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411wrestling.com Interviews: The Hive Stars Jacob Zachar and Gabrielle Walsh

September 29, 2015 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
The Hive

Earlier this month saw the limited special engagement/theatrical release for the first feature from Nerdist Industries, The Hive. In case you missed it, you can check out my interview with filmmaker David Yarovesky and co-star Sean Gunn HERE. Now the film is slated to make its digital launch across multiple platforms this week (Sept. 28). In addition, the film will receive its VOD demand in just two short weeks.

Ahead of the film’s release, I also got the chance to speak with two of the film’s stars Jacob Zachar and Gabrielle Walsh. They respectively play Clark and Jess, a couple who also happen to be working as counselors at a summer camp that becomes ground zero for a terrifying viral outbreak of a devastating infection that is part of a Hive mind. You can check out what they had to say about making the film below:

Jeffrey Harris: In the film, you are playing a couple. So did you have much time with each other or the director to help establish that relationship?

Jacob Zachar: Yeah, I think we had time to hang out prior to it.

Gabrielle Walsh: Yeah. We started filming in the middle of December right before the break, so we shot for like a week. And then we had a little bit of time. I met up and talked with Dave somewhat about what he wanted to show with this virus in portraying the virus. And me and Jacob are actually from Chicago, and we had met each other before. So we were like *yeah!*

Jacob Zachar: Yeah, we had mutual friends. So it was pretty casual and comfortable right away.

Jeffrey Harris: Was there much prep or rehearsal time for this film, or did you have to dive right in?

Jacob Zachar: I think we dove right in. I think we had about a week, and then we were like, “Let’s go.”

Gabrielle Walsh: We kind of mock-blocked some stuff and then went in there and worked off each other.

Jeffrey Harris: When you are both infected with this Hive chemical virus, what was the makeup process like, and what was it like to see yourselves with all those boils and bleeding orifices all over the place?

Gabrielle Walsh: I was like, “God, this is great! I get to be all creepy and nasty for once.” It was like two hours of makeup and doing the different tests. It was like you’re feeling out the makeup and finding a bit of the character and getting to evolve into that through the makeup process.

Jacob Zachar: You’re seeing yourself transform for a few hours, so you’re then able to really do your acting work, which is just like thinking about how you’re going to move, adding some texture to your voice a little bit here and there. You know what else? It makes me be able to watch a lot of other scary movies and horror movies after this because I know what the process is for these other people too.

Gabrielle Walsh: I still wanted to be kind of cute. They were testing these different contacts on us. I was like, “Ooh! The blackout ones, yeah! Because then, I’ll feel like a real villain.” But then the virus doesn’t really think that it is a villain.

Jeffrey Harris: There was one interesting memory fragment where it seemed like the main character was having a bit of…an indiscretion with Jess, what was going on there?

Gabrielle Walsh: I wasn’t the best girlfriend, OK?

Jeffrey Harris: Did I misinterpret that?

Jacob: No, that was what happened.

Jeffrey Harris: So did you think your character Clark even knew what Adam was doing with Jess?

Jacob Zachar: No, uh-uh.

Jeffrey Harris: So that makes it even worse. But what feels fresh about this movie is that it’s pure horror and not really self-referential. So how did you both enjoy getting to play that dynamic with this film?

Jacob Zachar: I think being able to take it seriously in a genre that sometimes makes fun of itself was a very amazing experience to have as an actor. Because everyone wants in their individual departments to showcase their ability to make it scary.

Gabrielle Walsh: It’s a scary movie, so you get, “be scared and be scary.” It’s like, “No. There are reasons and motivations to that.” You don’t want to just make like a campy B-movie with just, “I’m scared, I’m scared because of this.” Or, “I care about this because I care about my friends.” I am scary as the virus because I have this purpose. I think that added into a lot of the depth and content of everything.

Jeffrey Harris: How difficult was it to cross your eyeballs with the Hive virus infection?

Gabrielle Walsh: Those were the contacts!

Jacob Zachar: That was the wonderful effects team honestly. I think Dave would ask, “Can you do it?” I would go like, “Urgh” *trying to make the crossed eyeballs*. He was like, “Don’t do that. Let the effects team take care of that for you.”

Gabrielle Walsh: They had these special contacts that covered your entire eyeball, and you couldn’t see anything. It was kind of funny because that’s kind of why I wanted to be cute with the black ones. But then they were like, “No, we’re going to put in these googly ones, and you’re not even going to be able to see anything at all.” And then what was is that they would actually start out googly for me, and then they would actually place in the right place. So they would have to keep rolling them around in my eye and tap them so they would go in different directions.

Jeffrey Harris: And Jacob, how was it working with your child co-stars and dousing them with water balloons?

Jacob Zachar: That was awesome and fun. That was a really fun day for me. It’s like a dream come true, and then you get to do it multiple times. It just added to the character. When you read the script, you know exactly what kind of bro-camp counselor I am.

Jeffrey Harris: It was funny for me because when I went to summer camp, I did get doused with water balloons by counselors.

Jacob Zachar: Did you know me *Laughs*? I think I was probably on your side of it back in the day as well, so it was fun to play a stereotype of the bully.

Jeffrey Harris: Thank you guys and congratulations on the film.

Jacob Zachar: Thank you.

Gabrielle Walsh: Thank you.

Thank you to Jacob and Gabrielle for taking the time to speak with us. The Hive is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo, Amazon, PlayStation Network and Microsoft Movies. Then on October 12, the film will be available on Video On Demand through Comcast, Verizon, and more.

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