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411 Box Office Report: Thor: Ragnarok Reigns For Second Week, Daddy’s Home 2 Starts Well

November 12, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Thor Ragnarok Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok spent a second weekend atop the box office, while Daddy’s Home 2 and Murder on the Orient Express got off to good starts. The third Marvel Cinematic Universe solo outing for Thor marked its second frame with a $56.6 million gross. That’s a drop of 54%, which is quite good for a film that opened as strongly as it did. By comparison, Spider-Man: Homecoming fell 62% in its second weekend and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 fell 56%. Closer to home, Thor: The Dark World fell 57% in its second frame.

That data puts Ragnarok well on the road to being a stellar contributor the MCU profit margins. Thus far the film has grossed $211.6 million domestically and $650.1 million worldwide, outgrossing the first two Thor movies in every metric. It is en route to an easy $300 million or more in the US and could get as high as $325 million. Either way, it’s going to be another huge hit for Marvel even on a $180 million budget.

While nothing was stopping the Thunder God from holding his throne, the two big new openings managed to overperform nonetheless. The highest of the two was Daddy’s Home 2, which logged a $30 million opening weekend. That’s a strong number for a film that was expected to open in the low $20 million range. The Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg film was a bit less than the $38.7 million start of its predecessor, though that film opened on Christmas Day which is always a big movie day.

Daddy’s Home 2 was looking like it may open soft heading into the weekend. Critical reviews were not kind at 16% on Rotten Tomatoes and audience tracking wasn’t incredibly high. Audiences came out to see it though thanks to an ad blitz by Paramount, and those moviegoers quite liked it with an A- CinemaScore. That’s better than the first film’s B+. It puts Ferrell back in a position of strength after his The House bombed in the summer. At this point, it looks like it is on par to get to around $100 million domestically. The budget was higher than average for a comedy at $69 million, but it should be in fine shape. Internationally it only began to seep out with $429,000. The rollout will expand in coming weeks.

Murder on the Orient Express also exceeded expectations, albeit on a slightly lesser scale. The murder mystery adaptation of the Agatha Christie classic brought in $28.2 million. That’s very solid against analyst predictions in the low- to mid-$20 million range. Chalk this one up to the star-studded ensemble cast and the love of a good mystery film. Kenneth Branagh’s film had mild reviews overall (58% on RT) but older audiences came out in droves for it.

As always, the focus is now on where it will finish. The B CinemaScore is not fantastic, but older crowds tend to help films like this out. Right now it is looking at at least $75 million to $80 million domestically. That will be music to 20th Century Fox’s ears, particularly considering it’s off to a great start overseas with $57.2 million for $85.4 million worldwide. With a $55 million budget, it should be a profitable venture.

Even with major comedy competition in Daddy’s Home 2, A Bad Moms Christmas held on well and made a case for a second stab at sleeper hit status. The holiday-themed sequel brought in $11.5 million, off just 31% 1in its second weekend. By comparison, the first film dropped 41%. Christmas now sits at $39.9 million domestically and $46.5 million worldwide on a $28 million budget. It should be able to get as high as $80 million to $85 million domestically and will be another hit for STX.

Jigsaw was off 48% in its third weekend to $3.4 million. The Saw revival is predictably fading away, though not as quickly as some expected. The movie now has $34.3 million domestically and $79.1 million worldwide, and should be able to hit around $45 million to $50 million. It’ll be profitable on a $10 million budget.

Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween was off 54% in its fourth weekend with $2.1 million. The horror comedy has rung up $45.9 million domestically and $46.7 million worldwide, and should be able to end its domestic run at around $50 million to $55 million. On a $25 million production budget and low marketing costs, it’s profitable.

Geostorm, on the other hand, continues to prove it is not. The disaster action film was off 52% in weekend four with $1.5 million. Thus far the film has grossed a mere $31.6 million domestically, though it looks better overseas with $199 million worldwide. That’s not enough to make it profitable though, and it will finish here with about $37 million. The budget was $120 million.

Blade Runner 2049 found some late-life strength, off 39% in its sixth weekend to $1.4 million. It may be too late for the sci-fi sequel to matter much now, but every bit helps. It has $88 million domestically and $243 million overseas thus far. The $150 million budgeted movie will probably total $95 million domestically or so, not enough for a hit.

Happy Death Day dropped 51% in its fifth weekend, down to $1.3 million. The Groundhog Day-like horror flick is now up to $55 million domestically and $88.2 million worldwide. The budget was $4.8 million and with a likely $60 million finish domestically, it is a hit.

Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird went to thirty-seven theaters this weekend and had a stellar per-screen average to claim #10 with $1.2 million. That’s a phenomenal start for the Saoirse Ronan-starring drama. A24 is positioning this as a potential awards contender and this will help that. It also helps that the film has a stunning 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is pushing interest in the movie. Thus far it has $1.8 million and will continue to make money as A24 expands it. No word on the budget.

Next weekend will see Thor collide with a (dead) Superman and his living friends, as Justice League opens with an expectation in the $120 million to $130 million range. Meanwhile, The Star ($12 million or so) and Wonder (mid-teens) will servce as counter-programming.

BOX OFFICE TOP TEN (Three-Day Domestic Numbers)
1. Thor: Ragnarok – $56.6 million ($211.6 million total)
2. Daddy’s Home 2 – $30 million ($30 million total)
3. Murder on the Orient Express – $28.2 million ($28.2 million total)
4. A Bad Mom’s Christmas – $11.5 million ($39.9 million total)
5. Jigsaw – $3.4 million ($34.4 million total)
6. Boo 2! A Madea Halloween – $2.1 million ($45.9 million total)
7. Geostorm – $1.5 million ($31.6 million total)
8. Blade Runner 2049 – $1.4 million ($88 million total)
9. Happy Death Day – $1.3 million ($55 million total)
10. Lady Bird – $1.2 million ($1.8 million total)