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411’s UFC on ESPN 11 Report: Blaydes Wins

June 20, 2020 | Posted by Robert Winfree
UFC on ESPN 11

#3 Curtis Blaydes (261 lbs.) vs. #7 Alexander Volkov (247 lbs.)
#10 Shane Burgos (146 lbs.) vs. #8 Josh Emmett (146 lbs.)
#6 Raquel Pennington (136 lbs.) vs. #10 Marion Reneau (136 lbs.)
Lyman Good (170.5 lbs.) vs. Belal Muhammad (170.5 lbs.)
Jim Miller (159.5 lbs.) vs. Roosevelt Roberts (160 lbs.)

Bobby Green (155.5 lbs.) vs. Clay Guida (154.5 lbs.)
#11 Tecia Torres (116 lbs.) vs. Brianna Van Buren (115 lbs.)
Marc-Andre Barriault (185.5 lbs.) vs. Oskar Piechota (185.5 lbs.)
Cortney Casey (123.5 lbs.) vs. Gillian Robertson (125.5 lbs.)
Frank Camacho (158 lbs.)* vs. Justin Jaynes (156 lbs.)
#6 Roxanne Modafferi (125.5 lbs.) vs. #7 Lauren Murphy (125.5 lbs.)
Austin Hubbard (156 lbs.) vs. Max Rohskopf (155 lbs.)

Hello everyone and welcome to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of UFC on ESPN 11. I’m Robert Winfree and I’ll be your host for the evening, relaying all of the action just as I see it. Last week we had a pretty bad card, thankfully it over performed because on paper it was dreadful, but this week we’ve got a pretty good one. The main event is a relevant heavyweight fight when Curtis Blaydes tries to make an iron clad case for a title shot against Alexander Volkov who has won seven of his last eight fights. The co-main event might be even better in terms of action, Shane Burgos against Josh Emmett has all the violence and action potential in the world. Also we’ve got Belal Muhammad vs. Lyman Good, sentimental favorite and multiple UFC record holder Jim Miller takes on rising prospect Roosevelt Roberts, and a lot more. Honestly there’s only a couple of duds on paper here, most of this card is solid. Now we just have to hope it delivers in practice like it does on paper.

UFC on ESPN 11 comes to the world from the UFC APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. On commentary we have Jon Anik, Dominick Cruz and Michael Bisping while Heidi Androl deals with the reporting. As for the rules, Nevada has a hybrid of the “old” and “new” rules. They’ve adopted the new scoring criteria and foul guidelines but still insist that a single hand on the mat makes you a downed opponent. We also have the use of instant replay whenever the referee wants, though I still don’t have a ruling on if that means they can restart the fight once the ref requests it for a non-finishing sequence. Also remember that the APEX facility has the smaller 25 foot Octagon rather than the normal 30 footer.

Austin Hubbard has gone 1-2 in the UFC and is coming off of a loss, he’s hoping to avoid his first ever losing streak. Max Rohskopf is undefeated and making his UFC debut on about a weeks notice when he agreed to replace Joe Solecki. The odds are with Rohskopf at -175 to a +145 comeback on Hubbard.

Lightweight Bout: Austin Hubbard (11-4, 156 lbs.) vs. Max Rohskopf (5-0, 155 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Rohskopf is three inches taller but the reach is identical. They touch gloves to get us going. Bit of a leg kick from Hubbard. Rohskopf switches to southpaw now, and back so he’ll be doing a bit of switching. They trade hard leg kicks. Both men starting to show the hands now, nothing of substance landing yet. Bit of a right from Rohskopf, Hubbard returns it. Rohskopf tries a single leg, can’t get it but when Hubbard tries to knee him he gets around to his back and hits an elevated slam to land in side control. Hubbard kicks off of the fence and lands a knee as he gets away from Rohskopf. Another single leg from Rohskopf, he winds up hitting a modified head kick then they start scrambling. Rohskopf after a leg on the mat, going for a kneebar. They wind up in 50-50 guard and Rohskopf is after a heel hook. Hubbard is able to spin with the pressure and they wind up on the feet against the fence then separating. Body kick from Rohskopf, Hubbard lands a left. Rohskopf lands a left hook. Hubbard misses an uppercut. Right from Hubbard lands. Rohskopf misses a wheel kick as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Rohskopf but could go either way

ROUND TWO: Imanari roll from Rohskopf, they wind up clinched and Rohskopf gets a single leg near the fence. Rohskopf is in leg drag position, Hubbard kicks him off but can’t get up and Rohskopf is still on top nearly in mount. Hubbard is able to scramble up again and we’re on the feet. Hubbard lands a leg kick. Left to the body then a right from Hubbard. Rohskopf is still pretty green on the feet and it’s showing. Hubbard lands a groin kick, Rohskopf waves it off. Leg kick from Hubbard, he’s starting to put things together. Right from Hubbard lands flush, Rohskopf needs an adjustment in a real way. Another right from Hubbard and he avoids a rush from Rohskopf. Right then a left from Hubbard. Hubbard just can’t miss at this point, he lands a left hook. They trade rights, Rohskopf is still just one at a time but the connection did get Hubbard to back off. Hubbard lands a combination, and some leg kicks. Rohskopf is getting beat up and looks like he’s fading cardio wise. Hubbard is going to the body now, Rohskopf is cut around the left eye. More body work from Hubbard, Rohskopf is nearly a heavy bag. Another combination from Hubbard to close the round.

