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411’s UFC on ESPN 12 Report: Poirier Wins

June 28, 2020 | Posted by Robert Winfree
UFC on ESPN 12

#3 Dustin Poirier (156 lbs.) vs. #5 Dan Hooker (155.5 lbs.)
Mickey Gall (170 lbs.) vs. Mike Perry (171 lbs.)
Maurice Greene (255 lbs.) vs. Gian Villante (255 lbs.)
#13 Brendan Allen (185.5 lbs.) vs. Kyle Daukaus (185.5 lbs.)
Takashi Sato (170.5 lbs.) vs. Jason Witt (171 lbs.)
Julian Erosa (149.5 lbs.) vs. Sean Woodson (149 lbs.) – 150-pound catchweight

Luis Pena (155 lbs.) vs. Khama Worthy (154.5 lbs.)
Tanner Boser (235 lbs.) vs. Philipe Lins (234 lbs.)
Jinh Yu Frey (115.5 lbs.) vs. Kay Hansen (115.5 lbs.)
Jordan Griffin (145 lbs.) vs. Youssef Zalal (145.5 lbs.)

Hello everyone and welcome to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of UFC on ESPN 12. I’m Robert Winfree and I’ll be your host for the event, relaying all of the action to you good people just as I see it. This event is pretty shallow if we’re talking depth of card, but the main event is a certified banger on paper. Former interim champion and title challenger Dustin Poirier looks to bounce back from his failed title bid against rising contender Dan Hooker. The winner might not be the next contender but they should be one win away from it at most while the loser probably has to start climbing back to the top five all over again. Beyond that it’s pretty slim pickings, including a couple of heavyweight fights one of which features the perpetually uninteresting Gian Villante heading north of 205 for the first time in his UFC stint. We’re mostly here for the main event anyway, let’s just hope we get some good stuff along the way.

UFC on ESPN 12 comes to the world from the UFC APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. On commentary we have Jon Anik, Dominick Cruz, and Michael Bisping. As for the rules Nevada uses a hybrid set, they’ve adopted most of them but maintain that a single hand on the mat is enough to make you a downed fighter and have instant replay available whenever the ref wants it. Also worth noting, the APEX has the 25 foot diameter Octagon rather than the usual 30 footer.

Jordan Griffin has gone 1-2 in the UFC but is coming off of that win and is now looking to build his first UFC winning streak. Youssef Zalal had a successful UFC debut earlier this year and is now looking for his own inaugural winning streak. Zalal is your favorite at -135 to a +115 comeback on Griffin.

Featherweight Bout: Jordan Griffin (18-7, 145 lbs.) vs. Youssef Zalal (8-2, 145.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: These two are the same height while Griffin has an inch of reach advantage. They touch gloves, both men open southpaw. Calf kick from Zalal, and a bit of a right from Griffin. Zalal doing some stance switching now. Another calf kick from Zalal, then a jab as he’s trying to evade Griffin. Griffin is pushing forward with punches but he’s not finding the target much yet. Zalal lands an inside leg kick. Calf kick from Zalal, Griffin fires back but can’t really find the target. Griffin punches into a double leg attempt along the fence, he winds up on the back standing. Zalal is using a kimura attack, but he can’t break the grip with it. Zalal breaks the grip, Griffin has one leg wrapped up, he tries to jump for the second hook but misses it and Zalal is able to get free. High kick from Griffin is partially blocked. Combination from Zalal, and they wind up clinched on the fence. They jockey for position, Zalal gets a body lock but can’t get Griffin down. Griffin pummels his arm in and then gets a mat return before jumping onto the back of Zalal. Griffin only has one hook in, so the round will end in the ride spot.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Zalal but could go to Griffin

ROUND TWO: Zalal is moving Griffin to the fence, he tries a high kick that’s blocked then they clinch. Knees from Zalal to the body, Griffin slips free then misses a kick. Jumping knee from Zalal, then a calf kick. They trade some jabs. Both men land rights in close, but those were arm punches. Body shot from Zalal hurts Griffin, Griffin shoots badly and winds up on his knees. Zalal is sprawling, Griffin picks the legs and gets around then jumps on the back while Zalal bases up. Backpack spot for Griffin now as Zalal is up on the fence. Griffin puts one leg down, Zalal spins into him and then separates. Another body shot from Zalal. Griffin looks a little fatigued. Stiff jabs from Zalal. Zalal slips on a kick and Griffin pounces on top into his guard. Griffin misses a punch, Zalal to his knees and Griffin to the ride position. They roll through, Zalal is nearly on top. They scramble back up into the fence. I’m surprised Zalal hasn’t tried to kick the body much since hurting Griffin there with punches. Some clinch fighting, Zalal lands a knee to the body. Griffin gets a body lock, but nothing comes of it before the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Zalal, 20-18 Zalal overall

