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Jose Aldo To Meet With UFC To Talk His Contract And Possible Retirement

October 12, 2016 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Jose Aldo UFC

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Jose Aldo said he was flying to Las Vegas on Octoer 19 to meet with UFC officials to “solve everything” regarding his contract and possible retirement. Here are highlights:

On meeting with UFC: “I’m waiting. That’s the situation now. We have a meeting scheduled to solve everything, but everything has been said already. We will see what happens in this meeting. I can talk more when I return.”

On why he wants to retire: “(Dana White) can offer me anything. I started to get unmotivated back then, when I lost the belt. I was the champion for so long I had the right to get an immediate rematch and they didn’t give it to me, and I wanted to walk in a different direction but ‘Dede’ (Pederneiras) made me fight again. I went there, fought and won, and again (the rematch) didn’t come. I have no desire to fight again. I don’t have any excitement to fight anymore. I have other projects in my life. I wanted to retire as champion and I’m the champion today. I want to follow another path.”

On talking with his coach: “I sat down with ‘Dede’ this week and talked. He tried to change my mind a little bit, but there’s no way. I’m very decided what I want,” Aldo said. “We’re going to this meeting and see what happens. ‘Dede’ knows what he wants. It’s not like I want to retire, I’m too young and still have a lot left, but I have no desire to fight. And I have no interest in going to another organization. I won’t leave the biggest league to fight in a small one. I’m a big team and I want to be at the biggest league. If I’m not in the UFC, I’m not fighting anywhere else. If they release me, that would be great, but if not, what can we do? I have other projects and that depends on this meeting we’re having with them,” he continued. “If I want to retire, no contract can stop me. I can go there and say (I’m retired) and they can’t force me to fight. A lawyer already looked at the contract, but I don’t want to fight (the UFC in court). I don’t want anything. Ah, you want me to fight MMA again? So I’ll get in there and tap right away, and the fight is over. I’d do it quickly. What I really want is other things for my life.”

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