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Ken Shamrock Invites Jorge Masvidal To Valor Bare-Knuckle

November 18, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Ken Shamrock

– Ken Shamrock recently spoke to MMAFighting about the possibility of Jorge Masvidal in Valor Bare-Knuckle. Highlights are below.

On Bare Knuckle Fighting: “I’m not taking anything from them, because all these guys would whip my butt right now. All I’m saying is compared to what we had to go through, getting kicked in the face, punched in the back of the head with no gloves, no rules, no time limit, four times in one night, yes, it’s funny. I love it. It’s my opportunity to bring back what I fell in love with, which is bare-knuckle.”

On Signing Masvidal: “I don’t think we need a belt to tell people there’s a ‘BMF’ – I don’t understand that. Masvidal fought bare-knuckle. He did backyard brawls just like (Kimbo Slice). So I say if that’s the case, why doesn’t he try his hand at Valor? We’d love to find out how bad he is. In my opinion, Diaz and Masvidal, you’ve got to let guys fight. These guys are both skilled fighters. They have a lot of fights under their belt, and they both know what they’re in for. It’s just like with some of my fights that were stopped – it was just ridiculous. Oh yeah, I get it. They want to try and keep people safe. But don’t do that with guys that are veterans. The guys that have been in there a whole long time, you’ve got to give them a lot of leeway.”

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