ROUND THREE: They come out punching again, Zalal gets Griffin on the fence and he lands almost at will for a moment. Griffin fires back and tries for another takedown, he gets an outside trip and lands in side control along the fence. Griffin moves to the ride position as Zalal walks over the fence. Another scramble, Zalal is back up this time though and Griffin has to reshoot but can’t get it. Punches on the feet from Zalal. Griffin is very tired, he’s only got intermittent bursts of energy. They clinch up after Griffin goes for another takedown but can’t finish it. They break and Zalal is back to punching then lands a knee. Another takedown attempt from Griffin, it winds up in a clinch. Zalal gets Griffin on the fence, he’s looking for a takedown of his own but Griffin is defending. They break and Zalal lands a knee to the body. Elbow from Zalal as he falls into another clinch. They’re just gonna hang out in the clinch to close the fight.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Zalal, 30-27 Zalal overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Youssef Zalal via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

No issues with round one going to Griffin, but rounds two and three were easy calls for Zalal. Zalal is in the interview space, he says he’s not very happy with his performance and notes the experience differential in favor of Griffin. He puts over his coaches for their work. Asked about how soon he’ll be back he wants August when some of his team mates will be fighting for the UFC. To close he’s excited about his future in the UFC.

Kay Hansen is on a two fight winning streak coming into her UFC debut and is looking to make a good first impression. Jinh Yu Frey is a former Invicta atomweight champion, now she’s trying her had up at 115 and is likewise trying to make her UFC debut a memorable one. Hansen is your -190 favorite to +170 on Frey.

Strawweight Bout: Jinh Yu Frey (9-4, 115.5 lbs.) vs. Kay Hansen (6-3, 115.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Frey is an inch taller and has two inches of reach advantage, Frey is also fifteen years older than the 20 year old Hansen. Southpaw for Frey as we get started. Both women feinting early. Leg kick from Frey and they wind up clinched. Elbow and a left from Frey as they break. Right from Hansen partially lands. Frey lands another inside leg kick. Bit of a left from Hansen. Left hook from Frey lands. Another left from Frey, this time a slight draw counter, she’s getting a feel for Hansen’s timing. Takedown attempt from Hansen, Frey defends and they wind up clinched on the fence. A couple of knees then a high kick from Frey land as they separate. Glancing left from Hansen, Frey lands an inside leg kick. They trade lefts. Frey lands a right to the body. Another inside calf kick from Frey. Hansen lands a right as the final blow of the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Frey

ROUND TWO: More circling as the round starts. Frey still chopping at the lead leg with kicks, Hansen is really punch heavy in terms of her offense. A few punches from Frey, they clinch and trade knees then Hansen drops for a takedown. Hansen has to adjust her attack but does get a trip and lands in half guard. Frey is working to get up, Hansen looking for passing opportunities but not much offense yet. Hansen has a lockdown with her legs around the right of Frey to help keep her on the mat. A few short rights land for Hansen. Some body shots from Hansen but she’s being stifled offensively so far. Frey elevates and sweeps Hansen, she tries to get up but is taken down again just as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Hansen

ROUND THREE: Frey lands another inside leg kick to get the round going. More inside leg kicks from Frey, then she avoids a few punches. They trade punches, but Frey landed much better on that exchange. Bit of a left from Frey. More inside leg kicks while circling from Frey. Hansen shoots a double leg, doesn’t get it but does get a clinch on the fence. Hansen tries to force a takedown, she steps over for an armbar attempt from spiderweb control. Now a triangle armbar attempt from Hansen and Frey taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Kay Hansen via Submission, triangle armbar, at 2:26 of Round 3

The Final Round Finish Club thanks Ms. Hansen for her work this evening. Mic time for Hansen, she puts over Frey as the more experienced party but feels she only needs one takedown. She talks us through the finish, then notes she took this fight on Sunday and it’s been a whirlwind since and says she hasn’t even really processed it all yet.

This actually misses the coolest part of the sub, Hansen took the back in really slick fashion in transition. Here she gets to spiderweb control, hammer fists to open up motion, then switches to a triangle threat which then adjusts back to the arm and finally gets the tap.

Philipe Lins just had a four fight winning streak snapped in his UFC debut when he dropped a decision to Andrei Arlovski, he’s trying to rebound from that and get his first UFC win. Tanner Boser has gone 1-1 in the UFC, he’s coming off of a loss to Ciryl Gane and is now looking to avoid his first UFC losing streak. Lins is a slight -115 favorite to -105 for Boser.

