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Rashad Evans Says He Had Doubt After UFC 209 Loss

August 4, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans spoke with MMAjunkie ahead of his fight with Sam Alvey at UFC Fight Night 114. The highlights are below:

On getting over the mental hurdles: “It’s the hardest part because you’re constantly compared to what your results used to be. For the longest time, I went undefeated. And that’s great. But in life and in your career, sometimes you hit those valleys. And it’s about making it past those things. And when you get stuck in one, or when you’re in one, don’t start second-guessing yourself. It’s a difficult process, and it’s easier said than done. But at the end of the day, as long as you stay with that belief inside, you’ll be OK.”

On the loss’ impact on his career trajectory: “Here’s the reality: Who knows what life is going to bring? I can wish for one thing, but life can have a totally different plan. All I know is that I’m very blessed to be here. All I know is that this dream came out of nowhere. And I’ve already won. I’ve already won just by being here. I’ve already won by being in the game for 15 years, so whatever’s to come is whatever’s to come. I’m just going to enjoy myself along the way.”

On coming back from the loss: “There was definitely a part where I had that doubt, and I started to give in to what people were saying. Just the mental weaknesses, just giving into the pressures of whatever was causing me to not go out and compete and be at my best. The easiest thing in the world is to just give in and to give up. And I really had to have a gut check. And just be honest with myself. And just face some of the things that I didn’t want to face. Get my mind turned around in order to put myself in the position where I feel like I can compete.”

On what keeps him going: “It’s because it’s who I am. I’m a fighter. It’s inside of me. Right now, this is what is my internal calling. In time, I’ll have a new vehicle to approach in my life and a new way to express myself. But right now, this is how I express myself. And I enjoy it.”

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