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Etcetera Talks w/411 About His Supervising Music for Paying Mr. McGetty

October 3, 2017 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
Paying Mr. McGetty

The 411 Interview: Etcetera


Etcetera is an award winning musician and entertainer known around the world. He recently acted as the music supervisor for the action-comedy Paying Mr. McGetty starring R. Marcos Taylor and Don “The Dragon” Wilson. Etcetera took time out of his busy schedule to talk with this writer about his work on Paying Mr. McGetty, his musical influences, his goals, and more.



Bryan Kristopowitz: How did you get involved with creating the soundtrack for Paying Mr. McGetty?

Etcetera: The lead actress in the film, the exquisite Ms. Anita Clay, reached out to the directors and suggested that I would be a great fit to be the music supervisor for this film based on my efficacious musical history.

BK: Were you given any instructions/ideas by the director or producer ahead of time or were you given free rein to come up with whatever you wanted?

ET: Yes, they gave me a detailed summation of the film and what musical direction they were going. In addition to that, the producers initially selected songs from my last album Character that they felt fit in the film, which was more of a clarifying idea to what they were looking for. Half way through the editing my manager made room in my schedule for us to fly out to Los Angeles and see the movie in segments and listen to what the producers were feeling or thought about when they were shooting each scene. This made it crystal clear of what I needed to do and after that, the magic happened.

BK: Is movie soundtrack work something you intend to pursue in the future?

ET: Yes, I love it. Soundtracks are the audiological story to the film. I have been sorted out to take on two other film projects and I am actively seeking more.

BK: How long did it take to come up with the music for Paying Mr. McGetty? How much of it was original (created specifically for the movie) and how much of the soundtrack is stuff you maybe created in the past, unrelated to the movie, and then you sort of reworked to put in the movie?

ET: After I returned from the lengthy editing session in Los Angeles it was only a few weeks to have something ready for review. Once I am focused, it’s all business after that. All of the songs created for the movie were originally made for the movie, the artist just didn’t know it yet. I make it a policy to customize projects. It makes it personal. What I set out to do was create a project that would put you in the film just by listening. I wanted you to see the scenes in the music. I listened to every song multiple times just to feel what scene that it would match to. If I really felt a song I was even willing to re-write the song to fit the film.

BK: What is it about compiling/creating a soundtrack for a movie like Paying Mr. McGetty do people not understand?

ET: Emotion and connection. Finding the right mood for the right scene. Each scene in the movie defines a section of the overall plot. If the music doesn’t define the scene then it may totally defeat the scene’s direction to an audio/visual viewer. The song has to evoke feeling. It has to make you love, hate or root for the character at hand, so selecting the incorrect music for a particular scene can throw the entire emotion off.

BK: What are your musical influences? How did those influences then influence the soundtrack for Paying Mr. McGetty?

ET: I have a wide range of musical influences. I admire Russell Simmons, Clive Davis, Sean Combs, Jay-Z, Kevin Liles, Lyor Cohen, Steve Stoute, Notorious B.I.G., Rick Rubin, Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Prince, just to name a few. These powerhouses drove home the idea of creating epic and timeless art and music so as a sibling to this, this was my mindset from the start.

BK: Any upcoming projects that you can divulge, movie or non-movie related?

ET: Right now I have an incredible and impressive single currently in rotation and on charts, “Keep It 100” feat. Tory Lanez. I am currently working on my sophomore studio album following my bullion status debut album Character. I am currently featured on two singles that are currently in rotation on two separate chart listings, “Addicted to the Hustle” by the Texas hip hop power team, Elite Star, and “Friday the Remix” by former Play House Disney Star and Grammy Award Winning Family Music Artist Father Goose. I have an “Etcetera” designed and branded line of headphones and the commercial to match parented by the innovative audio giants, V-Moda. I have secured two film projects where I am the music supervisor; Kelly’s Korner featuring comedic giant Gerald Kelly and the emotional film drama M.O.T.H. (Matters of the heart) directed by Nancy Vazquez and Michelle Frantzeskos.


BK: What’s your favorite kind of movie?

ET: Action and Comedy

BK: What did you think of Paying Mr. McGetty?

ET: I think the movie is great for the soul. It’s a friendly movie that returns us back to the movies purpose, entertainment. Paying Mr. McGetty is packed with euphoric humor and interesting plot changes that you would never expect. It’s funny. R. Marcus and Don play off each other very well.

BK: Did you get to meet Don “The Dragon” Wilson?

ET: I did. I am a fan. It was my pleasure.

BK: How did you come up with the name Etcetera?

ET: Well, for a kid that never followed the music script and managed to blend in and stand out at the same time, when the time came to pick a name that defined my personality, music and style of flow, what other word or name could describe that but ETCETERA?


I want to thank Etcetera for agreeing to participate in this interview and david j. moore for helping set it up.

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