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411 Fact or Fiction: Is a Venom Movie a Bad Idea?

April 8, 2016 | Posted by Ben Piper

Spring has sprung! The weather is getting warmer and so everyone’s clothes are starting to get skimpier. Before too long we’ll start talking about summer movie season and all of that nonsense, but we aren’t quite there yet. We’ve still got April to get through.

This week for your Fact or Fiction Fascination, we’ve got Mathew Sforcina and Rob Faint here for you’re reading pleasure. Let’s see what they have to say…

The Boss will be a better than average comedy.

Mathew Sforcina : FICTION – It looks decidedly average to me, given that it’s your standard Riches to Rags to Riches story. The fact that the main characters are both female isn’t exactly a huge twist on the premise. Now yes, most everyone involved is good at what they do and thus I doubt it’ll suck, but I don’t see it being anything other than a foul mouthed gender flipped half of Trading Places.Enough not to be terrible, but not enough to be good. Probably.

Rob Faint : FICTION – I have to agree with Mathew here. When I saw the trailer my first reaction was “Meh”. I definitely wouldn’t pay to see this, maybe when it reaches Netfix or cable and there is really nothing else on. It looks like many old recycled jokes. The cast seems like it could be better than average (Peter Dinklage, Kristen Bell, Kristen Schall, Cicily Strong and Kathy Bates), there doesn’t seem to be any promotion of any characters other than Melissa McCarthy and I am not sold on her carrying a movie.

A live staging of A Few Good Men is an idea you can get behind.

Mathew Sforcina : FACT, given that this is a total lay up. The darn thing began as a play after all, and then got reworked into a movie. Given that Aaron Sorkin is helming it and NBC have a little experience at this sort of thing now, I don’t see a problem with it, apart from the whole ‘Jack Nicholson made that role his own’ issue, but that’s down to casting, and/or reworking the script slightly. I don’t want to see someone doing a Jack Nicholson impersonation, but assuming they get someone good to play Col. Jessup, we should be fine.

Rob Faint : FACT – Mathew and I are 2 for 2. As he said, casting is the key here. The person tasked with following Jack Nicholson has quite a mountain to climb, but let’s not forget Tom Cruise’s character as well. Someone has to be able to stand toe-to-toe with Jessup so that casting will be critical as well. As this is one of my favorite movies I would one of the first on line to tune in.

Daisy Ridley is a good choice to play Lara Croft in a planned reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise.

Mathew Sforcina : FACT, given that the reboot seems to be going the same path as the movie, making Lara younger and less assure of herself and less experienced and scared of weapons yet capable of dealing out cold blooded head shots like nobody’s business because they can’t seem to reconcile gameplay and character in the games. But in the movie, that’s a lot easier, and thus this will probably be a better use of that version of the Lara Croft character. I don’t like the rebooted character in the games, but in a film, it’s tolerable. And Ridley is the best actress I know about for that role. So yeah, good choice.

Rob Faint : FICTION – Daisy Ridley is following the Harrison Ford playbook. Be a huge star in the Star Wars saga and then become a chaser of historical artifacts in the same manner as Indiana Jones.

Can Daisy Ridley do this? Yes, but the Lara Croft character always seemed to have a sexy confidence that played to teen boys. Can Daisy Ridley do this and not compromise her Rey character to this same audience? I’m not so sure. From what I understand a younger less assured Lara Croft follows the current game path but I’m not sure these two worlds should cross.


Hardcore Henry will be an original and very entertaining action movie.

Rob Faint : FACT – I am REALLY excited to see this. How often are you watching an action movie and wonder what it would be like? Well, here you are in the middle of one. It’s nice to see someone taking a chance and making something different. It’s like a video game come to life where you and I are the main character. I would want to see it on the big screen to get the full effect.

Mathew Sforcina : FICTION – I’m not entirely sure you can claim originality when you’re basically ripping off first person shooters, but I’ll grant you that the idea is newish to movies. But I don’t think you can pull off a full action movie in first person, if the audience can’t control the camera. For a short music video like Bad Motherf***er, it can fly, but I just don’t see this working in a full length movie. Original, sure, but the last sequence in Doom did this and it sucked, so… Yeah. Not confident. Hoping I’m wrong though.

You’d be interested in a Salt TV series.

Rob Faint : FICTIONSalt barely registered a blip on the radar, just barely making its money back. That movie was sold with Angelina Jolie at the helm and barely scraped by. I’m not sure the small screen will be any more successful. I honestly don’t see this as a success. A lower budget plus an unknown cast plus a forgettable movie = not for me.

Mathew Sforcina : FACT, for similar reasons as Rob is against it actually. The movie was a bit of a blip, and didn’t do too well, which means that it’s better suited to a reworking. Taking properties that are wildly popular and reworking them is all well and good, see A Few Good Men above, but the problem is that if it’s popular enough, people will resent you fiddling with it, like any remake or reworking will do. So with something like Salt, which was generally liked but not beloved, you have much wider scope to create something good. The concept of the movie has promise, so yeah, I’m

A standalone Venom movie would be a bad idea.

Rob Faint : FACT – Since Venom is directly related to Spider-Man I wonder will they completely revise his origin. Or do they try and tie him in somehow? Unless Venom is created as close to the comic as possible (which we all know is most likely not going to happen) I don’t see this as a good movie. Without Spider-Man I’m not even sure his existence makes any sense. I wouldn’t want to see a movie unless Spidey was somehow involved.

Mathew Sforcina : FICTION – Yeah, because Spidey’s been on such a roll lately. *Chandler* Venom is one of those comic book characters that was created seemingly by committee, and thus became “Already Popular Character But Edgy And Cool!” I know that’s not the real origin of the character, but the fact is, Venom is the Anti-Hero Spider-Man, and any attempt to link him up with Spidey is just going to reinforce the rip-off nature of him. So a clean break is the best chance for an interesting take on the character. Doesn’t have to be ultra-dark, although with Deadpool now on everyone’s To Do List isn’t not outside the realm of possibility, but yeah, a standalone film for Venom is the best possible use of it.

And there it is. Mathew and Rob don’t find much in common to agree on.Thanks to them both for taking part. See you all next week.