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411Mania Interview: Playboy’s Miss August Val Keil 07.30.2013

July 30, 2013 | Posted by Steve Gustafson

Move over cheesesteak, Philly has something else to brag about! Playboy magazine made a lot of people happy when they selected 22-year-old Val Keil as their Miss August. She made quite an impression in the magazine’s July/August 2013 double issue (on newsstands and now, with additional photos available at

The half German, half Hispanic brunette beauty was photographed in both black-and-white and color for her Playmate pictorial, which serves as an homage to “Old Hollywood” glamour. “I think it’s awesome that people across the world will be looking at me naked,” she says. “Doors are opening for me. This year is going to be so full of experiences. My mind is blown.”

Miss August is a 2009 graduate of Philadelphia’s Mast Charter School, where she was on the cheerleading squad. She has worked as a bartender at Reedy’s Tavern; as a beverage cart girl at the Torresdale Frankford Country Club; and as a Buckle Bunny at XFINITY Live! Philadelphia’s PBR Bar & Grill.

If you’re keeping score, Val loves country music, Phillies games, and camping.


Credit Playboy/Josh Ryan

Steve Gustafson: Hi Val! First, congratulations on being Playboy’s Miss August! Thanks for taking a few minutes to answer some questions for I was super excited to see an East Coaster got the honor, since I live in DC. Let’s jump right into it. How did you first start modelling and how did you get involved with Playboy?

Val Keil: Playboy is my first modeling job! It all started with a brilliant idea to take off my clothes and snap some pictures!

Steve Gustafson: Sounds so simple. Your photoshoot was done in both black-and-white and color as a homage to “Old Hollywood” glamor. How was the photoshoot? Were you nervous? Excited?

Val Keil: It was such an honor to have my pictorial shot in black and white. The editors at Playboy have been trying to get black and white photos approved for a while now and finally.. Mine were! I have never shot nude photos before so I thought I would be nervous the first time, but nope! It was pure excitement!

Steve Gustafson: Nice. When you learned that you were going to be Miss August, who was the first person you called?

Val Keil: After hanging up the phone with Barbara Leigh, one of the Playboy editors, I called my sister Cheri, mom, then my dad.

Credit Playboy/Josh Ryan

Steve Gustafson: How has your life changed since since becoming Miss August?

Val Keil: Life has definitely got more interesting! More opportunities to travel, new experiences in general, and I have met some pretty cool people!

Steve Gustafson: OK, since we cover Movies and TV shows here at 411mania, I have to ask you some related questions. I know you’re busy but do you have any TV shows that you must watch?

Val Keil: I don’t watch TV. I actually don’t even have a TV hooked up in my apartment but my favorite movies are 500 Days of Summer and Coyote Ugly!

Steve Gustafson: Very cool. Any other movie? Some of your favorites?

Val Keil: Watching movies have never really been my thing.. I’m just starting to get into them now. Movie nights at the Playboy Mansion have turned into my favorite nights of the week. I’m really looking forward to seeing Turbo because I love snails and snail humor!

Steve Gustafson: Snail humor! OK, what’s next for you? Goals for 2013?

Val Keil: My goal for 2013 is to build a killer portfolio and launch my own line of cowgirl boots. Oh.. and to make lots of money!

Steve Gustafson: What’s the best way for fans to keep up-to-date on your career?

Val Keil: My fans can find me on Instagram and twitter @missvalkeil, my website isn’t up and running yet but will be, and as for fan mail:PO Box 17813 Beverly Hills, CA 90209.

Steve Gustafson: Sounds good! Thanks again Val and all the best!

Pick up her issue NOW!
Credit Playboy/Tony Kelly

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