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5 Reasons Conor McGregor Will Beat Floyd Mayweather

August 10, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather

We’re less than three weeks away from The Biggest Fight In Combat Sports History. Because of this, the UFC has shutdown operations for the next three weeks, putting all the attention on Conor McGregor’s boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather.

So you’re getting three weeks of McGregor-Mayweather material from me. Don’t blame me. Blame the UFC for not holding an event until September.

This week, I’m going to look at reasons/ways/theories ‘The Notorious’ can beat ‘Money.’ I hope you take them seriously because they are totally meant to be taken seriously. Also, this will be in list form. I hate lists. I never do lists. I’m doing lists for this fight because that’s how insane this fight is driving me.

Blame the UFC.

5. Floyd Mayweather Doesn’t Show Up

No explanation needed.

Just seeing if you’re still paying attention, loyal 411 reader. But really, an explanation isn’t needed. If Mayweather doesn’t show up, McGregor wins. Why wouldn’t Mayweather show up? I don’t know, things happen every day that are unexplainable. Maybe the IRS comes for him on the morning of the fight. Maybe he gets strep throat. Maybe he got paid in advance and decided, “why fight when I already have my $300 million?”

If Conor is smart, he goes all Tonya Harding on Mayweather and gets Artem Lobov to whack Floyd on the knee with a shillelagh.

4. Floyd Mayweather Is 40. Conor McGregor is 29

In the history of combat sports, a 40-year-old has never beaten a 29-year-old. Randy Couture was 40 when he defeated Tito Ortiz, but Ortiz was only 28. Had Ortiz had that extra year of experience, he definitely would have won. Guys over 40 such as Couture, Bernard Hopkins, and Dan Henderson have beaten younger fighters than them, but never ever has a man exactly the age of 40 beaten a man exactly the age of 29.

Floyd might be one of the greatest boxers in history and McGregor might be competing in his first boxing match. But combat sports history is on McGregor’s side.

3. Mayweather Throws The Fight

The money is always in the rematch. If Floyd starches Conor in the first round, there’s no rematch. If Floyd makes it a close and competitive fight, narrowly dropping a disputed decision, he triples his money in the next nine months.

That should keep the IRS away for a bit.

2. Conor Is Southpaw and Hits Hard

Did you know that Conor McGregor is southpaw and that Floyd Mayweather has trouble with southpaws? Never mind the fact that Floyd Mayweather has never lost or been dropped in a fight. He definitely has trouble with southpaws. And did you know that Conor McGregor hits like a truck and that when he hits you, he hurts you and finishes you? Never mind the fact that Floyd is rarely hit and that if Conor does knock down Floyd, he can’t follow up with punches. Conor will finish him if he hits him.

Those are the two things Dana White and anyone picking McGregor are clinging to. I listened to 10 different Dana interviews on the fight and he said the exact same lines in every single interview. Dana has never been so consistent in his life.

Conor is a southpaw. Floyd has trouble with southpaws. When two guys are throwing punches, power is the only thing that matters. Conor hits like a truck and hurts guys. When he hurts guys, he finishes them.

Conor will finish Mayweather.

1. Donald Trump Is President

You know how in MMA everyone references Matt Serra beating Georges St-Pierre as to why any fighter can beat any other fighter on any night? There have been dozens of mismatches in the company since then and the heavy favorite won almost every time. That fight continues to be referenced because it’s literally the only fight people can think of when they’re trying to sell a huge underdog on winning. That fight happened ten years ago.

Here’s an updated reference for everyone: Donald Trump is President.

It has nothing to do with combat sports – except that Trump has ties to Dana White – but it has everything to do with how crazy the world is right now. A celeb reality star is the President of the United States. You don’t have to convince me of crazy things happening. One of the craziest things imaginable literally happened last November when Trump won the election.

Conor McGregor can beat Floyd Mayweather. Because Donald Trump is President.

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