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411mania Interview: Playboy’s Miss November, Gia Marie

November 12, 2014 | Posted by Steve Gustafson

Say hello to Gia Marie! This stunner is a hair and makeup artist from Calabasas, California, and has the distinct pleasure of being Playboy magazine’s November 2014 Playmate of the Month! The auburn-haired, timeless beauty is featured in a 10-page pictorial in the magazine’s November issue.

Gia is one of L.A.’s top makeup artists, and has designed hair and makeup for a number of ads, magazine shoots and music videos with famous clients that include The Black Keys, Britney Spears and R. Kelly. She also models professionally, most notably as part of Sports Illustrated’s 50th Anniversary spread.

While growing up, Gia and her friends often snuck into a neighbor’s garage to “borrow” copies of Playboy and ogle the gorgeously made-up girls. She longed to appear in the magazine’s pages, and ultimately connected with Playboy on Instagram. “November is the perfect month for me, because I associate it with fall’s warm colors—like my hair. Lots of guys tell me they love redheads because when they were young they opened a Playboy, saw a nude redhead for the first time and were hooked,” says Gia. “I’m pretty sure some guy will see my pictorial here, and my red hair will resonate for him and give him a fetish for life. My mission will be accomplished.”

Steve Gustafson: First, thanks for taking time to answer some questions for 411wrestling.com. Also, congrats on being Playboy’s Miss November! To start off, what got you into modellng? What was your first shoot?
Gia Marie: I got into modeling when I was about 16 years old. I met some local photographers in my hometown who asked me to do a few shoots with them and it worked out. My first shoot was being body painted black and wearing diamonds.

Steve Gustafson: Diamonds! Nice! How did you get involved with Playboy?
Gia Marie: I noticed that Playboy was moving in a more fashion editorial direction and I really loved all the current shoots they were doing and thought how amazing it would be to be a part of that. I contacted the creative director and asked how I could try my luck and be a part of it. He responded immediately with kindness, liked my look and set up a test for me.

Steve Gustafson: Just like that. What was your reaction when they told you that you’d be Miss November?
Gia Marie: Oh my god I didn’t believe it. Stephanie Morris the Photo Editor called me and she said Hef approved me for a pictorial spread and I was like “Are you serious? You mean I am gonna be a Playmate?” I was shocked & thrilled to say the least!

Steve Gustafson: I can imagine! Who was the first person you called?
Gia Marie: The first person I called was one of my best friends, Alexis. She is actually a big fan and supporter of Playboy and was supper supportive with my whole journey of testing for Playmate. She couldn’t believe it either but was so happy for me.

Steve Gustafson: Very, very cool. How was your photoshoot for the pictorial? Were you nervous?
Gia Marie: My photoshoot was my absolute dream shoot! No joke! It was everything I ever dreamed of and more. The vibe was super sixties retro throwback and that’s very me. I was medium nervous, ha. Only because I had never been naked around that many men before but everyone was super professional and nice and that definitely put me at ease right away. We had amazing wardrobe, makeup and hairstylist and photographer so that whole combo made me feel so beautiful that in the end it was hard to be nervous.

Steve Gustafson: Definitely. How has your life changed, if at all, since becoming Miss November?
Gia Marie: My life hasn’t really changed at all since becoming Miss November. I mean changed drastically. The only changes are that now I receive fan mail and emails from a lot of dudes, some overseas in the military which is kinda cool. It’s funny to me always, I’m like wow they want “my” autograph haha.

Steve Gustafson: I bet that’s a crazy experience. You’re one of the top makeup artists in L.A.. What inspired you to pursue make up?
Gia Marie: I always as a kid loved the arts (drawing, painting & photography) that I knew I would always in up in some kind of artistic career eventually. I just was really good at doing makeup and practiced a lot on my friends in high school and would take pictures of them in my garage for photoshoots. I think what solidified it for me was on one of my first shoots modeling a makeup artist did my makeup and I was shocked that you actually got paid to do that as a job, so it inspired me to hone on in on my talent and pursue it professionally.

Steve Gustafson: How was it being involved with Sports Illustrated’s 50th Anniversary spread?
Gia Marie: It was great and very iconic since it was the 50th anniversary issue it was pretty special. I was also sixties themed in that pictorial as well cause there was different girls representing different decades.

Steve Gustafson: Cool. What’s next for you? Any projects we should be on the look out for?
Gia Marie: Hmmmm…. What’s next for me… Hopefully tons more modeling jobs and representing Playboy as best as i can as Miss November 2014 and fingers crossed on good things!

Steve Gustafson: Of course! We’re a pop culture website that covers TV and Movies. What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
Gia Marie: I just recently saw that Brad Pitt movie Fury. I really enjoyed it. War movies are hard for me to see emotionally. It’s hard to think about what all those young men went through. I think I need to get out more and see more movies.. haha.

Steve Gustafson: Don’t we all? OK, are there any TV shows that you MUST watch?
Gia Marie: Oh jeeze I’m the wrong person to ask about TV shows, I hardly watch TV and I’m pretty behind on the current shows, I’m more a movie person. But I do love HBO’s Girls, I think the acting is on point and it’s pretty hilarious! I can’t wait for the next season.

Steve Gustafson: What advice do you have for future Playboy Playmates?
Gia Marie: The best advice I would give would be pretty cliche but its the truth ; don’t give up and seriously follow your dreams about what you want. if you think it you will get it! Its simple… it’s the law of attraction which I try to live my life every day by. I visioned myself as a Playmate, went for it and stayed positive at all times and I got it!

Steve Gustafson How can fans stay in touch and follow your adventures? (Facebook/Twitter/Website)
Gia Marie: If fans want to follow my journey and stay in touch they can follow me on my pages as follows; Facebook – www.facebook.com/missgiamarie, instagram- missgiamarie, twitter- missgiamarie

Steve Gustafson: That’s it Gia! Thanks so much and all the best!

Gia’s issue is on newsstands and iPlayboy.com now, with additional photos and video available at www.playboy.com/gia-marie. Photos courtesy of www.playboy.com.

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