SCORECARD: 10-8 Hubbard but a marginal one, 19-18 Hubbard overall

ROUND THREE: Rohskopf said he was done between rounds, can’t blame him between the cut and the short notice as well as how that second round went.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Austin Hubbard via TKO, doctor stoppage, at 5:00 of Round 2

They announce it as a doctor stoppage, not sure why. Oh, he told the doctor he was done and that seems what they’re going with. Mic time for Hubbard, he says he feels great and wasn’t terribly bothered by the opponent change as he’s still focused on himself. He talks us through some highlights, then says he feels his future is bright and that this fight was a huge step forward to him coming into his own.

Roxanne Modafferi has traded wins and losses while going 3-3 in her second UFC stint, she is coming off of an upset win over Maycee Barber and is looking for her fist UFC winning streak. Lauren Murphy is on a two fight winning streak and could start making a real move up the rankings if she can get to three in a row here. The odds are with Murphy at -120 to a -110 payout for Modafferi.

Women’s Flyweight Bout: #6 Roxanne Modafferi (24-16, 125.5 lbs.) vs. #7 Lauren Murphy (12-4, 125.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Modafferi has two inches of height and reach over Murphy. They touch gloves to get the fight going. Murphy lands a leg kick. Both women miss some punches, then Murphy lands another leg kick. Another leg kick from Murphy while they both miss punches. Modafferi marches forward and lands a right before they clinch up. A few knees from Modafferi as she starts looking for angles on takedowns in the clinch. Murphy is able to get off of the fence, then eats an elbow as they separate. Leg kick from Murphy. Bit of a right from Modafferi. They trade some lefts. Both women land rights in close. Modafferi lands a right to counter an inside leg kick. Some jabs from Murphy now, Modafferi isn’t moving her head that well at distance. That will more or less end the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Murphy but could go either way

ROUND TWO: Modafferi comes out striking, trying to force Murphy to the fence. Bit of a right from Murphy wobbles Modafferi and Murphy is stalking her now. Modafferi is able to survive and regain herself. There’s a couple of rights from Modafferi in close. Murphy lands a leg kick, and eats a bit of a right. They punch into the clinch and Modafferi gets Murphy on the fence. Murphy is defending so far, she gets the back standing and hits a mat return. Some punches from Murphy from the ride position as she starts to look for her hooks. There’s one hook from Murphy, but Modafferi is able to spin off and get on top but Murphy kicks her over and is up but still clinched. Modafferi has a body lock now, she breaks that to land some punches and a few knees. Near takedown from Modafferi, but she can’t finish it and they’re back up in the clinch where they’ll kill the last bit of the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Murphy, 20-18 Murphy overall

ROUND THREE: Bit of a leg kick from Modafferi, Murphy returns it. Murphy lands an uppercut then a leg kick but Modafferi lands an elbow. Modafferi is looking for elbows more now, she is looking for a stoppage of any kind. Murphy lands a right. Jab from Murphy, she’s finding openings now. Modafferi bulls forward with a flurry and gets a clinch on the fence. Murphy defends the takedown attempts, Modafferi goes to a double collar tie and throws knees to the body while keeping Murphy on the fence. Murphy is finally able to push free and reset. Modafferi lands a right. Murphy lands a right. Both women miss some punches then Murphy lands a leg kick and avoids a clinch. Murphy with a left and right to deal with a blitz attack. They trade rights. Double leg from Murphy and she’s got Modafferi down in full guard. Not much time left, so nothing really comes of it before the fight ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Murphy but another close one, 30-27 Murphy overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Lauren Murphy via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

I assume that will teach Roxanne Modafferi to upset a Dana prospect, she upsets Maycee Barber and then winds up in the second fight of the whole night taking on a terrible style matchup. No interview for Murphy.

Frank Camacho has gone just 2-4 in the UFC and just missed weight for the second time, he’s stuck around mostly because his fighting style is very fan friendly. Camacho is trying to avoid another losing streak and get his UFC record closer to the .500 mark. Justin Jaynes took this on very short notice after Matt Frevola was pulled from the bout when one of his corner men tested positive for covid-19. Jaynes does have a four fight winning streak going for him, and a big opportunity to take out a durable and somewhat known opponent. Camacho is your -330 favorite to +250 on Jaynes.

