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411 Fact or Fiction Movies/TV 2.8.13: Week 368

February 8, 2013 | Posted by Ben Piper

Greetings and Salutations! It is once again that time of the week where we consider the goings on in pop culture and address them within the context of a sturdy format; Fact of Fiction! Here to help us out in that regard are Steve Cook and Sean Garmer. Take it away, fellas.

1. The comic teaming of Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy will help elevate Identity Thief into being a pretty decent comedy.

Sean Garmer: Fact. I love both people so for me having both of them be the stars of the movie will make it a decent comedy. Bateman was damn good in Horrible Bosses along side Jennifer Aniston. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that Melissa McCarthy has been in, even if it was for a few minutes, which I did not enjoy. So, for me I think this is a win-win for movie goers.

Steve Cook: Fiction. I’m going to go the opposite way on this. Bateman’s ok, but I’ve never been particularly impressed by Melissa McCarthy. Perhaps Sean loves Mike & Molly, but I find it to be appalling like most of CBS’s offerings that don’t involve football. Maybe it’ll be good, but seeing them on the billing doesn’t sell me on it.

Score: 0 for 1

2. You’re looking forward to the planned big screen Entourage movie.

Sean Garmer: Fiction. I never got into Entourage so I don’t care. However, I know what it’s like to wait for a favorite TV or game franchise to appear on the big screen. So, I think this is a very cool idea for anyone that is an Entourage fan.

Steve Cook: Fiction. I watched about a season of Entourage when my folks had HBO. It was fun, but I didn’t miss not seeing it in the later seasons, and from what I was told I didn’t miss all that much.

Score: 1 for 2

3. You’d subscribe to a Zombieland TV series on Amazon.

Sean Garmer: Fact. Zombieland was one of the best movies I’ve seen in years that just hit on all levels. Does it mean it will translate to the small screen? I don’t know, but if they follow anything close to the Walking Dead model or make it similar to the film then I would definitely get this on Amazon.

Steve Cook: Fiction. Never saw the movie and I’m not going to subscribe to TV series on the Internet. I haven’t reached that point of technology/money yet. Even if I had, zombies don’t do that much for me. I’m more of a vampire guy.

Score: 1 for 3


4. You don’t believe that Side Effects will be director Steven Soderbergh’s final movie as he previously announced.

Steve Cook: Fact. Soderbergh’s 50 years old. He recently amended his original remarks that it would be his final movie to say that he would be taking a sabbatical. Retirements never last. As a guy that’s watched pro wrestling for most of my life I know this to be fact.

Sean Garmer: Fact. Cook is right about wrestling ruining retirements. However, there are many people that do retire or decide to do something else while on a sabbatical, but this guy is a creator and it is just not going to happen. Soderbergh is going to get that itch again and he will make several movies before he hangs it up. I am interested to see Side Effects though. I mean come on, the man is only 50, it’s not like he is 70 or something.

Score: 2 for 4

5. The Super Bowl commercial for Fast And Furious 6 has you stoked to see the movie.

Steve Cook: Fact. After a couple of flicks where it seemed like the franchise was running on fumes, Fast And Furious 5 got things back on the right track. In my opinion, that had everything to do with the most electrifying man in all of entertainment, Dwayne Johnson, colliding with the longtime star of this franchise, Vin Diesel. I for one like the fact that they’re switching from just racing each other to trying to mess some stuff up. It’s an interesting twist. Should be a fun time.

Sean Garmer: Fact. I think I want to see this movie more than I ever thought about wanting to see Fast Five. I totally agree with Cook that The Rock being in Fast Five renewed my waning interest in the franchise because he added some oomph to the films that had been lacking for a long while. When I see everyone back together, The Rock leading the charge, and they are taking down big ass planes with cars YOU’VE GOT ME HOOKED BRO!!! I don’t know how much the franchise has left, but it definitely has some sweet juices flowing for this installment.

Score: 3 for 5

6. Duncan Jones is a great choice to direct a big screen Warcraft movie.

Steve Cook: Fact. True Story: The last time I gave a minute of thought to Duncan Jones was in the 04.01.11 edition of this column when I was forced to answer another question about him. I don’t know why Ben Piper thinks I’m a Duncan Jones expert, but I’ll answer the question anyway. Fact. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s done some action/thrilling stuff before, and it’s not like this movie is going to take a tremendous amount of thought. I could direct the thing and it’ll at least draw all the geeks & nerds that spend 24/7 playing the game. So what the hell?

Sean Garmer: Fact. Sorry, I am a horrible person to be asked this question because I have never played anything Warcraft related. I know a little bit about the WOW part of the franchise from my brother because he used to play it all the time, but I have no hands on experience with any of the games. Duncan Jones has directed Source Code, which was decent to good (but I can’t stand Jake Gylenhall so that ruined the movie for me a little.) A film called Moon and he is in pre-production on an Ian Fleming biopic. None of that history really screams “this guy can make a video game film” but hell, if Uwe Boll can do it, why not Duncan Jones? For the record, I thought Prince of Persia was not bad (despite that Jake guy being in it once again) so I’d say go for it. Mr. Jones has nothing to lose because as Cook says “just by making the film he will get every Warcraft fan to go see the movie out of curosity.”

Final Score: 4 for 6

And that’s that. Steve and Sean agree more often than not. Thanks to the both of them for taking to time to participate. See you all again next week.



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