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Anderson Silva Says Fight With Georges St-Pierre Is Possible

July 19, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Anderson Silva UFC

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Anderson Silva said that a fight with Georges St-Pierre is still possible, as Silva is free to compete again in November. Here are highlights:

On if the fight with GSP is still possible: “Anything is possible in the UFC, man. It’s a very eclectic company, with a broad vision of the sport. They are going through a new moment, a moment of entertainment, so anything can happen.”

On GSP moving up to middleweight when he was no longer champion: “I think the decisions have to be made at the time they have to be made. I think he had a good strategy, did a good fight with Bisping. They are both great fighters. If we didn’t fight that’s because it really shouldn’t have happened.”