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Joe Rogan Responds to Conor McGregor: ‘No One Ever Gives Me a Script’

March 20, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Joe Rogan

As previously reported, former UFC champion Conor McGregor recently criticized UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan, saying he needs to start calling his fights correctly. McGregor added that Rogan feels like he’s “reading off a script.” Rogan later responded to McGregor’s comments on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Regarding McGregor’s “script” comments, Rogan stated, “That is not really true because no one ever gives me a script. That’s a fact. I don’t know what exactly he said, but maybe he just didn’t like my commentary. I bet he likes it when he wins.” After someone read of McGregor’s exact quote, Rogan added, “That’s his perception. I understand what he’s saying. Sometimes people think that, but you know, it’s very difficult when someone’s calling your fight. If he’s talking about me calling someone’s fight that’s not his friend, then that makes much more sense.”

He went on, “It’s f***ing hard man. It’s hard for me. I have a really hard time calling friends’ fights. It’s f***ing hard.” Rogan said that he respects Mcgregor a lot and he understood McGregor’s position about how he feels about his commentary.

You can check out that video of Rogan discussing McGregor below.