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Dana White Says He’s Securing Deal to Host UFC Events on Private Island

April 6, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Dana White UFC, UFC 249

Dana White thinks he has a solution for UFC: host them on a private island. White spoke with TMZ Sports and said that he’s very close to a deal which would see the company host weekly events starting with UFC 246 on April 18th for the next two months.

White noted that they’ve been trying to find a solution, but that with the constant changes due to the pandemic that’s been difficult. He said he’s “setting up shop here” regarding UFC 249 and then would have it locked up for two months. He added that he’s “a day or two away” from securing a private island and the infrastructure would be put into place to have international fighters come in, as they can’t all get into the US with the lockdown currently in place.

White said that “as of April 18th, the UFC is back up and running.” He added that no fans will be at the venue and that everyone will be subject to strict medical testing to make sure everyone is safe “before, during, and after the fights.”

White noted that Khabib Nurmagomadov’s withdrawal was “not his fault” and added that Joe Rogan, who said of UFC 249, “I guess someone’s going to commentate it – it’s not gonna be me,” will in fact call the fights.

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