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411 Movies/TV Fact or Fiction: Is Marvel’s Runaways Series Well-Cast?

February 17, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Welcome back to 411 Movies Fact or Fiction! I’m Jeremy Thomas and it’s time for another week of movie and TV questions. This week we have Rob Bonette facing off with Katie Hallahan! Let’s see what we have to say.

The Great Wall will be a forgettable entry in Matt Damon’s filmography

Rob Bonette: FACT. I haven’t read any rave reviews about it yet, so given the release date I’m going to say this one is getting burned off to avoid disaster. There’s a decent chance of a good opening weekend, and it will probably be successful when you factor in the overseas box office, but I’m betting this falls off pretty fast afterwards. There’s nothing about this movie that screams must see to me, and I’m betting that most people feel that way. Damon has some cache as a Hollywood star, but not so much that he guarantees a huge box office just off his name.

Katie Hallahan: FACT. This entire movie feels like it was put together based on marketing keywords that were hot about 5 years ago: “Matt Damon” “historical fantasy” “demons” “foreign culture” “blockbuster”! The bombastic style of the movie plus casting Damon in the lead are easy tells that they wanted this to be a summer blockbuster but realized it was terrible, and so here we have it showing up in February instead. This movie will indeed be but a weird blip in his career that we’ll all forget about soon enough.

Danny McBride and David Gordon Green are a good choice to write and direct a new Halloween reboot.

Rob Bonette: FACT. I don’t see why not. Given that names don’t guarantee anything as far as the quality of the film or show they’re attached to, there’s no real predicting how this thing is going to turn out. They’ve been involved with good projects before so there’s no reason to assume the worst here.

Katie Hallahan: FICTION. Mostly because I don’t really know what to make of this one. They seem like such an odd choice for this franchise, although Carpenter’s vote of confidence gives them some merit. As I’ll mention again today, I think the horror genre needs less constant revisiting of these 1980’s icons and more innovation. Halloween had a fairly recent reboot with Rob Zombie at the helm, it feels awfully soon to have another one now.

Marvel has done a great job casting their Runaways series for Hulu.

Rob Bonette: FACT. James Marsters alone will bring in some people; not enough had this been a network TV star but enough for a service like Hulu. The other cast members have their own niche followings that could pay dividends as well. As for how the castings translate to the quality of the show, we’ll see. Sometimes casting people that look perfect for the role pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. My guess is that on balance the cast will get the job done; some will stand out and some won’t. But if nothing else, they cast some names with some buzz for what’s going to be a niche audience kind of show.

Katie Hallahan: FACT. It’s been a long time since I read Runaways, though I highly enjoyed it when I did. So while my memory of the details on some of these characters is spotty, I think the casting sounds great. The older cast are all fan favorites who do fine work, with a number of them having solid experience in genre work under their belts already. The young cast members I’m not familiar with, but they at least all look the part and with the older casting as good as it is, I’m optimistic that they’ve cast some capable actors for the younger half.


Ice Cube and Charlie Day will help make Fist Fight an enjoyable comedy.

Katie Hallahan: FICTION. This looks like the kind of movie that could either be incredibly stupid or turn out to be a hilarious hit. The trailer has moments that are both amusing twists and too far over the top to work, Ice Cube and Charlie Day seem to be doing well enough in it, but it’s the mid-February release date that gets my eyebrow raised. A movie like this should have an early summer release to fit with when the story is set, so releasing it now feels like a ‘we know this isn’t good, so we’re just going to bury it in mid-Feb, which is romantic comedy season’. So, no, I don’t think this will be a good movie or an enjoyable comedy overall, but I do think Ice Cube and Charlie Day will be among the more enjoyable parts of it. It just isn’t likely to be a high bar to clear.

Rob Bonette: FACT. I’m not expecting a great film here by any measure, but it will be good for what it is: one of the Ice Cube/Kevin Hart movies with a different co-star and a different setting. Like Katie said it’s definitely being released now to make a quick buck during an otherwise empty movie season. I have no doubt that it will be profitable and that some portion of the audience will absolutely love it. At worst it will be an inoffensive way to pass that time should you choose to. And if you like both guys then this will be right up your alley.

The Coen Brothers’ involvement in the Scarface remake has you excited for it.

Katie Hallahan: FICTION. Confession: I’ve never seen Scarface. It’s just not my kind of movie, so I’m not excited for the remake. I recognize it’s a classic and I’ve got nothing against it, though, and the Coen brothers seem like the right guys to do a remake of it, if anyone’s going to.

Rob Bonette: FICTION. I hate Scarface; it is in my top five movies that are way more beloved than they have any right to be. Had it not been for the homage it received in New Jack City and countless rap videos, nobody would be checking for it the way that they do now. So a remake, even by a duo as talented as the Coen Brothers, does nothing for me. New Jack City was both the only Scarface remake we need and a superior film to boot, in my book. I’m not going to see it and I won’t watch it on cable or whatever. I’d rather them make an original movie that deals with the modern day drug trade and how it’s different from the time period Scarface references.

You’re not upset that Paramount has put a stop to their Friday the 13th reboot plans.

Katie Hallahan: FACT. This series has had twelve movies of varying quality, a spin-off tv series, comic books, video games, and more, what’s left to try? They already tried to reboot this one in 2009 and it didn’t take off then. Jason’s an iconic modern horror movie villain, but the genre needs more innovation and to let go of retreading old ground again and again. We’ve officially had enough origin stories and origin story retreads! At the very least, give it more time to breathe between reboot attempts.

Rob Bonette: FACT. I’ve never been into the Friday the 13th movies; I’ve watched a few and there weren’t any great shakes in my book. So after over ten of these movies to start with, I’m not chomping at the bit for more. If they want to do them and people want to see them that’s fine, but I’m not affected either way. I have some pretty strict rules as far as remakes, and this project fails by my test.

And there it is! Katie and Rob end up agreeing more than they disagreed. Thanks to both for taking part and see you all next week!