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Cris Cyborg Talks Dana White Bullying Her In The Past

July 30, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Cris Cyborg Justino UFC

– The beef between Dana White and Cris Cyborg is well known amongst MMA fans as Cyborg remained out of the UFC for years despite being the top female fighter in the world. Years ago, the UFC President called Cyborg, “Wanderlei Silva in a dress and heels” and dared anyone to challenge him on that claim. Not to be outdone, UFC commentator Joe Rogan said that before Cyborg fights in the UFC, she should be roasted by a comedian. When the comedian asked where he would start, Rogan answered, “her dick.”

Lately, White has been claiming that Cyborg is afraid to rematch against Amanda Nunes. Cyborg has expressed a different sentiment, saying she wants to fight Nunes. Cyborg’s contract with the UFC has expired and the two sides must come to a new agreement before the fight can be made.

Speaking on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show (via MMAWeekly), Cyborg discussed her relationship with White.

“Saying I don’t want to fight her, this is liar because I text him after the fight saying I want the rematch. This is don’t help me growing my brand. This is damage my brand. And for keeping me working for promotion, I don’t want somebody damage my brand. I want to grow together,” said Cyborg. I be willing for be make the deal (with the UFC), but I think Dana White is supposed to say he’s sorry for everything he’s doing (to) me. I suffer bullies. You go on my Instagram, people call me I’m a man, I have a dick because the joke he is doing. He did the joke I look like Wanderlei Silva in the dress. A lot of people go to my Instagram and do this. Where is the code for you cannot have this? He is the boss. How does the boss make fun of the athlete, the girl, say she has a penis? Have to have rules. This is not right. I think he has to pay for what he is doing. He damaged my brand. This has to change, but it don’t change. He lies, he continues doing this. Who is going to stop him?”