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Tony Ferguson Says Conor McGregor Needs to Defend Or Vacate The Title

October 11, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Tony Ferguson UFC 216

Tony Ferguson said in a new interview with MMAjunkie that Conor McGregor needs to either defend the UFC lightweight title or vacate it. Highlights are below:

On Conor McGregor: “What (McGregor) needs to do is defend or vacate. That dude’s got like less than a month. I mean compared to what UFC rules state, he’s got a year to start defending his belt. I’m more then ready for December. He said he wants to fight in 2017. I think the fans deserve it. I think I deserve it. What sounds better than 10 consecutive? Eleven, and it’s got Conor’s name written all over that mother(expletive). You guys heard my post-speech. There’s nowhere for him to run, man. He’s got me to deal with, and I’m going to expose that dude.”

On Dana White saying that the fight “has to happen”: “It’s not about the money fight. It’s about the pride fight, and this dude’s going to be sitting on the sidelines if he doesn’t want to fight. I don’t think he wants that grubby little belt to be in my hands because I’ll enjoy it, and I will defend it. That dude hasn’t defended that belt one time – not one time. I will probably defend my interim belt more times than that dude would ever defend that belt.”

On McGregor potentially vacating the title: “I already told him one time: Just set it down and walk away and nobody will get hurt. But also in every reality, we want the fans to have the fight, and I think the fans deserve it, straight up, because he’s the next one in line, and Khabib (Nurmagomedov) is not there. He’s out of line. He’s not even in the picture. So Conor, you need to either (expletive) defend or vacate. You need to get your (expletive) together and come fight me, straight up.”