Heavyweight Bout: Tanner Boser (17-6-1, 235 lbs.) vs. Philipe Lins (14-4, 234 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: These two are the same height while Lins has two and a half inches of reach advantage. They touch gloves to get us going. Boser is circling early, Lins looking to jab. Both men with some leg kicks early. Rights are traded, then Boser lands a leg kick. Lins checks a leg kick. Both men showing off stance switches now, and Lins lands a body shot. Boser still kicking the lead leg, those will start adding up if Lins doesn’t deal with them. Right from Boser wobbles Lins, he unloads and Lins topples to the mat unconscious.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Tanner Boser via KO, punches, at 2:41 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Boser for his work this evening. They would also like to remind the Final Round Finish Club representative to stop blocking entrances to the facility. Boser gets an interview after that, he says the win bonus always feels awesome as does getting his first finish in the UFC. He talks about his preparation for this being affected by the pandemic but also notes he came in about ten pounds lighter than last time due to all his strength and conditioning and feels good about having done everything he could in camp. He talks us through the finish before saying he’s unhurt and could fight on the upcoming events easily before calling out Maurice Greene if Greene can get by Villante. To close he says he saved the UFC a ton of money by stopping Lins from getting his win bonus and is prepared to accept a tip for that into his own bank account.

Have a look at this. Boser wobbles Lins with an overhand right, his forearm clubs behind the ear, but his follow up punches are straight and on the money as Lins falls unconscious. Good hand speed from Boser, and this is a pretty brutal finish.

Luis Pena has gone 3-1 in his last four fights, he’s coming off of a win and is hoping to start making some headway in a very crowded lightweight division. Khama Worthy has a six fight winning streak going that includes a first round KO in his UFC debut, now he’s trying to take out a more recognizable name and starts his own move up through the lightweight ranks. Pena is the favorite at -240 to a +210 comeback on Worthy.

Lightweight Bout: Luis Pena (8-2, 155 lbs.) vs. Khama Worthy (15-6, 154.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Pena is four inches taller but only has one inch of reach advantage. They touch gloves, southpaw for Pena. Worthy with an inside leg kick early. Both men showing the lead hand early, and Worthy lands a body kick. Both men still testing each others reactions. Right from Worthy lands. Another inside leg kick from Worthy. They split jabs. Long left lands for Pena, Worthy lands to the body. Overhand right from Worthy lands. Body shot from Worthy. Another body kick from Worthy. Pena doesn’t have a real read on Worthy yet. Worthy lands a punch, Pena tries a takedown then tries to pull guard but Worthy is able to avoid that and reset on the feet. Pena avoids a right but eats a leg kick. They clash on low kicks, then Worthy lands a body shot. Pena lands a left. Right from Worthy then they trade body kicks. Worthy keeps landing to the body with his right, Pena is leaning away from him but that is exposing his torso. Pena misses a head kick. Right then a left from Worthy land. They feint away the final seconds.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Worthy

ROUND TWO: Both men working the jab again as the round starts. Worthy keeps landing his right to the body. Left from Worthy but Pena takes him down after avoid the follow up right, and he lands in side control. Pena now into full mount, sets up an arm triangle choke and looks to lock it up. Worthy defends properly and gets his arm out of danger. Pena gets the back as Worthy tries to roll. Both hooks in for Pena, Worthy hand fighting. Body triangle for Pena now. They trade elbows, Pena uses that to get a choke attempt but Worthy defends again. Worthy to his knees and over, again so nothing really changed. A few punches land for Worthy, he’s able to muscle his way into turning into Pena and landing on top. Pena throws up an omoplata, Worthy back up but not free and Pena gets another takedown into side control. Pena has a Von Flue choke if he wants it, but Worthy gets his arm free in exchange for giving up mount. Back to the mount for Pena, Worthy bucks and sweeps to top position and he lands a punch as the round ends. Pena may have landed an illegal kick there and got warned for it.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Pena, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: Both men showing the jab again. Worthy is sneaking in kicks when he can. Bit of a right from Worthy to the body. Pena tries a double leg, Worthy sprawls away from that one. Body shot from Worthy then a right to the head. Pena lands a one two. Another body shot from Worthy. More counter body work from Worthy, Pena lands a hard body kick. Power hand punches are traded. Left from Worthy then he avoids a takedown attempt. Right from Worthy lands. Worthy lands a leg kick. Another right to the body from Worthy, those are adding up now. Worthy lands a body kick. Pena misses a couple of punches then eats a jab. They punch into a clinch and Pena gets things to the fence. Worthy tries to get free, he’s sprawled out then grabs a guillotine as they go down and Pena taps out. Hell of a guillotine there.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Khama Worthy via Submission, guillotine choke, at 2:53 of Round 3

The Final Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Worthy for his work this evening. They also object to the accusations in place, it is not their fault if the other club representative can’t find the proper entrance. Mic time for Worthy, he puts over Pena and notes he’s got the dad strength going for him and that you’ll have to do a lot of damage to take him out. He talks us through the finish, puts over his coaches and training partners. To close he gives love to his family back home, and tells his students at the gym he’ll be back on Monday and they better be there.

This is really slick, check it out. Pena chases the head inside single leg, Worthy sprawls and is able to change his hips to alter the angle so Pena’s head is on the outside. From there he snatches the neck, and as they’re falling Pena can’t pass to the safe side because the fence is in his way leaving him no choice but to tap.

