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Jon Jones Says He Could Fight Daniel Cormier Again

August 7, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jon Jones UFC - Chael Sonnen

Jon Jones spoke with MMAjunkie about his win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214. The highlights are below:

On Daniel Cormier’s emotional interview after the fight: “I think it is unfair for ‘D.C.’ to be interviewed, but Joe Rogan apologized for it, and his explanation made great sense. He was caught up in the moment, which we all were. I think it’s unfair for Daniel to be interviewed, but at the same time it is fair to the fans. It is fair to see just the raw emotion that goes into it. This fight has been two years in the making, and people want to hear from Daniel. Even if he’s fresh off a knockout they just want to see how he feels and where he was at. The UFC slogan is ‘as real as it gets.’ It was a very real moment, a moment that I appreciated and I’m sure all the fans appreciated, even though it probably wasn’t the best moment for Daniel.”

On his performance in the fight: “I loved the performance. I thought myself and ‘D.C.’ fought very well. Very, very high level martial arts fight. I felt like ‘D.C.’ got a lot better; I felt I’ve gotten a lot better. It’s beautiful, a great fight to be a part of. It’s definitely up there with some of my really impressive wins. I definitely think it was up there.”

On the end of the fight: “I’ve always had it in my head to catch Daniel with a high kick. The first (fight) I went for it several times, and he did a good job blocking it. The second fight I felt so much better setting it up. I felt patient and composed, and I earned that head kick by really distracting him with all the body attack.”

On a possible third fight with Cormier: “I think Daniel is proud of himself for what he’s been able to accomplish. He should have his head high. At this point, I don’t think it’s much of a debate where he stands in this sport when it comes to me and him. I think it’s a closed chapter. With that being said, I do think he has every right to be proud of his career, and his career’s not over yet. We never know. There could be a Jones-Cormier 3. I know that’s a strong possibility. I know he’s going to be a very hard guy to beat for these other guys. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I saw him again maybe a year or two from now.”