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Tyron Woodley To Conor McGregor: “Quit Being A B**** And Lets Fight”

March 22, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Tyron Woodley UFC 235

– Tyron Woodley spoke to TMZ and was asked, if he were running the UFC, what would he do with Conor McGregor?

“I’d tell him sit your ass down and fight Tyron Woodley at 170. You just lost in a world title fight. You aint in no position to call no shot. You lost. You started a huge religious, cultural work. You just got into some smoke by smashing a fans phone. You’re constantly in trouble and constantly get passes. You get through Tyron and we’ll talk. He wants to fight Cerrone — never been a champion. He wants fight Nate Diaz — never been a champion. He wants to rematch Khabib immediately. I’m not getting an immediate rematch. Come get this smoke. Where you at Conor? Quit being a bitch. Lets fight.”