That’s it for preliminary action, but we’re still on ESPN/ESPN+ for the main card.

Sean Woodson is undefeated including his UFC debut last year, he’s hoping to remain perfect and solidify himself as a prospect of note. Julian Erosa is starting his third UFC stint here he was released last year after going 0-3 in his second UFC run, but with travel restrictions being what they are the UFC seems willing to bring him back after just one win outside of the promotion. Erosa really needs to get this run off on the right foot or risk proving that he’s just not a UFC caliber fighter. Woodson is a prohibitive -500 favorite to a +400 comeback on Erosa.

Catchweight Bout: Julian Erosa (23-8, 149.5 lbs.) vs. Sean Woodson (7-0, 149 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Woodson is an inch and a half taller but has three and a half inches of reach advantage. They touch gloves to get us going and start swinging quickly. Woodson is doing a lot of stance switching, as is Erosa. Woodson lands a left in close. Erosa misses a spinning back fist. One two from Woodson then he has a head kick blocked. Both men land punches then Woodson lands a calf kick. Jab from Woodson lands. Long left lands for Woodson. More lefts from Woodson from both stances. Erosa lands an inside leg kick. Calf kick from Woodson then a jab. A couple of leg kicks land for Erosa. A series of punches land for Woodson. Erosa punches into a clinch but they break quickly. They get close and Erosa lands a knee but has taken a few more punches. Woodson lands a one two. Bit of an elbow in close from Erosa. Some body work now from Erosa, but he’s still struggling with the length of Woodson. Jabs from Woodson, they slip on an exchange of knees but wind up back up as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Woodson

ROUND TWO: Woodson back to jabbing. Bit of a body kick from Erosa. Erosa is trying to crowd Woodson into the fence, he gets a clinch and they’re on the cage. Elbow from Erosa as they break. Woodson lands a left then a right. They trade rights along the fence. Erosa is still coming forward though. Jabs from Woodson. Erosa gets close and lands to the body with knees and punches. Jabs from Woodson land then a short uppercut. Right from Woodson. Erosa getting closer and looking to fight in the pocket. Elbow from Woodson, Erosa digs the body a few times. They trade punches but Erosa is breaking him down with pressure. They trade lefts. Knee from Woodson but Erosa gets a clinch and knees the body. Another body shot from Erosa lands. Stiff jabs from Woodson, Erosa attacks the body again. Forward pressure from Erosa, and he walks into a left. They trade in close, Erosa gets a clinch and that’s where the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Woodson but could go either way, 20-18 Woodson overall

ROUND THREE: Woodson lands a right and a left. Erosa coming forward with leg kicks. Erosa gets a clinch but can’t keep it and gets floored by Woodson with punches trying to chase him. Woodson lets Erosa back up and they’re back to swinging at each other. Heck of a fight. They trade lefts again. Right from Woodson then a left hook behind it. They trade in close again, the pace is pretty crazy. Punch from Woodson, leg kick from Erosa. Erosa gets a clinch, and moves to the back for a moment then Woodson gets free. Left from Woodson. Erosa gets a clinch, and gets the takedown but Woodson is back up and then mat returned by Erosa. Woodson back up, Erosa after a d’arce choke and drags things back down to the mat. A minor adjustment from Erosa and he’s forced Woodson to tap out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Julian Erosa via Submission, d’arce choke, at 2:44 of Round 3

The Final Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Erosa for his work this evening. Mic time for Erosa, he talks about the short notice nature of the fight and then takes a look at the d’arce choke finish. He mentions Woodson is a volume guy not a power puncher so he figured he could eat some of those to get the fight where he wanted it. He notes how often he’s been in and out of the UFC, but he found his silver lining during the pandemic in terms of getting back into the UFC.

Nice finish here from Erosa, he fishes for the neck as Woodson bases up, then snaps him back down with it and catches the leg with his own to keep the compression choke going.

Takashi Sato has gone 1-1 in the UFC, he’s coming off of a loss and is trying to avoid his first ever losing streak. Jason Witt brings a four fight winning streak into his UFC debut, he’s hoping to make the best first impression possible on the wider UFC audience. The odds are with Sato at -250 to a +210 payout on Witt.

Welterweight Bout: Takashi Sato (15-3, 170.5 lbs.) vs. Jason Witt (17-5, 171 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: These two are the same height while Sato has three inches of reach advantage. Southpaw for Sato, and they touch gloves to get us going. Witt moving forward early. Jab from Sato lands. Bit of a left to the body from Witt. Left from Sato drops Witt, he looks to pounce but Witt is still fighting. A left from Sato causes Witt to drop on his face and a few more blows close the show.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Takashi Sato via TKO, punches, at :48 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Sato for his work this evening. Mic time for Sato after that one, he starts with English and thanks his coaches and is happy to have won. Asked about the late notice switch of opponent he says no problem because of all of his preparation. He talks us through the finish to close.

