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Tyron Woodley Says He’s In A Violent Headspace Ahead Of Fight With Gilbert Burns

May 23, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Tyron Woodley UFC

In an interview with TMZ Sports (via MMA Weekly), Tyron Woodley spoke about his upcoming fight with Gilbert Burns at UFC Fight Night 176 on May 30, stating that he’s in a ‘violent headspace’.

He said: “I don’t know another word to put it. I’m willing to do some very sh—y stuff to people, put them in compromising positions, hurt them. Literally, hurt them, not just go out there and try to get the win. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this focused during my stint in the UFC. I don’t know if I’ve been this ornery. Today, I was yelling and cursing at my sparring partners. That’s how I know I’m peaking at the right time. That’s how I know I’m ready to go. What I like about this match-up for me is that it’s a five-round fight. I don’t know if he’s ever fought a five-round fight, but it’s different. It’s different than trying to come out and explode. He goes out there and he either explodes in the first two rounds and then starts to fade in the third or he explodes in first round, the second round is kinda crazy, and then he just lets it all hang out in the third round. When you’re down 3-0 and I’m up three rounds and then you come out and get picked apart in the fourth, then you’re left to desperation. You’re left to swing big and kick big and go for takedowns and I think if anybody in the UFC is gonna have an eyeball to see that s–t from a mile away, get out the way, and sting you with some shots, it’s me. When we get in there in the octagon, the performance I put on is going to be crazy. I’m gonna be talking s–t to him, I’m gonna be pushing him in the face, I’m gonna be punching him, I’m going to deny every takedown, every scramble, and I’m gonna leave him out there and it’s gonna be like, ‘F—, why did the UFC match him up with this dude? That’s a mismatch. That isn’t even fair.’ People are gonna feel bad for him. People only remember you for your last outing and it’s been so long ago, it’s time to remind them.

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