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William Macario Says Passport Issue Threw Off His Fight Week Ahead of LFA 47

August 9, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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William Macario spoke with MMAjunkie ahead of his fight with Ramiz Brahimaj at LFA 47 on Friday. Highlights are below:

On a flight issue causing his fight week routine to be thrown off: “I had a few problems coming to America. I was supposed to leave Rio on Sunday and arrive on Monday to have my medical exams. But I had a problem with my passport. I wasn’t allowed to leave the country since my passport only had three months left on it. I had to do the impossible. I contacted friends of friends, and thankfully I was able to get a new passport in 24 hours. That’s how I was able to travel.”1

On the delay causing problems elsewhere: “I had problems with the athletic commission in Dallas. I had exams scheduled on Monday, but I wasn’t able to make it. I just arrived. I’ve been going around town all day, doing exams. I wasn’t able to stop for anything – training or even cutting weight. I’m running around. I’m feeling a bit tired. But this is just another test to make me stronger.”

On having trouble getting fights since TUF Brazil 2: “The UFC let me go, but I did very well afterward in the Fight 2 Night promotion. I had two good victories there. But then they canceled my bouts about four times. That was a problem for me. With every postponement, I didn’t get to fight, and I need to fight to make ends meet. But it wasn’t a bad thing. Some things happen so we can gain experience. And now I’m about to fight in an international organization again (with LFA). I just love it.”

On his fight with Brahimaj: “Ramiz Brahimaj is also a grappler with jiu-jitsu, and he doesn’t impress me. During the first round, he tries as hard as he can to get the fight to the ground. He’s very dangerous during the first round. Our difference is that I’m dangerous in the first, second, and third rounds. He uses up all his stamina and explosiveness to try to win on the first. I can KO him in any round.”

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