Smooth one two from Sato, and he never lets Witt recover. Nice leg recovery from Sato, Witt got fairly deep on that single leg and Sato kept composure and kept landing offense.

Brendan Allen is on a six fight winning streak that includes two wins in the UFC, all of which has seen him crack the top fifteen rankings. Allen is trying to defend his spot and potentially better it with another win. Kyle Duakaus is undefeated coming into his UFC debut, he could make an immediate impact by taking out a top fifteen fighter. Allen is a big -300 favorite while the +250 payout on Daukaus probably tempts a few bettors.

Middleweight Bout: #13 Brendan Allen (14-3, 185.5 lbs.) vs. Kyle Daukaus (9-0, 185.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Daukaus has an inch of height and reach advantage. Southpaw for Daukaus. Hard body kick from Daukaus. They trade power hand punches then Allen forces a clinch. Allen lands an elbow before they break. Body work from Allen now, then Daukaus lands a leg kick. Daukaus tries a double leg, Allen defends and we hit the fence. Knee from Allen in the clinch drops Daukaus and he’s on top now in full mount. Allen looks to unload from the mount, then looks for the choke as Daukaus tries to wall walk. Full back mount for Allen, now just one as Daukaus scrapes that leg off on the mat. Body to head punches from Allen, another choke attempt but he loses it to maintain the back mount. Daukaus explodes into top position, Allen back up on the fence but they’re still clinched. Allen back down to a knee as Daukaus holds the ride position. Daukaus is looking to take the back now, he’s got it and is after the choke but loses a hook and most of the position. Allen reverses into top position, full guard for Daukaus. Elbow from Allen lands. Another elbow and Daukaus is bleeding around the eye. A few punches from Allen as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Allen, might be a 10-8 argument in there

ROUND TWO: That cut on Daukaus is right on the right eyebrow near the outside, not a good spot at all. Allen attacks right away, landing to the body. Daukaus is firing back, he’s not freaking out at all. Quick combination from Daukaus lands. Allen lands a body kick but he’s eating a lot of punches. Double leg from Daukaus but Allen uses the threat of a guillotine to reverse and land on top in the guard of Daukaus. Allen back to elbows almost immediately. Daukaus goes to a body triangle from his back, then opens up and Allen lands a punch but fails to pass the guard. Allen dives for a guillotine as they scramble but Daukaus winds up on top. Some punches from Daukaus as he moves to half guard. Some ground and pound from Daukaus now as Allen gets full guard. Omoplata attempt from Allen, he uses that to get on top in the butterfly guard of Daukaus. Hard elbow from Allen lands. Allen’s elbow game is on point so far as he moves to half guard. Allen moves to the ride position, then the back and he floors Daukaus with a punch as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Allen but it wasn’t close, 20-18 Allen overall

ROUND THREE: Allen pressuring Daukaus again. Jabs from Daukaus and they clinch up with Daukaus looking for a double leg. Allen grabs a guillotine as they fall, but loses the grip and has to settle for bottom position. They trade elbows. Allen looks to roll and sweep but winds up on bottom while Daukaus moves to north-south. Side control for Daukaus now. Allen’s left eye is swelling up. Back mount for Daukaus now, he gets the body triangle and starts looking for the choke. Daukaus keeps fishing for the choke while Allen is trying to address the body triangle. Allen looks to explode and get on top, and does so. Allen unloads as they fight up and pushes him over again. A final flurry of elbows and punches from Allen close out the time.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Daukaus, 29-28 Allen overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Brendan Allen via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-27)

Fun fight, but that 30-27 for Allen is wrong. Daukaus had the back for almost all of the third round. No issues with Allen getting a 10-8 first though. Mic time for Allen, who says he’s not happy with himself but his opponent was tough and promises to be better next time. Asked who he’d like next he says Ian Heinisch can’t run from him forever.

Gian Villante has gone 2-4 in his last six fights, but apparently he’s tired of cutting to light heavyweight so he’s trying his hand at boring people to death without cutting weight. Villante is coming off of a loss but if he wants to get any traction going up in his new weight class he could really use a win. Maurice Greene has gone 3-2 in the UFC but is on a two fight losing streak and needs a win here to prove he’s finding his footing in the promotion. Greene is the -240 favorite against +200 for Villante.

