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Mayweather CEO Says Conor McGregor Fooled People With Training Video

July 17, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Conor McGregor

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe isn’t buying the recent video of himself doing some boxing training on his Instagram account. McGregor posted the video last month, which quickly went viral in a comparison video with Floyd Mayweather that made McGregor look bad.

While several mainstream outlets picked up the video story and said it looking very bad for McGregor, Ellerbe said during the May-Mac World Tour (via MMA Fighting) that he doesn’t believe it was anything more than a ploy.

“Conor McGregor is a smart dude,” Ellerbe said. “He’s a smart dude. Do y’all actually believe that footage he put out there is real? I’m just being honest. Do you honestly believe that he put that footage out there and it’s real looking the way it looked? C’mon now. Guess what? He tricked all y’all. Every last one of you. That he looked slow on the bag, he’s doing this and doing that. Y’all can fall for it. We’re not.”

Ellerbe added, “I see a guy who’s got tremendous timing,” Ellerbe said. “Tremendous timing. How he’s coming over the top of guys’ jabs and when he touches them and turns it over, and then he’s doing damage. I mean, real damage. If he ain’t knocking him out, they’re falling down. And then they be messed up.”

McGregor and Mayweather are set to face off in a boxing match on August 26 in Las Vegas. You can see the comparison video below.