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411 Movies/TV Fact or Fiction: Are Four More Alien Films Too Many?

March 25, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Welcome back to 411 Movies Fact or Fiction! I’m Jeremy Thomas and it’s time for another week of movie and TV questions. This week we have Rob Faint and Chad Webb providing their dueling opinions! Let’s see what they have to say.

Life will be a good entry in the sci-fi thriller genre.

Rob Faint: FACT. From the trailer it looks like it could be a decent movie. It has a familiar feel of several other sci-fi movies but from what I have read it has some twists that may set it apart from the rest.

Chad Webb: FICTION. I’m getting an exceedingly familiar vibe from this movie. The trailer I’ve seen emphasizes certain aspects of the plot more in the vein of a Gravity or The Martian, but it seems like this just turns into another monster in space flick like Alien, etc. I like the talent involved, but the efforts I’ve seen from director Daniel Espinosa have been mediocre to the core and this strikes me as the same thing. I’m willing to give it a shot, but I don’t expect this to be memorable.

A Matrix film focusing on Michael B. Jordan as a young Morpheus isn’t a good idea.

Rob Faint: FACT. The last two Matrix movies left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m not sure Morpheus’ story will add anything new to the mythos so I think it’s best to leave the Matrix alone.

Chad Webb: FACT. This has “bad idea” written all over it. Where do I start? How about the fact that The Matrix trilogy, regardless of your opinion on its sequels, was the Wachowskis’ baby. I don’t see the point in exploring that universe without them. To me, it’s not like the Star Wars property switching hands away from Lucas. This universe is more complex and was the brainchild of the Wachowskis so leave it alone. Secondly, this screams of desperation. Warner Bros. sees Disney making boatloads from expanding the Star Wars franchise, wants to do it themselves, so this is where they turn. It’s a foolhardy decision that won’t pan out. And Michael B. Jordan, while a terrific actor, doesn’t strike me as a good choice for a young Laurence Fishburn, but whatever. This day and age long franchises, reboots, prequels, and so forth are commonplace. We’re used to them, but that doesn’t mean every series needs expanding. The Matrix had a brilliant first film and divisive sequels. What exactly is the point in expanding it? Making money, sure, but is there a clamoring to see more of these characters? I don’t really think so.

Ridley Scott’s plans for four more Alien films are too many.

Rob Faint: FACT. Four more films? I am torn on this one. I think the Alien franchise ran its course with Alien: Resurrection but if there is a filmmaker out there that can pull it off, it’s Ridley Scott. In the end I just don’t see four more films based on characters that do not speak and that is why I am voting against it.

Chad Webb: FACT. I’ve definitely had my fill of this franchise and the idea of for more films gives me heartburn. I like the first two movies, didn’t care for Alien 3 and Resurrection, didn’t like the AvP movies, but sort of enjoyed Prometheus because despite its flaws expanded upon that universe. I’ll probably see Covenant, but I’ve never been in love with this franchise so I’m not crazy about getting another handful of the same shtick. Ridley Scott is obviously a wonderful filmmaker, but the latter part of his career has been hit or miss so his involvement does not guarantee quality. On the other hand, if anyone is going to be the driving force behind four more of these movies, I guess it’s better if it’s him instead of some newbie schmuck. Also, with so much talk about the chronology, I feel like making an effort to emphasize these as individual stories would be wiser. All I know is I think planning for that many additional installments to this established franchise a bit much. Take it one step at a time.


Power Rangers will fail to capture the fun of the television shows.

Chad Webb: FACT. More than likely yes, but who knows? I watched the first season or so of the original series and recognized back then that it was kind of lame. These days I feel like Power Rangers hasn’t aged very well. Having said that, one of the things that made the show entertaining was the episodic structure, cliffhangers and two-part stories. The storylines were served better on the small screen. As a major motion picture, it’s just another movie about kids who gain powers, which comes across like a dime a dozen in this day and age of comic book adaptations. I also get the feeling like it will treat the material too seriously, which is a big mistake. It also looks and feels like Project Almanac, the disappointing feature from director Dean Israelite before this. I’m sure they’re striving for a franchise out of this, but from the previews I’ve seen I was underwhelmed and certain actors struck me as incredibly weak.

Rob Faint: FACT. I missed the whole Power Rangers craze. I can’t say I have ever watched one episode. I do know there was a campiness that the fans loved. I tend to agree with Chad that they have probably have taken the material too seriously and have missed the campiness and therefore will not capture the fun.

The trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight gives you hope the film will improve on the last one.

Chad Webb: FICTION. Oh come on, does anyone truly believe this will be different/better than the previous installment? It will be more of the same, and that doesn’t mean that it’s garbage necessarily, but however you feel about the franchise at this stage, The Last Knight will be another Michael Bay Transformers sequel, nothing more, nothing less. Wahlberg is a hair better than LaBeouf, but it’s not like he made the series great or anything. This recent trailer I saw focuses on a new young girl character, but it doesn’t change my opinion. The special effects look the same, the tone is the same and very little has been modified. That’s what is making money so I have no doubt that critics will continue to hate it and fans will check it out regardless. My outlook on these movies is indifference. I don’t hate them, but they don’t really do much for me either. The Last Knight will fall in line with that I’m sure.

Rob Faint: FICTION. Ugh, another Transformers movie? Is it me or do all the Transformers movies look the same? I am constantly surprised that Hollywood keeps churning out these movies. They have had so many chances to right the ship but they haven’t and I don’t feel this one will do it.

You’re interested in Ryan Murphy’s planned FX series Pose.

Chad Webb: FICTION. Honestly my answers stems from the fact that the synopsis I’ve read doesn’t really give me enough information to say “Yes, I’ll watch that!” Murphy has his hands on a lot of shows. Some of them I watch, others I don’t. I have not been a fan of everything he’s done, so in terms of loyalty to his shows, that doesn’t really apply to me. I haven’t caught up with Feud yet, though I did enjoy American Crime Story. With any Ryan Murphy show, I’ll have to wait for positive word of mouth before I give it a shot. I have my fill of 80’s set shows with The Goldbergs and The Americans anyhow.

Rob Faint: FACT. To be completely honest, I have not watched any of the series Murphy has produced. But being a native New Yorker, I have a special place in my heart for the city that never sleeps so on that basis I will give the series a chance. I am very curious to see who he gets to star in the series.

And there it is! Rob and Chad go four for six, stopped from a perfect score by Ryan Murphy and Life. Thanks to both for taking part and see you all next week!