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411mania Interview: Playboy’s Miss April Jaslyn Ome

March 27, 2013 | Posted by Steve Gustafson














The people in El Dorado Hills, California are a little bit prouder since their own Jaslyn Ome was named Playboy magazine’s newest Playmate of the Month in the magazine’s April 2013 issue. The 21-year-old East Indian, black, and Caucasian stunner loves the ocean and is an avid jet-skier and paddle-boarder. She has an affinity for marine life (“I’m obsessed with sharks!”), and spends as much time in the water as possible. Although Jaslyn has been modeling professionally since the age of 14, she was shocked to find out that she’d been chosen to appear in the magazine. “It’s kind of surreal,” she says. “A year ago I never would have believed I would be a Playmate. It’s awesome.” Miss April graduated from Oak Ridge High School in 2009, and went on to study communications at CSU Sacramento and Folsom Lake College. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

I was lucky enough to ask Jaslyn a few questions about how she got her start in modeling, becoming a Playmate, and what’s next for this beauty!

Steve Gustafson: Hi Jaslyn! First, congratulations on being Playboy’s Miss April! Thanks for taking a few minutes to answer some questions for 411wrestling.com! I read that you’ve been modelling since you were 14! How did you first start?

Jaslyn Ome: Thank you! A family friend owned a model management company and they had me try out. I got signed with Marla Dell in San Francisco.

Steve Gustafson: Very cool! Can you tell us about how you got involved with Playboy?

Jaslyn Ome: It was really just the right place at the right time! I had just moved back from Hawaii and sent my pictures to a bunch of commercial agencies in LA. To my surprise, they all wanted to meet with me and I got signed with CESD and that first day. My mom was in town and that night, a family friend took us to watch the Playmate Dancers rehearse. Pat Lacey, the head of Playboy’s Playmate Promotions department, asked me if I ever thought about being a Playmate. If you can believe it, I actually said no! I thought it was a joke but then realized it was serious. I followed up a few weeks later and the rest is history.

Steve Gustafson: Whoa! That’s got to be one of the cooler stories I’ve heard how someone became a Playmate! That truly was the right place at the right time! How was the photoshoot? Were you nervous? Excited?

Jaslyn Ome: I was nervous because I wanted to do a great job! But, it was so much fun and I loved all of the pictures. Steve Wayda, the photographer who shot my pictorial, is the best! I was completely comfortable because everyone is so nice and professional.

Steve Gustafson: Even though I always hear that, it’s still great to hear. OK, when you learned that you were going to be Miss April, who was the first person you called?

Jaslyn Ome: I was actually at my best friend Michaela’s in San Diego. She was in the shower and then when she came out I was like, “Uhhhh, Michaela…” (Laughs)

Steve Gustafson: (Laughs) Awesome! I can only imagine how exciting that must have been. How has your life changed since becoming Miss April?

Jaslyn Ome: I’ve become busier and a lot of wonderful opportunities have been coming my way. Prior to Playboy, I was not the biggest social media person and now I have to use it. My accounts have been blowing up! It is a huge honor so I am going to enjoy every minute of it!

Steve Gustafson: I bet they are! You’re Miss April! In your bio you’re quoted as saying, “I’m obsessed with sharks!” That has to be one of the most unique Playmate statements I’ve ever read! Should I assume your dream is to go out on one of those “shark feeding” trips or have you already crossed that off your to-do list?

Jaslyn Ome: Yes, I am! I love the ocean and I think sharks are so intriguing. I would love to go cage diving. I have a shark T-shirt and a custom made shark tooth necklace. I’m also obsessed with seals, slow lorises, and sloths!

Steve Gustafson: (Laughs) Wow! I have a feeling you’ll get a chance to go cage diving sooner rather than later. And sloths are pretty cool. OK, since we cover Movies and TV shows here at 411mania, I have to ask you some related questions. I know you’re busy but do you have any TV shows that you must watch?

Jaslyn Ome: I have been watching the new 90210 ever since high school and I still watch it. I also watch Saturday Night Live, Family Guy, Futurama, and South Park. Another dream of mine is to be on any of those or be a voice on one of the cartoons. I can do really weird voices and I do them all of the time. (Laughs)

Steve Gustafson: (Laughs) What! That’s crazy. I’m sure someone out there will read an interview with you saying that and think, “We should give Jaslyn a try!” Good luck. What about going out to the movies? Some of your favorites?

Jaslyn Ome: I love the movie Hot Rod. I couldn’t find it anywhere so I ended up buying it for $5 off of Craigslist! The Little Mermaid is my all time favorite movie and I am a Twilight fan. Team Edward!

Steve Gustafson: Hot Rod! I never would have guessed that! What’s next? Goals for 2013?

Jaslyn Ome: I want to take every opportunity that comes my way as Miss April. I am hoping to take my entertainment career to new levels and have a lot of business endeavors. I want to be an awesome brand ambassador for Playboy of course! I love working and being busy. I really want to be chosen to wear the Bunny suit and work my little tail off!

Steve Gustafson: Awesome! What’s the best way for fans to keep up-to-date on your career?

Jaslyn Ome: I have an Instagram, Twitter, and public Facebook page. You can fine me on Twitter and Instagram @jaslynome and Facebook at Jaslyn Ome.

Steve Gustafson: Sounds good! I have a feeling you’re going to get even more popular on and off social media! Thanks again and all the best!

Pick up Jaslyn Ome’s issue on newsstands and i.playboy.com NOW, with additional photos available at www.playboy.com/jaslynome!
All photos courtesy of Playboy.

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