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Richard LeMay Talks W/411 About His New Movie Dementia 13

October 4, 2017 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
Dementia 13

The 411 Interview: Richard LeMay


Richard LeMay is an award winning director and producer who has been in the movies business since the mid-1990’s. He had directed both movies and television, including the movies Whirlwind and Naked As We Came and the TV show The Mind of a Murderer. LeMay’s latest movie is the horror remake Dementia 13 from Chiller Films. LeMay recently took time out of his busy schedule to talk with this writer about Dementia 13 and more.



Bryan Kristopowitz: How did you get involved with making Dementia 13?

Richard LeMay: Dan DeFilippo brought me in and got the conversation going with Chiller Films. As soon as I read the script, I was definitely interested.

BK: Were you ever intimidated by the idea of remaking a movie made by Francis Ford Coppola and Roger Corman?

RL: Yes, definitely. I’m a huge Coppola fan as well as Roger Corman, so I knew there were big shoes to fill. Coppola, to me, is one of the greats, and I did feel tremendous pressure to live up to that. Ultimately, you just have to make the best film you can, while respecting the original material as well as the filmmakers.

BK: Were you a fan of the original Dementia 13 before doing the remake? How important was it to do a remake that was similar to the original as opposed to just using the title because people know it?

RL: Quite honestly, I had never heard of the original before the script came to me. But after watching it, I immediately became a fan. For me, when I signed on to do this, I felt that we owed it to the original film as well as the fans of the original film to respect the source material. It’s a cult classic for a reason, so I wanted to pay homage to it and also put my stamp on it. There are nods to the original throughout the movie, so I hope the fans like that.

BK: How long did it to make your Dementia 13, from getting the script “right” to finishing post production?

RL: It was about a solid year from the time I signed on to completion. The writers, Dan DeFilippo and Justin Smith, were working on it for a while before I showed up.

BK: How did you cast Dementia 13?

RL: Working with Adrienne Stern (casting director) was pretty cool. We saw hundreds of great actors but, ultimately, it depends on who can believably be a family. We got very lucky in the cast department. Every one of the actors was not only talented and hardworking but were just cool to hang around with.

BK: Where did you film Dementia 13?

RL: We shot at an actual castle in Cornwall, Connecticut, on a thousand acre estate.


BK: Dementia 13 is a horror movie (or horror/thriller, if you prefer). How is Dementia 13 different from your previous movies? How is it the same, if at all?

RL: I think the full out pacing of a horror movie is what sets this apart from my previous work. I’m probably known more for my dramatic films, but horror is where I’ve always seen myself going. I try not to look at the story as horror or drama. It’s all drama to me. The characters in Dementia 13 are all dealing with their own personal stuff. They are a very dysfunctional family. That’s the set up. The horror element comes after that. And then they’re all dealing with running for their lives.

BK: Who are your movie making heroes?
RL: There’s a lot, but to name a few: Francis Ford Coppola, Daren Aronofsky, Ang Lee1, Alexander Payne and Terrence Malick. These guys keep pushing the limits and creating unforgettable stories.

BK: Any upcoming projects that you can divulge?

RL: I’m planning on shooting my next horror movie Dark Hollow, which is in development right now. I also just completed a new horror movie called Blood Bound starring Eden Brolin (Daughter of Josh and star of Beyond) and Eric Nelsen (The Bay, Walk Among the Tombstones). It’s a dark tale of witches performing an ancient ritual. Plan on seeing that out next year.

BK: What’s your favorite horror movie?

RL: That’s a tough one! I would have to say Rosemary’s Baby. It’s literally timeless. It plays as well today as if it were a period piece shot last year.

BK: What scares the hell out of you?

RL: People. I think serial killers are scarier than any monster. I don’t even watch movies about serial killers because that stuff happens every day. I don’t want to see it as entertainment. Give me a werewolf any day.



I want to thank Richard LeMay for agreeing to participate in this interview and Samantha Arevalo for helping set it up.

Dementia 13 will be in select movie theatres on October 6th, 2017, and Video On Demand and Digital HD on October 10th, 2017.

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Images courtesy of Chiller Films and Richard LeMay.