Lightweight Bout: Frank Camacho (22-8, 158 lbs.) vs. Justin Jaynes (15-4, 156 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Camacho is three inches taller, has five inches of reach, and of course missed weight. They touch gloves to get us going. Both men throwing early, to the shock of no one. Punches from Jaynes as he’s backing Camacho up. A couple of left hooks from Jaynes drop Camacho, Camacho back up but on the fence, Jaynes tees off and Camacho winds up bent over to the side and the ref steps in to stop this.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Justin Jaynes via TKO, punches, at :41 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Jaynes for his work this evening. Mic time for Jaynes, he says this is like a dream given how quickly this came about. He says his plan was to brawl and puts over Camacho then talks us through the finish. He says he’s been training full time for the last six weeks or so as well as keeping his weight down so he’d be ready to fight anywhere between featherweight and middleweight for the UFC.

Camacho keeps biting on the level switch feints so Jaynes lands the left hook and forces him down. From there Jaynes swarms.

Cortney Casey was successful in her return to flyweight in March, now she’s hoping to build on that momentum and start moving up through a fairly shallow division. Gillian Robertson has gone 4-2 in the UFC but is coming off of a loss and now tries to avoid her first ever losing streak. Robertson is a slight -120 favorite against -110 for Casey.

Women’s Flyweight Bout: Cortney Casey (9-7, 123.5 lbs.) vs. Gillian Robertson (7-4, 125.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Casey is two inches taller and has four inches of reach advantage. They touch gloves. Casey is circling early, she lands a one two. Robertson is trying to get close but Casey is intercepting her with hard punches. Clinch from Robertson and a trip takedown into leg drag position. Casey gets half guard, and elbows the kidney a few times, that’s just mean. Robertson is looking to pass, mostly just keeping Casey flat right now. Pass from Robertson and she’s nearly in side control but Casey gets half guard back. Casey keeps looking to explode up more than do it technically, in no small part because of Robertson’s top pressure. Side control again for Robertson, she lands a few elbows but Casey rolls back and gets half guard again. Casey lands a few elbows from her back. One more pass to side control from Robertson and the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Robertson

ROUND TWO: Some jabs being shown now as the round starts. Leg kick from Casey. A couple of rights land for Casey. Robertson doesn’t like those, she tries a takedown and gets it against the fence. Casey gets full guard but it’s closed. Robertson passes to north-south, Casey tries for an armbar but she’s not very deep on it. Some hammer fists from Casey as Robertson tries to get her arm free. The arm is free and Robertson moves to half guard. Some lefts from Robertson while she’s trying to pass. Robertson is trying to set up an arm triangle, Casey gets on a hip to try and release the pressure. Elbow from Robertson, and punches now. The round will end on the mat again.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Robertson, 20-18 Robertson overall

ROUND THREE: Feinting and moving so far. Bit of a left from Casey. One two from Casey lands then an inside leg kick. Body shot from Casey then a left hook that Robertson mostly avoided. High kick from Robertson is blocked. Bit of a right from Casey. Casey lands a couple of rights and flurries but Robertson gets a clinch and now hits a single leg takedown into full guard. Another armbar attempt from Casey, this one is tighter and she goes belly down looking to finish it. Robertson gets her arm back and winds up in the guard of Casey again. Robertson moves to half guard. Casey winds up giving up her back, Robertson has her arm under the neck and Casey has to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Gillian Robertson via Submission, rear naked choke, at 4:36 of Round 3

The Final Round Finish Club thanks Ms. Robertson for her work this evening. Mic time for Robertson, she says she wanted to display her ground and pound but there was a chance for the choke and she took it.

This is technically done backwards, Robertson gets the arm around the neck first, then winds up getting the hooks in and the full back mount after. But if it works it works, and Casey looked to not fully appreciate the danger she was in from the ride position.

Marc-Andre Barriault has gone 0-3 in the UFC, and is probably fighting for his job this time around. Oskar Piechota has gone 2-3 in the UFC and is likewise on a three fight skid and probably facing his turn on the chopping block with another loss. Barriault is a slight favorite at -125 to a -105 comeback for Piechota.

Middleweight Bout: Marc-Andre Barriault (11-4, 185.5 lbs.) vs. Oskar Piechota (11-3-1, 185.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Barriault is an inch taller while Piechota has two inches of reach advantage. Circling early, Barriault punches towards a clinch. Piechota lands an uppercut. Both men still trying to find an avenue of attack. They both miss punches. They both check leg kicks. They clash on rights. Barriault blocks a head kick. Left from Barriault. Bit of a right from Piechota. Side kick then a right from Barriault. Piechota with a bit of a right. Jab from Piechota. Barriault lands a bit of a right. Southpaw for Barriault, and back to orthodox. Barriault blitzes but mostly misses. Piechota lands an inside leg kick. Bit of a combination from Piechota. Barriault punches close and they wind up clinched. Some punches from Barriault as Piechota gets free. Barriault lands a calf kick. Right from Barriault and they clinch again. Knees from Piechota and they break. Barriault lands a right uppercut then another one in close. Piechota has a head kick blocked. Barriault punches into another clinch. Uppercuts go back and forth before they break. The pressure of Barriault is really getting to Piechota so far. Barriault avoids a single leg and lands a few punches as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Barriault

