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Lyoto Machida Isn’t Thinking About Retirement

December 7, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Lyoto Machida - UFC Fight Night 119 - UFC Fight Night 125

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Lyoto Machida said that he’s not thinking about retirement and still has designs on being a champion. Here are highlights:

On if he’s considered retirement: “I don’t think about retirement yet. I want to continue fighting. I want to be champion in this division. I dedicate most of my time to this goal. I believe that I will think about stopping when I don’t feel challenged anymore. In the meantime, I will continue working on developing my gym in Los Angeles, Machida Academy. We teach the karate methodology, bringing back the history of the martial art, the attacks that stopped being used when the martial art became a sport, and that my brother and I use in the cage. We’re also finding a way to share with the Brazilian people the philosophy that I’ve learned through the years in the sport.”

On Derek Brunson’s win over him: “We must recognize our opponents’ merits. Derek was able to quickly impose his strategy. I had a great preparation, an intense and full camp. Now I’ll start my preparation to get ready for a new fight, a new challenge. I don’t believe that the time away from the Octagon was decisive in this fight. I was following a strategy that was part of my game and my style. Like I said on social media right after the fight, the feeling of getting back inside the Octagon was the most important aspect of this fight.”

On his next bout: “My biggest desire is to put on a good fight, with a well-ranked opponent, so that I climb the ranking and get back in a position to challenge for a belt. It’s so cool to see the promotion going to Belem, where the people love the sport. Fighting in Brazil is always great because you’re close to the fans. It’s a good energy on fight day, during the open workouts, the support on social media is always closer. However, I like to remember that it’s always a challenge to stay focused and isolated, which is important in my preparation for a fight because family and friends will be closer. But like I said, my focus is to put on a good fight, no matter where. I don’t believe in ideal places for a fight. It’s not my style to call opponents out or to challenge anyone, and I don’t believe this is the moment to do so. I think that right now I have to show my results, no matter who I’m set to face in my next fight.”

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