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Tyron Woodley on His ‘Uncharacteristic Fight’ at UFC 235

March 3, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Tyron Woodley UFC 235

Speaking to reporters at last night’s post-fight press conference for UFC 235 (via MMAjunkie), former UFC champion Tyron Woodley discussed his title loss to Kamaru Usmand. Below are some highlights from the presser.
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Tyron Woodley on not feeling prepared for the loss: “I can give you a million excuses on Earth, but I can tell you right now that I was prepared. I was ready. Even in the warm-up, I felt extremely sharp. But sometimes you just have those fights where you go out and it’s like a bad-ass dream. You want to punch hard, but you don’t punch. You want to move forward, but you’re stepping back. I had too many moments in there. Kamaru, he came out there and won. I still believe I’m the greatest welterweight of all time, so now my path is getting back and getting that belt.”

Tyron Woodley on how he performed: “It was an uncharacteristic fight of me. I kind of knew early on. Sometimes, when I start a fight, if I come out blazing, I come out with combinations, I kind of get in that rhythm and I stay in that rhythm. This time, it was just something real weird. He was just dropping down and squatting all low and it’s almost like I was hypnotized. Like, ‘I know you’re about to shoot, I’m trying to time when you do it so I can hit you with this uppercut.’ And I think I got to the point when I was kind of waiting for him to shoot. And, in fighting, you wait too long, you might get the shot, but you also might get some right hands, you might get a kick, you might get something else. And then just really never got in a rhythm.”

Woodley on his path: “This is my path. I don’t like the path. I was in the locker room, confused as hell, ‘How could this happen? I was so ready, so prepared.’ But my path has never been easy. It’s just showing me that God wants me to come back, bounce back and show you guys the champion that I am. Dust this off and get that belt back.”

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