ROUND TWO: Both men with rights as the round starts. Barriault is pressuring again. Leg kick from Barriault. Piechota lands a right. Another right from Piechota, that stumbled Barriault for a second. Barriault punches to a clinch, Piechota gets clear quickly. Right uppercut from Piechota lands, but Barriault gets a double leg off of it against the fence. Piechota looking to wall walk while Barriault holds his legs. Piechota is looking to work from a front headlock position, uses that to get up and separate. They trade rights. Left from Piechota, Barriault gets a clinch and lands a couple of uppercuts. Barriault misses a few punches. Right from Piechota lands. Bit of an elbow from Barriault in close. Piechota lands a right. Combination from Barriault, he’s looking to unload along the fence. An uppercut from Barriault drops Piechota, and Barriault unloads until the ref stops the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Marc-Andre Barriault via TKO, punches, at 4:50 of Round 2

Barriault gets an interview after his first UFC win, he says getting that first win feels fantastic. He thanks Piechota for the dog fight as that’s his style and he likes to throw bombs. He talks about resetting after the string of losses, thanks everyone for their support as well. To close he says this is the real him and he wants a new contract.

Tecia Torres finds herself on a four fight losing streak, somewhat mitigated by three of those losses coming to Jessica Andrade, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, and Zhang Weili, but even level of competition can only help so much as losses continue to pile up. Torres could very well be in a must win scenario for this fight. Brianna Van Buren is on a four fight winning streak including a successful UFC debut, now she’s looking to take out the biggest name she’s been in the cage with and continue her upward momentum. Van Buren is your -225 favorite against a +175 payout for Torres.

Strawweight Bout: #11 Tecia Torres (10-5, 116 lbs.) vs. Brianna Van Buren (7-2, 115 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Torres is actually the taller party by one inch, Van Buren has an inch and a half of reach advantage. This is officially the shortest fight in UFC history, 5’1 Torres against 5′ Van Buren. Southpaw for Van Buren. Torres lands a body kick, and another one. Van Buren catches a kick and bulls Torres into the fence. Body lock for Van Buren, but she can’t find a trip yet. Knees from Van Buren now, then an outside trip to land on top. Torres quickly looking to wall walk, she’s up but still clinched. Some more knees to the body and thigh from Van Buren. Another trip from Van Buren, Torres stays on her knees and is up but still ate a knee to the body. Torres is really stuck here, Van Buren is still working. They break as Van Buren misses a spinning elbow. High kick form Torres is blocked. They clinch up again, this time Torres gets her on the cage. Van Buren gets off the fence, Torres escapes and both women miss kicks. Van Buren lands a right after avoiding a punch. Torres misses a high kick but lands a couple of punches before getting clinched again. Knees from Van Buren, Torres then punches out of the clinch. Torres after a takedown, can’t get it and then Van Buren hits a head lock throw as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Van Buren but could go either way

ROUND TWO: Torres comes out kicking again, Van Buren avoiding them so far. A couple of body kicks from Torres, then she misses an ax kick. Clubbing right from Torres as Van Buren tried to clinch. They trade rights, then clinch again. Van Buren lands a knee to the body, Torres gets her on the fence. They jockey for position in the clinch, Torres winds up on the fence. They break without incident. Both women have punches blocked. Torres misses a couple of kicks and eats a right. High kick lands for Torres. Torres lands a body kick, she’s doing some stance switching now. Bit of a left from Van Buren after she caught a kick. Torres punches into a clinch, eats a couple of knees but she gets free quickly. Van Buren lands a right. Torres is out working her though. Both women fire and we get some fire fight action before the end of the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Torres, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: Both women come out punching. Van Buren lands an inside leg kick but Torres fires back with a combination. Torres lands a body kick. Van Buren keeps stopping after a blow or two and looking to reset. Body kicks from Torres land. Torres is just lighting Van Buren up at this point. Van Buren tries for a single leg, lands a back elbow while looking for the takedown. Torres is defending so far, she lands a knee but can’t get out of the clinch yet. Van Buren is after a double leg now, but Torres is forcing her down and defending. Torres back up on the fence, Van Burenlands a knee to the body. Torres pushes free and separates. Body kick from Torres. Van Buren lands a spinning back kick, Torres blitzes her and gets Van Buren to the fence. Torres punches on the break, they trade kicks then clinch again where the fight will end.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Torres, 29-28 Torres overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Tecia Torres via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Much needed win for Torres, but she gets no interview.

Clay Guida is 1-2 in his last three fights but is a certified veteran of the UFC. Guida is mostly in the attraction phase of his career but he’s definitely still looking for wins. Bobby Green is also 1-2 in his last three fights but is on a two fight losing streak and pretty badly needs a win here if he wants to remain a relevant name. The odds are with Green at -270 against a + comeback on Guida.

