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Dane White Comments On High School Wrestler Saving Woman And Children From Potential Kidnapping

March 30, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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– New Mexico high school wrestler Canaan Bower helped stop an alleged kidnapping and assault in New Mexico on Wednesday, March 25.

Daniel Arroyo Beltran, 22, was arrested after witnesses said he tried to kidnap three children at Chucky’s Gas Station in Doña Ana. Beltran is also accused of assaulting several patrons and employees who tried to intervene. Beltran has been charged with four counts of battery, two counts of assault, two counts of child abuse, and one count of kidnapping.

USA Today reports that a woman got off the bus at Chucky’s in Doña Ana, NM, at around 9am on March 25 with her three children, ages 9, 2 and 1. She was waiting for her Uber when she noticed Arroyo staring at her and her kids. According to the mother, the man approached them and grabbed the arm of the 2-year-old, then demanded the woman give him her kids. The mother kicked Arroyo and he responded by punching her in the head. The woman said she fell backward on top of her 1-year-old son, who was strapped into a carrier on her back. Arroyo allegedly punched a man who tried to help and tried to hit a woman also trying to help. Fortunately, the mother and her kids were able to rush inside the store. A man tried to hold the doors closed but Arroyo pushed the door open with enough force that the man was knocked down. Arroyo then punched that man in the face. Arroyo punched two other women who were inside the store and went around the store yelling, “Give me the kids.” The woman and her children went hiding in a staff-only room.

Bower was across the street filling his truck up at a Circle K gas station when he noticed the commotion and went over.

“Punches were being thrown and (he could hear) screams of terror, so he jumped in his truck and went across the street,” Troy Bower, father of Canaan, said. “By the time he got there, they had gone inside and so he got out of his truck and went inside — and there was a whole bunch of blood all over the floor.”

Canaan said that he witnessed a woman on the phone screaming for help while a man was attempting to kick down a staff-only door.

“So my son — who just won the wrestling district championship weeks ago — just came up behind this guy and body-slammed him and got him in a chokehold and waited for the police to show up,” Troy said.

You can view footage of the incident below.

UFC President Dana White took notice of the story and wants to meet Canaan.

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