Heavyweight Bout: Maurice Greene (8-4, 255 lbs.) vs. Gian Villante (17-11, 255 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Greene is four inches taller and has four and a half inches of reach advantage. They touch gloves to get us going. Greene opens with leg kicks and thrust kicks to the knee. Front kick to the body from Greene. Greene checks a leg kick then lands an elbow. Some stance switching now from Greene. A few punches go back and forth in close. Greene with another front kick to the body. Leg kick from Greene. We get time as a kick from Greene strays into the groin of Villante. Replay confirms the low blow. Villante can continue so we’re back to fighting. Greene back to leg kicking, and now side kicking the body. Greene with a double jab and a right. Villante is staring to kick the legs now. Head kick from Villante is smothered. Head kick from Greene is blocked but that had a lot of heat on it. More long range punches from Greene. Villante lands an inside leg kick. Calf kick from Greene, his leg attacks are starting to pay off. Shifting jab from Greene lands, then Villante lands a couple of body kicks. Rights are landing now for Greene but Villante is looking to counter now. Greene barely misses a head kick as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Greene

ROUND TWO: Something is up with Villante’s right foot. Both men are showing offense but not landing much yet. Body kick from Greene, leg kick from Villante. Villante whiffs on a counter right. Jab lands for Greene. Another leg kick lands and Villante is hurting on those legs. Greene lands an uppercut and a combination behind it. Bit of a right from Villante. Greene keeps peppering Villante with kicks at distance. Villante lands a leg kick. Bit of a right from Greene then a right to the body. Leg kick from Greene. Right lands for Greene, Villante lands a leg kick. Villante lands a glancing head kick. Greene with a stiff jab but eats a leg kick. Body shot from Greene. Another front kick to the body from Greene. Counter left hook lands for Villante. Villante lands another leg kick, those are adding up now. Greene lands a right, and evades the counters.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Villante, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: Greene showing the jab early. Greene checks a leg kick. Villante lands a right, but can’t follow up. Greene jabbing again. Villante takes a finger to the eye and so we’ve got time out. The doctor checks the eye of Villante as the replay confirms the eye poke. Villante can continue so we’re back to fighting. Leg kick from Greene lands. Villante avoids a superman punch and drops Greene with a left. Villante on top and unloads on Greene on the mat with punches and elbows. Full mount for Villante, he’s looking to tie up one of the hands of Greene. Half guard for Greene and the pace is dead now. Greene might be trying for an arm triangle from the bottom, Villante doesn’t respect it and the arm gets around. There’s no way he can finish this right here, but I think he adjusts his grip a bit and there’s the tap from Villante. Hilarious.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Maurice Greene via Submission, arm triangle choke, at 3:44 of Round 3

The Final Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Greene for his work this evening. Mic time for Greene who’s emotional and exhausted and can barely form words. He says he was on a two fight skid and felt his job was on the line here and he needed the win to afford to move his family like he wants to. He thanks his new team for working with him and helping him personally as well as professionally. To close he’s asked about Tanner Boser, he says he’ll meet Boser any day of the week but he didn’t want to fight a no name but as soon as they’re cleared medically they can fight.

You don’t see this very often, closest similar one I can think of off the top of my head is Bas Rutten hitting an arm triangle from teh bottom against Manabu Yamada way back in 1995. Though a bit of research reminds me Jeremy Horn put Chuck Liddell to sleep with an arm triangle from the bottom in their first fight and Aljamin Sterling has one to his name.

Mike Perry is just 1-3 in his last four fights and is on a two fight losing streak, he’s got a very fan friendly style which has helped him maintain his spot on the roster but even that consideration only extends so far as losses keep piling up so he really needs a win. Mickey Gall has gone 2-2 in his last four fights, he’s coming off of a win though and could score the biggest win of his career if he’s able to take out Perry. Perry is the predictable favorite at -310 to a +250 comeback on Gall.

Welterweight Bout: Mickey Gall (6-2, 170 lbs.) vs. Mike Perry (13-6, 171 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Gall is four inches taller with three inches of reach over Perry. Perry comes out swinging early, Gall covering up and circling away. Some stance switching from Perry. They trade some inside leg kicks. Gall lands a right and avoids some heavy hooks. Body kick from Perry. Neither man has a feel for the range or timing just yet. Gall lands a hard body kick. They clinch up and Perry starts landing some knees. Gall with an elbow as they break. Another straight right lands for Gall. Gall again with the right, he’s finding some nice angles and timing for that straight right. They trade lefts. Rights from Perry land and Gall is circling again. They trade rights then Gall lands a left. Gall eats a leg kick and lands a right. Perry catches a body kick and gets a clinch. Knee from Perry then a suplex and he’s nearly got the back. One hook in for Perry but Gall is looking to reverse him. Perry maintains top position and gets half guard on top. Some punches land for Perry as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Perry but a close one

ROUND TWO: Perry back to stalking forward, Gall looking to stick and move. Gall lands a body kick. Jabs from Gall now. Right lands for Gall. Gall after a single leg, Perry defends and they’re clinched up. Low single from Perry, Gall working immediately to wall walk. Gall might have a guillotine threat here if he wants it but Perry is in half guard on the safe side. Perry gets his head free and Gall closes his guard. Some punches and elbows from Perry. Gall gets a kimura sweep and is back up holding a front headlock. Perry gets his head free but they’re clinched. Gall lands an elbow and looks for a takedown of his own. Perry is trying to use a kimura threat, that will prompt a separating. Jab from Gall lands. Quick couple of punches from Gall. Gall lands a right. Perry lands a body kick, but his face is welling up now. Gall lands a body kick. They trade punches, Pery with another right and Gall is down. Perry looking to finish, he winds up in side control, now towards mount and lands an elbow as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-8 Perry but a marginal 10-8, 20-17 Perry overall

