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Alleged Conor McGregor Robbery Victim Details Incident, Father Takes Shots at Fighter

March 12, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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The man who reportedly lost his cell phone to Conor McGregor in an incident which turned into felony charges has spoken out about the whole affair. TMZ spoke with Ahmed Abdirzak, who allegedly had his cell phone destroyed and stolen by McGregor on early Monday morning, and got his account of the events.

Abdirzak is a UK resident who said he was vacationing in Miami and saw McGregor on their way out of the club waiting for the valet to bring his car. Abdirzak said he took out his phone to take a picture and McGregor then approached him, holding out his hand as if for a handshake. He said he took the offered hand and then McGregor pulled him in, grabbed the phone and stomped on it while McGregor’s bodyguards held Abdirzak back.

Abdirzak says he asked for the phone back, but McGregor put it in his pocket, laughed and jumped into a vehicle to leave. Authorities investigatred and arrested McGregor, charging him with felony strong-arm robbery and misdemeanor criminal mischief. He was released earlier today.

Abdirzak says that he’s angry about the phone, as there was content on there that he can’t get back. He added that he has talked about the case with a lawyer but is unsure whether he’ll sue.

Meanwhile, Abdirzak’s family lashed out at McGregor. The Daily Mail spoke with his father Mahamad Abdirzak, who excoriated the fighter and instead gave a shout-out to Khabib Nurmagomedov, who beat McGregor at UFC 229.

“What McGregor did is exactly in his character,” Mahamad told the outlet. “He’s an angry man. I’m not a fan of his at all. I prefer Khabib. He’s the fighter I like to watch, not McGregor.”

In addition, Abdirzak’s brother Noah said that his brother is “very shaken” and “very upset” by the incident.

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