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Michael Bisping Isn’t Interested in Rematch With Vitor Belfort

March 21, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping says he has no desire to share the ring with Vitor Belfort again. MMAjunkie reports that Bisping was asked about the idea of avenging his loss to Belfort from 2013 in a rematch and he expressed his disdain for the other fighter.

“Vitor Belfort is the type of person – I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire,” Bisping said. “I have no respect for that guy. Honestly, I don’t want to share an octagon with him. I don’t want to be associated with him whatsoever. He’s the biggest hypocrite in the world. He’s one of the biggest cheaters in the world.”

He added, “He’s a total hypocrite. He talks about Jesus and things like that, but he’s not a very good person, and he is one of the most prolific cheaters in the sport, and this is a sport for men. This is about martial arts. This is about testing yourself at the highest level. it’s not who’s got the best doctor and who can take the best steroids. So, once gain, I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire.”