ROUND THREE: Perry shows a couple of superman attempts. Gall lands a leg kick. Right from Gall lands. Perry bulls forward and lands a combination. Body shots from Perry, Gall lands a leg kick. They trade lefts, but Gall seems to be wilting under the power while Perry is just taking the punches. A few front kicks to the body from Perry, then he lands a right. Gall still circling. Gall lands a couple of jabs. Right from Gall then a left hook. Perry comes forward, he’s partially blocked but gets the back standing. Gall tries to roll for a leg, Perry easily stuffs him and gets on top. Gall has half guard but he’s flat and kind of static. Perry ties up the left arm of Gall with his legs and lands some short elbows. Gall tries to roll again, Perry into side control now. Full mount for Perry, that was way too easy a transition for Perry. Elbow from Perry. More elbows from Perry, Gall trying to tie up his torso and survive. Sweep from Gall but he can’t get up and Perry is standing over him. Perry falls into a triangle choke, but he’s able to get free and take the back as time expires.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Perry but could be another 10-8, 30-26 Perry overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Mike Perry via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

No issues with Gall taking the first, he won most of it before the last bit when Perry took him down. I am a little surprised by the lack of 10-8’s in the second. Mic time for Perry, he talks a bit about being the only one being responsible for what’s going on then puts over Gall’s work and team for their work. He notes he trained like a professional and made weight like a professional and brags a bit about his physique, to be fair if I had his body I would to. He mentions he wants a camp and team mates but wanted to prove his abilities, and says he wants a friendship in his camp rather than just people barking at him. Asked what’s next for him he says he’s got moves to make before thinking about his next fight right now. He also complains a bit about taxes, can’t say I disagree with him there.

Dustin Poirier just had a six fight unbeaten streak ended when he was unable to wrest the UFC lightweight title from Khabib Nurmagomedov. Poirier has lost just twice since moving up to lightweight and is hoping to take out another top ranked opponent and keep his name in the title picture. Dan Hooker is on a three fight winning streak and has gone 7-1 since moving up to lightweight, if he can take out a former interim champion and title challenger in Poirier he’ll put himself into the title picture as well as notching the biggest win of his career to date. The odds lean towards Poirier at -240 to a +200 comeback on Hooker.

Lightweight Bout: #3 Dustin Poirier (25-6 1 NC, 156 lbs.) vs. #5 Dan Hooker (20-8, 155.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Hooker has three inches of height and reach over Poirier. Poirier fighting southpaw, Hooker does a fair bit of stance switching. They touch gloves to get us going. Hooker jabbing early, Poirier lands a body kick. Hooker lands a left hook. Early feinting from Hooker, just trying to get a read on Poirier and possibly confuse him. A couple of low inside calf kicks from Hooker, Poirier lands a left. Another left lands for Poirier. Hard calf kick from Hooker, those are adding up quickly. A couple of kicks from Hooker stray into the cup but Poirier doesn’t want the time out. Hooker still kicking and jabbing. Right lands for Hooker. Poirier gets a clinch after avoiding a hook and pushes Hooker to the fence. Hooker quickly is able to separate. Calf kick and left from Hooker. Poirier lands a heavy body kick. Hooker lands to the body, Poirier lands to the head. They punch to the clinch and both men unload in close for a moment. Hooker with a knee to the head, Poirier fires back and both men land flush punches. This is crazy for the first round. Hooker back to kicking the calf. Poirier with another body kick. Pull counter left from Poirier lands. Hooker lands a jab. Right from Poirier lands. They feint away the final seconds.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Hooker but a competitive round

ROUND TWO: Hooker back to feinting and lands a body kick. The longer the range is on this fight the more Hooker is winning. Poirier comes in close and lands a right hook. They trade power hooks in close and Poirier is wobbled. Knee from Hooker but Poirier catches it and gets a clinch. Poirier is after a takedown, can’t get the trip though. Short rights land for Poirier, Hooker spins him and they trade in the pocket with both men landing punches. A knee from Hooker then body shots and they unload before Poirier tries another double leg that stalls on the fence. Wild exchange. Bit of a kick from Poirier on the break. Hooker with a right to the body and a calf kick. Body kick from Poirier. Left from Poirier lands. One two from Hooker lands. They trade again and Poirier forces a clinch. A couple of elbows from Poirier as they break. Both men are wearing damage on their faces. Poirier with another body kick after he took a jab. Hooker evades a right hook. Left from Hooker, Poirier lands a left of his own. A couple of punches land for Poirier then Hooker with a knee and a left. Hooker lands a body shot. More body shots from Hooker then a left hook. Lunging left from Poirier lands but Hooker eats it and fires back with several punches and Poirier has to get a clinch to recover. Hooker has Poirier on the fence and digs the body. More swinging as they wait for the end for the round, Hooker landed a couple of knees that wobble Poirier as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Hooker, 20-18 Hooker overall