Lightweight Bout: Bobby Green (24-10-1, 155.5 lbs.) vs. Clay Guida (35-19, 154.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Green is three inches taller but has just one inch of reach advantage. Sorry guys, some technical difficulties here. I join about the three minute mark as Green defends a takedown attempt. Green doing some stance switching. Both men show kicks. Guida misses a few rights. High kick from Green is mostly blocked. Some jabs to the body from Green as he circles. Guida lands an inside leg kick. Short counter right from Green. Another counter right from Green then a left to the body. Guida still bouncing around, but getting punched. Left uppercut from Green, he avoids some punches then Guida tries a takedown against the fence. Guida gets a high crothc, Green is down but working up as Guida moves to the ride position. Green up, Guida tries for another takeduwn but Green is defending this one. Green up again, he’s sneaking in damage when he can while defending these takedown attempts. The round ends with Green sitting on the fence.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Green

ROUND TWO: Green still evading and punching. Guida has a right blocked. Green lands a couple of body shots and avoids a clinch attempt. Front kick to the face from Green then a left and a right. Green avoids a right. Jab from Green then a couple of knees from a Thai clinch. Another knee from Green lands. Guida is backing up now, Green with more knees to the body from a brief Thai clinch. Guida is running out of ideas here. Green avoids a couple of takedown attempts but winds up clinched. Guida can’t get him down though and they separate. Bit of a left from Green, he’s mostly working southpaw at this point. One two from Green. Single leg from Guida, Green uses a guillotine threat to force him to his knees then he separates. Front kick to the body from Green. Some kicks to the knee of Guida, Guida is really impotent at this point. Green avoids a high kick. Knee from Green, Guida tries another double leg, he gets the back standing as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Green, 20-18 Green overall

ROUND THREE: Green circles, he lands a bit of a left. Another left from Green. Both men miss rights. Guida in on a double leg again, he gets Green down but Green looks to wall walk. Some elbows from Green as he’s on his knees. Kimura roll from Green, he’s up and lands a knee. They break and Green lands a few lead hand rights. Both men whiff on hooks. Green lands a left. Green with a couple of sneaky rights. Front kicks to the body from Green then a right, Guida tries another takedown that stalls out on the fence. Green looks for a switch, Guida holds onto a single leg. Single leg from Green now and he’s on top for a moment. Guida still holding a single leg from his knees, Green punches to the body. Green up, and back down as Guida drops to his knees holding the legs of Green. Some more body shots from Green. They’re back up though still clinched. Guida mostly holding on, Green spins free. Green lands another left. Another clinch from Guida, Green defends along the fence. some punches from Green as Guida holds his legs and the clock runs down.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Green, 30-27 Green overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Bobby Green via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

No interview for Green, and that will end the preliminary card. Though we’re still on ESPN or ESPN+ for the main card.

Jim Miller is 2-2 in his last four fights but is coming off of a loss is hoping to get a few more wins under his belt before his career winds down. Roosevelt Roberts is on a two fight winning streak and is looking to add his first truly recognizable name to his resume of bested opponents. Roberts is the -240 favorite to a +190 comeback on Miller.

Catchweight Bout: Jim Miller (34-14 1 NC, 159.5 lbs.) vs. Roosevelt Roberts (10-1, 160 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Roberts is six inches taller and has two inches of reach over Miller. Southpaw for Miller. Both men feint early, Miller catches a kick and gets Roberts down into full guard. Some body punches from Miller. Roberts tries to scramble, Miller winds up in half guard. Miller looking to pass, he gets the back then goes for an armbar as Roberts tried to shake him off. Roberts looking to defend, Miller wraps up the arm though and when Roberts tries to straighten Miller extends the arm and Roberts taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Jim Miller via Verbal Submission, armbar, at 2:25 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Miller for his work this evening. Miller is now sole owner of 3rd place for most finishes in UFC history at 21, and he’s still got the most wins in UFC lightweight history along with once again tying Donald Cerrone for most UFC fights at 35. Mic time for Miller, he says he’ll fight anywhere there’s a cage but did feel the lack of fans because he loves their energy. He talks us through the finish putting over Roberts along the way. He says he feels much better now than a couple of years ago now that he’s got more of a handle on Lyme disease and thinks he’s finally getting his athleticism back.

Take a look at this, Miller doesn’t chase the armbar just waits for Roberts to get a little sloppy in transition. Also pay attention to the right arm of Roberts, his left is the one being attacked but the finish sees his right caught under it to add another fulcrum point as well as remove it from defensive options.

Belal Muhammad is 4-1 in his last five fights and is on a two fight winning streak, he’s hoping to get to three in a row again and possibly start making his way towards more notable opposition. Lyman Good has gone 3-2 in the UFC, he’s coming off of a win though and is looking for his first UFC winning streak taking out a proven veteran in the process. Muhammad is the slight -130 favorite to an even +100 on Good.

