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Jason David Frank Says Duke Roufus is ‘Protecting’ CM Punk, Roufus Responds

February 12, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Former Power Rangers star Jason David Frank has accused CM Punk’s MMA coach Duke Roufus of “protecting” Punk against a fight with Frank. Frank, who is an MMA fighter and has long campaigned for a fight with the WWE alum, posted the accusation as a comment to an unrelated Instagram post by the Roufusport head.

Frank said, “Why are you protecting your fighter so bad? You know my fight would make so much money!!! Sounds like he’s super scared. I have experience, I have the knowledge, I have the fans. Stop hiding CM punk. All he does is try to act like you don’t know me. He even blocks me. Is he the best in the world? I highly doubt it. Millions of fans around the world want to see me and him fight. Be smart think about it!! If not then I guess I’m the best in the world. I only want PUNK!!!!”

Roufus posted his own comment in response, which tagged Dana White and said, “We are not hiding anything. The UFC gave their list of options for the fight. Everyone will hear about who Punk is fighting when the @ufc releases that info on venue and the opponent. Good luck with your future endeavors.”

Punk is in talks for a second fight under the UFC.