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Daniel Cormier Says He Could Still Keep Light Heavyweight Title If He Loses Heavyweight

October 22, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Daniel Cormier UFC

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Daniel Cormier said that if he were to lose his UFC heavyweight title to Derrick Lewis at UFC 230, he could still keep his light heavyweight title. This comes after UFC made the decision to strip him of the belt and put it on the line between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232. Here are highlights:

On possibly keeping his second belt: “Because if I lose to Derrick, then who is to say I don’t go, ‘Hey, I’m gonna go defend my light heavyweight title. Now you can’t take it.’. Maybe that adds a whole other part to the equation. You can’t take both of my belts if I lost that one. Right? So do I really have that much to lose if I have a second one? Look at it like that.”

On the light heavyweight title: “I am the light heavyweight champion until those guys fight. So if the light heavyweight champion loses his heavyweight title and goes, ‘Wait I’m willing to defend my belt,’ now we have some conversations to have.”

On not being worried Jon Jones will steal his fight with Brock Lesnar: “I gotta be honest with you. Over the course of my career, I haven’t been done like that. I’ve never had anything promised to me that hasn’t been delivered. The UFC has been good to me. And I don’t worry about that. I know I’m gonna fight Lesnar and there’s nobody or anything that could change that. They’ve never done me like that, so there’s no reason to believe it would start now.”

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