Welterweight Bout: Lyman Good (21-5 1 NC, 170.5 lbs.) vs. Belal Muhammad (16-3, 170.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Good is an inch taller and has two inches of reach advantage. Muhammad comes out jabbing, and lands a leg kick. Some stance switching from Muhammad as well now. Good lands a couple of punches into a clinch. Knee from Good and an elbow from Muhammad as they break. Both men land rights. Good is keeping Muhammad near the fence so far. Right from Good, and a jab behind it. Good avoids a couple of punches. Muhammad doesn’t have an answer to the pressure of Good yet. Body kick from Muhammad lands. Right from Good. Small cut around the right eye of Muhammad. One two from Muhammad. Good lands a jab. Bit of a left from Muhammad and he avoids a counter right. Good is starting to bite on the fakes of Muhammad. Knee from Muhammad lands to the body. Good lands a one two. Both men block kicks. They stare away the final seconds.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Muhammad

ROUND TWO: Both men working the lead hand early. Muhammad lands a calf kick. Left from Muhammad lands. Takedown attempt from Muhammad, Good defends and they wind up clinched on the fence. There’s an elbow from Muhammad as they break. Good still pressuring forward but Muhammad is moving well and tagging him when they get close. Bit of a right from Good, that got Muhammad’s attention. More jabs from Good as he’s pressuring forward. Left body kick from Muhammad. Muhammad lands a couple of punches while circling. Both men land in the pocket. Muhammad lands another body kick. Good avoids a right, then eats a calf kick. Left then a right from Good land flush. Low and high kicks from Muhammad. Good with a right. Muhammad lands another left body kick. Good misses a right and the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Good but could go either way, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: Muhammad back to kicking and circling. Good coming forward and lands a right. Inside leg kick from Good lands. Muhammad is cut around the right eyebrow. Right from Good staggers Muhammad, another one drops him but Muhammad ties up in a clinch. Good avoids a single leg and gets back to pressuring. body shots from Good in close. Another right from Good lands. They trade body work in close, then rights. Good stalking Muhammad now. More rights from Good in close, and knees to the body. Jabs from Good, then a right in close. Body shots then a left from Good. Muhammad is in survival mode while moving away. Rights are traded. Muhammad tries a double leg, he gets it but Good wall walks into the clinch. Muhammad is holding a rear waist lock trying to get things back to the mat. Good turns into him and they break. Right from Good, Muhammad lands one of his own. Another takedown from Muhammad, he gets the back in transition and looks to ice the round. Muhammad gets a body triangle, he’s looking for the choke as the clock winds down.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Good, 29-28 Good overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Belal Muhammad via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

No issues with Muhammad taking 1 and 2. Mic time for Muhammad, who’s happy to be here performing despite the condition of the world. He mentions plan B had to be used in the third round and mentions a headbutt in the second that opened a cut. Asked who he’d like next he just wants to fight ranked guys and calls out Santiago Ponzinibbio, which I’d be down for.

Raquel Pennington is just 1-3 in her last four fights and that lone win was a closely contested split decision, she’s trying to salvage some upward mobility and avoid another losing streak. Marion Reneau is 2-2 in her last four fights but is on a two fight losing streak and trying to break that skid. The odds have Pennington at -190 to a +155 for Reneau.

Women’s Bantamweight Bout: #6 Raquel Pennington (10-8, 136 lbs.) vs. #10 Marion Reneau (9-5-1, 136 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Reneau is a full twelve years older, while Pennington has an inch of height and reach advantage. They touch gloves to get us going. Both women showing the lead hand early. Leg kick from Reneau. Reneau lands a right over the jab of Pennington. Pennington punches forward, mostly misses. Left lands for Pennington. Leg kick from Reneau. Left hook lands for Pennington and they tie up. Pennington has Reneau on the fence, she lands some knees to the body. Reneau with a knee of her own, Pennington lands a couple more before they break. Right from Reneau lands. They clinch up after another Reneau right. Knees go back and forth. Reneau gets Pennington on the fence and they resume trading knees. Elbow from Pennington but Reneau slips around towards her back. Knees from the back now for Reneau. Pennington keeps trying to break the grip and remain upright. Rights from Reneau land. The round ends in that spot.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pennington but could go either way

ROUND TWO: One two from Reneau. Pennington avoids a right and lands to the body. They tie up again and trade knees to the body. Pennington gets the Thai clinch, they trade knees but Reneau’s went into the groin and we’ve got time out for Pennington to recover. Pennington takes a minute or so but she can continue. Both women miss punches in close. Combination from Pennington and they tie up again. Knees from Reneau, Pennington returns them. Pennington gets the Thai clinch and lands more knees to the body. Reneau lands a knee to the body as Pennington spins her to the fence. More knees from Pennington, she’s got some serious control with that double collar tie. Reneau gets a single leg against the fence. Pennington gets free and pushes Reneau over then lands punches from top position. Reneau throws up a triangle but can’t keep it. Back up now, Pennington dives into another takedown attempt. They resume clinch fighting, Knees and elbows are traded but Pennington is keeping busier. Pennington looks for a takedown, Reneau defends and lands blows as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pennington, 20-18 Pennington overall

