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Chael Sonnen Talks About Meeting Tank Abbott When He Was Younger

December 14, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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In an interview with MMA Junkie, Chael Sonnen spoke about his experience with meeting Tank Abbott, who has something of a reputation in the MMA world for his attitude. Here are highlights:

On meeting Tank Abbott: “It was terrifying. I was 18 years old and 170-some pounds. ‘Tank’ could not have been any nicer to us younger guys. Now, adults and people his age, I don’t know that he mingled as well. But us younger guys, he treated us wonderfully. So I only have good ‘Tank’ stories. You’ll hear all these bad ones, but as a young kid, he looked out for us. Does it make me confident? I’ve never gone in there confident. I’ve never, ever known what’s going to happen. I’ve got to fight some tough guys. My schedule’s been pretty tough through my career. I train pretty hard, and that’s it.”

On fighting heavier opponents: “I don’t know. Who cares. When I started this thing, I can’t remember how many fights I had – it had been at least five or six or seven before I even saw a scale. We never had weigh-ins. It was the bare-knuckle. I had my first fight in 1997. I remember I came home from school and said, ‘I’m going to a fight.’ My dad never missed any of my matches, so he didn’t go. He didn’t know what I was saying to him. So my mom and I drove out to this tent. Matt Hume was putting on the show and was the referee. They just grabbed guys. The point is, I never knew what the weigh-ins were. I was trying to be like Royce Gracie. He weighed 170 pounds and beat three or four men in a night (at UFC 1). It’s a different mindset.”

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