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Holly Holm Says She’s Done With Her Boxing Career

December 6, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Holly Holm

In an interview with MMA Junkie ahead of UFC 218, Holly Holm confirmed that she’s done with her boxing career, choosing to focus on her MMA career instead. Here are highlights:

On her boxing career: “I am done boxing. I don’t have the passion for it any more, and it hasn’t come back to me. Maybe that’s because I’m still fighting, so I don’t feel like I ever really retired.”

On her final boxing match: “I didn’t know how I would feel when that fight was over, with a win if I’d be excited and want to do it again. With a loss, I’d probably want to do it again, because I wouldn’t want to end like that. When the fight was over, it was beautiful. It was in my hometown and they brought a beautiful bouquet, and I’m standing there thinking, ‘I can’t wait to take my boxing shoes off.’ And, that’s it. I keep thinking, am I going to ache for it again? And I don’t. And it’s not because I don’t love boxing. I did, obviously. I did it for 10 years professionally. It’s just my new motivation is this new career I’ve been on.”

On fighting Cyborg: “I do feel I’m her toughest opponent to date. In an all-around way. There might have been one fighter that had a bit of a ground game. She had one fighter with a clinch game. But really, as far as the caliber of fighter and experience, I do feel like I’m somebody she hasn’t faced before, and that’s why this fight is going to be different.”

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