ROUND THREE: Poirier was saved by the bell there, but Hooker has a nasty cut around the right eyebrow. Forward pressure from Hooker, he lands a front kick to the body. Body kick from Poirier. Some more calf kicks from Hooker, bit of a counter right from Poirier. Right from Poirier lands. Hooker with more body work, Poirier stings him with a jab. Both men land lefts in close. One two from Poirier lands flush. Both men land in close again, Poirier has more firepower but Hooker has more volume. Double leg from Hooker, Poirier grabs a guillotine as they fall. Poirier adjusts the choke it’s getting tighter but Hooker is able to get his head free. Some lefts land for Hooker in the guard of Poirier. Short elbow from Poirier lands. Poirier now trying to wall walk, he’s up and Hooker with knees as they clinch up. Poirier cracks Hooker in close before they break. Hooker lands a jab. They split lefts. More jabs as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Poirier, 29-28 Hooker overall

ROUND FOUR: Hooker circling and punching as the round starts. Both men jabbing now. Poirier lands a body kick. Hooker lands a left. Jab from Poirier, Hooker returns it. Hooker lands a body kick to counter a jab. Hooker catches a kick and gets a takedown, this time Poirier back up and Hooker jumps onto his back for the backpack position. Hooker down to just hold the back and Poirier sags to the mat. Poirier with a peek out and he’s up and separated. Another takedown from Hooker this time into half guard. Poirier kicks him off and they trade in close. Now it’s Poirier with a takedown against the fence. Poirier has the legs mounted against the fence. Poirier to the ride position and lands some lefts and elbows while Hooker is on his knees. Poirier jumps for the back but slides off and grabs a triangle armbar attempt. The armbar gets tight but Hooker twists his arm and Poirier switches to an omoplata. Hooker stands free and punches into top position. Poirier wall walks back up, Hooker gets a double leg but Poirier jumps for the guillotine and his grip slips. Lefts land for Hooker in the guard as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Poirier, 38-38 DRAW overall

ROUND FIVE: They touch gloves for the last round. Both men land some lead hand punches. Hooker avoids a right hook and lands a front kick to the body. More front kicks from Hooker then a right. Poirier lands a left. Jabs go back and forth. More front kicks from Hooker, he’s trying to keep Poirier out of the pocket. Poirier lands a jab. Left from Poirier lands. Hooker with a left hook. They trade jabs, Poirier lands a left and defends a double leg attempt so they wind up clinched. They separate without incident this time. Pull counter left from Poirier lands flush, Hooker just eats it. Hooker after a double leg and gets it. Poirier scoots to the fence and sits on it while looking to wall walk. Poirier is back up but has given his back. Hooker is looking for a trip, they trade punches then break. Another takedown attempt from Hooker, Poirier defends this one. Jabs from both men, Hooker after a takedown but Poirier is sprawling. They reach the fence and clinch up. Hooker lands a knee after taking an uppercut and they break. Stiff left from Poirier then he snaps Hooker down with a front headlock position. Hooker looking to wall walk, Poirier with some punches along the fence as time runs all the way down.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Poirier, 48-47 Poirier overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Dustin Poirier via unanimous decision (48-46, 48-47 x2)

I suppose a 10-8 in the fifth isn’t unreasonable, though I disagree. Magnificent fight, we’re spoiled for choices when it comes to 2020 Fight of the Year. Mic time for Poirier, his right eye is messed up. He puts over Hooker but says that he’s been putting in the work and even felt he had a few more rounds in him. He says the only time he was hurt was the knee in the second round and puts over the knees of Hooker. He feels he could have been sharper and only really found himself in the latter half of the fight. Asked what he’d like next he thinks maybe the end of the year or early next but right now he wants to go home and see his daughter then mentions the layoff and surgery he had recently. To close he thanks the UFC for the first ever Forrest Griffin Community award and puts over his charity organization The Good Fight.

Alright everyone that wraps up UFC on ESPN 12. The main event was somehow even better than expected, I’m not sure how I’m going to sort out Hooker vs. Poirier, Jedrzejczyk vs. Zhang, and Ferguson vs. Gaethje for the year end stuff. Thank you all for reading along, it means the world to me that you do so. There is no event next Saturday as it’s the 4th of July here in the States, but in two weeks there’s the triple title fight UFC 251. Yan vs. Aldo, Volkanovski vs. Holloway 2, Burns vs. Usman, you can dissect each of those just a little bit in terms of pure merit but I’m not going to be the big jackass complaining about that lineup ad nauseum because it’s phenomenal. We’ll unpack all the action from this event on the 411 Ground and Pound MMA Podcast tomorrow, hopefully you’re a regular listener. Until next time everyone, stay safe out there and keep checking 411mania for all of your pop culture needs.

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