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Gustavo Lopez Says He Feels Close to a UFC Jump

August 11, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Gustavo Lopez spoke with MMAjunkie for a new interview discussing his career and next steps. The highlights are below:

On balancing his day jobs with his MMA career: “I was starting my finance career, and I’m like, ‘My passion is in fighting.’ I love to fight. I love to train. I was trying to do both. It was super stressful, and I just (said to myself), ‘You know what? I can always go back. I’ve got my degree. It doesn’t go away. It does’t expire. I’m still keep up on that stuff. If I ever need or would like to go back to it, the option is there.’ Other than a bachelor’s (degree) in finance, I’ve got two associates in business accounting. (I’m) a very savvy, very smart with numbers, very intelligent kind of guy. But my passion is in competing. I want to be the best in the world. Right now, the pinnacle of fighting is being the UFC champion.”

On a possible UFC signing: “We both [him and manager Miesha Tate] feel like we’re one, two fights away from just getting already in the UFC…There’s a chance. There are some bantamweights I feel I can just dominate.”

On his other options: “(PFL President) Ray Sefo offered me a fight already, on the biggest (PFL) show here. Combate (Americas), (I’m) still talking to them, because even though I’m not under contract with them, if they keep me active, I’d love to keep fighting with them. Because they’re a great promotion and good fanbase, all Hispanics, all Latino. They treat their fighters really well.”

On his goals: “The plan, hopefully, with this management is picking up these big sponsors that would (say) like, ‘Hey, what’s your rent? What’s your this? What are your necessities? We’ll pay for it. Do your thing. We’re going to support you.’ That’s the dream. I’d love to fight four to five times (a year), maybe. Even more, if possible. If I go in there and dominate like I know I can, I’ll keep fighting every couple of months. I have no kids. I just have my girl and my dogs, and now a cat. I love to train and fight. I’d love to do as much as possible, if I could. Working, it’s a necessity right now to pay the bills.”

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