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Colby Covington Tells Jon Jones To ‘Go Do Some More Coke

November 14, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Colby Covington

In an interview with Submission Radio (via MMA Fighting), Colby Covington spoke about his recent shots at Jon Jones at Twitter and didn’t stop there, taking even more shots at the former UFC light heavyweight champion. Here are the tweets in question, followed by highlights:

On the things he’s said about Jones: “I’m saying truths, I’m saying facts. I’m just speaking my mind. I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to speak my mind in this world. I think I know him more than most people since I lived with him for two years. The guy’s a fake – his little f**king baby-faced tweets to Georges St-Pierre, it just got under my skin. He’s just trying to act like a saint, ‘Oh, I’m praying for you.’ Shut up, man. Go do some more coke. Go cheat on your wife some more. You’re a piece of shit dirtbag.”

On being roommates with Jones in the late 2000s: “We were cool the first couple of months we lived together but he was difficult as shit to live with. The guy was dirty, he stunk, he didn’t shower. The guy was just a mess. He was getting into partying and all that bad stuff back then. He was just going down the wrong path but he always tried to act like a saint, ‘Oh, I’m into religion, I’m all about God,’ this and that. He’s just fooling all the fans. He needs to be exposed for the real person that he is because he ain’t this saint and good person like he tries to act like he is.”

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