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Jorge Masvidal Would Like an ‘Easy Payday’ Against Conor McGregor

July 12, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jorge Masvidal Conor McGregor

Jorge Masvidal is looking for a fight with Conor McGregor, and doesn’t think he’d break much of a sweat in the fight. Masvidal spoke with Dan LeBatard (per MMA Weekly and said that he’d like to face the former UFC champion.

Highlights from the interview are below:

On a possible fight with Kamaru Usman: “Definitely the title, definitely Kamaru Usman interests me. He’s got the title and that’s what I want, but he’s always having injuries and things are happening.”

On McGregor: “Another guy that interests me because it’s just a fight that if we made it, it’s going to sell a lot and I’m going to get the money that I deserve. I want McGregor. I want to break his face. I think that’s an easy paycheck. He’s got these cash symbols written all over his face for me. I just don’t see it going his way if I’m honest with you.”

On his strengths over McGregor: “(McGregor) backs down. He taps. I’ve never tapped in my whole entire career. He’s tapped a couple times, so that’s backing down in my book. It’s something I’ve never done and I feel like I’d break him. It would be an easy fight. I think Conor’s a bigger check, so I wouldn’t mind Conor. I want to put money away in the bank.”