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Ronda Rousey: The Difference Between Winning and Losing

December 27, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey returns to the octagon this Friday night. She’s going to fight. And she’s going to win. Or lose. Either one could happen depending on how the fight plays out. If she wins, we’ll be subjected to one set of hot takes. If she loses, we’ll be subjected to a whole different set of hot takes. I’m here to burn those hot takes to the ground before they get out of the oven.

If Ronda Rousey Wins

*The loss was the best thing that ever happened to her. She learned from her mistakes. The pressure of being the champion and being undefeated got to her and this time she was able to focus on the fight. It took a lot of energy to be a rockstar and she didn’t have to spend that energy this time around.

*She’s still a great fighter. She had a rough night against Holly Holm, but she’s still a great fighter. There’s a reason why she’s the only person to successfully defend the title. There’s a reason why she dominated everyone put in front of her prior to Holm. She’s still a once in an ever fighter.

*She’s better than ever. She lost, took a year off, dealt with a lot of criticism, and threw it right back in our faces. She’s not a Do Nothing Bitch.

*The UFC protected her and it worked. They didn’t have her do media during the lead-up to the event. They didn’t even have her do media the week of the event. They kept her out of spotlight to make sure her head was on straight and it worked.

*Amanda Nunes isn’t good. She lost to Cat Zingano, who Rousey destroyed. She beat Miesha Tate, but Tate retired one fight later, so she didn’t even beat the best version of Tate like Rousey.

*She’s still the greatest female fighter of all-time. Who else could it be? Cyborg? She’s a cheater.

*The fight was fixed. I never play the fixed card. But it was obviously fixed. UFC can’t control Conor McGregor. They need a cash cow that they can control and they can control Rousey. They knew that if she lost, she would walk away from the sport. So they had to ensure that she would win. So they fixed the fight.

*If she fights and beats Holly, then I’ll believe she’s truly back. Until then, she’s still a fraud.

*That was expected. She was the favorite for a reason. She had one bad night. It happens. She’s still the best.

If Ronda Rousey Loses

*She’s done. Her heart and her head just isn’t in it anymore. She’d rather be an actress. She never looked confident going into the fight. It’s why she didn’t do any media leading up to the fight. She didn’t want people to know just how messed up she was.

*The UFC protected her for an entire year, they really protected her leading up to the fight, gave her an undeserved title shot, and she still lost. That tells me all I need to know about her fighting future.

*Was she ever any good? She beat a bunch of girls that went on to lose their next fight. And the skill level in the female division isn’t very good. Everyone is just kind of average and if you do one thing well, you can win a lot fights. She did one thing well.

*She needs to change camps. Edmond Tarverdayn is not a coach. Look what he did to Travis Browne and look what he’s done to Rousey. She needs to train with other elite fighters if she hopes to become an elite fighter once again.

*The Holm loss ruined her. She never wanted this fight. She only did it because she felt she had no other choice. She was never going to be the same after that fight and she knew it. She should have never taken this fight.

*Holm exposed her. She doesn’t do well with strikers. If she can’t finish the fight in the fist 30 seconds, she fades and loses. Did you see the way she reacted when she got hit? She’s totally afraid to get hit now.

*That was expected. I know she was the betting favorite, but Vegas knows nothing.Everyone knew she was finished when it took her this long to get back into the cage. Why did people believe she was going to win?

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