ROUND THREE: Both women come out swinging and landing. Reneau lands a leg kick. Another clinch, Reneau is after the takedown and gets things down to their knees along the fence. Pennington looks to wall walk, Reneau gets the clinch as they stand. Knees from Pennington as they break. Pennington lands a right. Elbow from Pennington into another clinch. Pennington back to kneeing the body from a Thai clinch. Reneau just isn’t countering the Thai clinch properly. They break and Pennington lands another right. Another clinch on the fence. They jockey for position then separate. Pennington with a combination then looks for a double leg against the fence. Reneau defends that attempt and they clinch then break. Both women throwing punches now, Pennington still getting the better of it. Reneau tries a double leg, they wind up on the fence again. Pennington uses a front headlock to snap her down. Reneau wall walks, Pennington with elbows to the head. Knees from Pennington, and the fight will end in that spot.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pennington, 30-27 Pennington overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Raquel Pennington via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

The first was close enough, but the right woman won. Mic time for Pennington, she’s excited to feel like herself in the cage again finally. She references her and her partner Tecia Torres both fighting on this card and both winning. She thanks her family for all of their support, wishes happy Fathers Day to people and sucks up to the UFC. to close she mentions finally beleiving in her hands lately and talking about the body work she put in during the fight.

Josh Emmett is 4-1 in his last five fights and is on a two fight winning streak, he could earn a shot at the top of the division if he can get to three in a row here. Shane Burgos has gone 6-1 in the UFC and is on a three fight winning streak, but a win here would be the biggest of his career and could launch him into the upper echelon of talent in a very stacked division. The odds are somewhat surprisingly with Burgos at -165 while the +135 payout on Emmett is a tempting value bet.

Featherweight Bout: #10 Shane Burgos (13-1, 146 lbs.) vs. #8 Josh Emmett (15-2, 146 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Burgos is four and a half inches taller and has five and half inches of reach advantage. They touch gloves to get us going. Burgos moving forward early, he looks much bigger than Emmett. Some lefts from Burgos, then a leg kick. Emmett lands a right. Burgos lands a chopping right and evades a right overhand. Some stance switching from Burgos. Emmett lands a left hook in close. Burgos keeps coming forward. More jabs from Burgos then a left hook. Bit of a right from Emmett, Burgos lands a left body kick. Burgos is landing the jab constantly then a knee in close. Jab from Emmett, Burgos lands an inside leg kick. Emmett misses a few rights. Burgos lands another left body kick, Emmett lands a right but Burgos just eats it. Calf kick from Burgos. Burgos with another calf kick, and another. One two from Emmett, then Burgos digs the body. Burgos is tearing up the lead leg of Emmett so far. Triple jab from Burgos. Emmett lands to the body and head. The pressure of Burgos is pretty nuts, he’s still coming forward. Inside leg kick from Burgos and both men land hooks. More jabs from Burgos, those are landing now. Emmett tries a dobule leg, Burgos defends and they trade in the clinch. Emmett swings a right as the last blow of the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Burgos but could go either way.

ROUND TWO: Burgos continuing to jab and eat up that lead leg. Emmett lands a combination. Burgos still in his face, that left leg of Emmett is compromised. Jabs still going back and forth. Burgos lands a left uppercut. Hard inside leg kick from Burgos. Jab from Burgos, he’s rolling with Emmett’s rights now rather consistently. More kicks from Burgos. Burgos lands a straight right. Both men miss rights. Body shot from Burgos. Burgos lands another inside leg kick then some jabs. The volume of Burgos is consistent as is his pressure. Back to the body from Burgos. Burgos with a calf kick. One two from Burgos. Combination from Burgos lands. Emmett misses a right and I think that’s about where the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Burgos, 20-18 Burgos overall

ROUND THREE: They get back to trading quickly. Some punches go back and forth. Jab from Burgos, and a right behind it. Burgos lands an inside leg kick but that strays up to the groing of Emmett. Emmett has time, he takes a bit and is good to continue. Both men punching again. Emmett lands a right, Burgos responds with a combination. Inside leg kick form Burgos. Calf kick from Burgos. Left hook from Emmett drops Burgos, he gets on top and looks to unload but Burgos ties him up. Both men land some punches on the ground. Burgos kicks Emmett off and regains his feet. Front kick from Burgos lands. Bit of a combination from Burgos. Jabs from Burgos. Long combination from Burgos mostly lands. Right from Emmett wobbles Burgos but he remains upright. Left from Emmett lands. They get close and trade one final time as the clock runs down.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Emmett, 29-28 Burgos overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Josh Emmett via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-28 x2)

No issues with a 10-8 for Emmett in the third. Absolute shame that didn’t get 5 rounds. Mic time for Emmett, who notes he’s injured on his left leg then calls out all the journalists who keep counting him out. He puts over Burgos, then says he’s only looking to fight guys ahead of him going forward.

Curtis Blaydes has only ever lost to Francis Ngannou as a professional, he’s on a three fight winning streak right now and is hoping to secure a title shot with a fourth consecutive win. Alexander Volkov has gone 5-1 in the UFC and is coming off of a win, he’s likewise hoping to get back into the title picture by taking out a surging contender in Blaydes. Blaydes is the heavy favorite at -400 to a +355 comeback on Volkov.

