can make weight. Garbrandt and Dillashaw bicker a bit, Krause is pissed because he cut weight and was ready to fight and now has to wait. Krause feels punished for Urbina being 18-pounds over. Nunes was on season 22 of the show; due to Urbina’s dismissal, we only get one fight today.

– At the house, we get some guys playing pool as Smith discusses feeling slighted, talking shit to the guys playing pool. He’s upset he was picked last for the teams and has to fight first.

– At the gym, Smith and Baczynski get into some big time shit talking. After a break, Smith looks to apologize and Baczynski wants no part of it. They again talk shit prior to the weigh-ins. Garbrandt & Dillashaw almost come to blows during the disagreement, as Garbrandt grabbed Dillashaw by the throat. Garbrandt claims Dillashaw is “shook.”

WEIGH-INS: Baczynski weighs in at (170.5); Smith is also (170.5).

– Both fighters do their final prep at the house, and then head to the sym for warm ups and the fight.

Gilbert Smith (12-6) vs. Seth Baczynski (20-14: ROUND ONE: They circle a bit, both looking tentative. Smith lands an overhand left and leg kicks, while avoiding Baczynski until they clinch along the cage. Baczynski lands elbows and knees, as they circle away from the cage. They both land, Baczynski stuffs a shot and then a left hook. Smith gets a bit wild, Baczynski lands standing hammer fists as Smith then drags him down. He works for the back as they are along the cage. Smith gets hooks in, but Baczynski works away from the cage, only for Smith to keep riding his back and then works for the choke. Baczynski with good hand fighting to avoid the choke, but Smith stays on him and continues landing strikes as he works for the choke. The round ends. SCORE: Smith 10-9

ROUND TWO: Final round now, Smith looks to maintain control but Baczynski is more active with his strikes. Smith shoots, takes Baczynski down and controls, pressing Baczynski along the cage. Baczynski manages to use the cage to get to his feet, locks in a guillotine but Smith escapes. Smith controls from half guard, connecting with some head shots and smothering Baczynski. Baczynski grabs the cage and gets warned, leading to Smith slamming him back down. Smith controls from top, landing strikes to both levels. Final minute here, and Smith is landing harder strikes now. Smith is talking shit as he beats on Baczynski and the round ends. SCORE: Smith 20-18

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gilbert Smith via unanimous decision

– Smith feels vindicated with the victory; Dillashaw is thrilled that his last pick beat their first pick.

– Baczynski knows he fucked up, didn’t execute and says Smith fought a better fight overall.

NEXT WEEK: Tom Gallicchio (19-9 MMA) faces Eddie Gordon (8-4 MMA); Garbrandt and Dillashaw argue again, with Garbrandt calling Dillashaw a bitch. We get highlights of the rest of the season, promising more drama between the coaches and fighters.

Team Garbrandt
* Mehdi Baghdad – (11-5 MMA, )
* Eddie Gordon – (8-4 MMA, )
* Hector Urbina – (17-10 MMA, dismissed due to missing weight)
* Johnny Nunes (alternate) – (6-1 MMA, )
* Hayder Hassan – (6-3 MMA, )
* Julian Lane – (11-6 MMA, )
* Justin Edwards – (9-5 MMA, )
* Seth Baczynski – (20-14 MMA, 0-1 TUF)

Team Dillashaw
* Gilbert Smith – (12-6 MMA, 1-0 TUF)
* James Krause – (23-7 MMA, )
* Jesse Taylor – (30-15 MMA, )
* Ramsey Nijem – (9-6 MMA, )
* Dhiego Lima – (12-5 MMA, )
* Joe Stevenson– (33-16 MMA, )
* Tom Gallicchio – (19-9 MMA, )

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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