Heavyweight Bout: #3 Curtis Blaydes (13-2 1 NC, 261 lbs.) vs. #7 Alexander Volkov (31-7, 247 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Volkov is three inches taller, the reach is identical though. They touch gloves to get us going. Both men with missed punches then Blaydes gets a takedown against the fence. Volkov works up to his feet, mat return from Blaydes into the ride position. Some knees to the thigh from Blaydes. Volkov working to wall walk, Blaydes lands a few lefts. Back up, Blaydes with another mat return. Volkov is hanging out on his knees, back up but Blaydes with another mat return. More knees to the thigh and butt from Blaydes. Blaydes breaks the posture of Bolkov and drops him to his knees. Volkov back to a knee, he’s hand fighting a bit. Volkov to his feet, Blaydes sweeps his legs and we’re back to the ride position. that’s where the round will end.

SCORECARD: 10-8 Blaydes, that was all him even if it didn’t amount to much damage

ROUND TWO: Blaydes comes out punching. They trade blows, Volkov lands a front kick to the body. Right from Blaydes, and he hits a double leg against the fence. Volkov wall walks but is still clinched and Blaydes gets him down away from the fence. Full guard for Volkov. A few blows from Blaydes, a few short elbows from Volkov. Bit of an elbow from Blaydes, and another one. Back up and Volkov lands a body kick. Volkov defends a double leg attempt. Blaydes tries again, and gets the takedown just before the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Blaydes, 20-17 Blaydes overall

ROUND THREE: Both men with punches early, Blaydes looking southpaw now. Jab from Blaydes, he tries a double leg but they hit the fence and stall out. Blaydes pulls free, Volkov lands a body kick. Another double leg attempt hits the fence and stalls out. Volkov spins Blaydes this time, Blaydes turns him back. Knee from Volkov as they break. Blaydes with a jab then a double leg against the fence. Volkov is sitting on the fence. Blaydes is slowing down a little bit, still effective but it bears watching. Volkov to his knees, Blaydes lands a short right and smothers him into the fence. Knee to the body from Blaydes and he moves to the back for the ride position. Volkov still working to wall walk but Blaydes is keeping him down. Blaydes lands lefts as they get up and break. Volkov with jabs. Blaydes misses a takedown attempt. Bit of a right from Volkov, Blaydes goes for his hips as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Blaydes, 30-26 Blaydes overall

ROUND FOUR: Blaydes still showing different stances. Volkov with a couple of front kicks to the body, Blaydes parries one then moves to the back standing and drives Volkov down to his knees. Volkov wall walks, Blaydes trying to toss him down and gets him down. Another wall walk from Volkov, Blaydes lands a few lefts. Volkov breaks the grip and separates this time. Blaydes tries another takedown, they hit the fence. They separate rather quickly this time. Blaydes lands a left. Uppercut from Volkov but he slips and Blaydes dives onto him in open space. Not much going on now. Some elbows from Volkov off of his back. I’m kind of surprised the ref hasn’t stood them up, oh there he goes. They trade jabs, Volkov lands a knee as he avoids a double leg attempt. Volkov coming forward with punches, Blaydes gets a clinch to stifle his offense. Volkov gets a double leg against the fence and lands some punches as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Volkov, 39-36 Blaydes overall

ROUND FIVE: Blaydes is bleeding a fair bit from the nose and mouth, he looks very tired. They touch gloves again. Volkov lands a jab. Another jab from Volkov. Right uppercut from Volkov. Blaydes lands a left. Hard left kick from Volkov. Blaydes is just running the clock at the moment. Blaydes gets a takedown along the fence. Volkov looking to wall walk but Blaydes is looking to ice the round. Blaydes moves around to the ride position. Volkov off balances Blaydes and gets up but Blaydes dives after another double leg. Volkov defends that one and has Blaydes on the cage. Knees from Volkov and they break. Another takedown attempt from Blaydes, another one that hits the fence. Volkov is defending so far, he lands some rights to the face. Blaydes tries a single leg, he gets it but Volkov is threatening with a triangle, Blaydes postures through it and settles into the full guard. Some elbows from Volkov. The clock will run down in that spot.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Blaydes but could go to Volkov, 49-45 Blaydes overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Curtis Blaydes via unanimous decision (49-45, 48-47, 48-46)

No issues with Volkov getting the 5th, but Volkov just didn’t have enough down the stretch even when Blaydes gassed. Mic time for Blaydes, he’s tired and puts over Volkov as a big strong guy with strong legs. He says it’s good to know you can go five rounds but also knows he’s got to work on his conditioning after the third round but he’s happy to have won and figures he’s one step closer to the title. Asked about the future, he wants the title because there’s noting else for him. He looked to be in significant pain during that.

On that note UFC on ESPN 11 comes to a close. Thanks for reading, I always appreciate you guys. Next week will be a barn burner of a main event when Dustin Poirier takes on Dan Hooker in a very relevant lightweight fight. We’ll be breaking down the action from this card and previewing that one this week on the 411 Ground and Pound MMA Podcast, which you can find on all major podcast platforms or right here on 411mania. I’ll be back next week for that card, until then thanks again, stay safe out there, and keep checking 411mania for all of your pop culture needs.

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