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411mania Interviews: Playboy’s Miss December, Elizabeth Ostrander

November 27, 2014 | Posted by Steve Gustafson

Elizabeth Ostrander is Playboy magazine’s December 2014 Playmate of the Month! The fair-skinned, redheaded stunner appears on the magazine’s December issue cover and is also featured inside in a 10-page pictorial (issue on newsstands and iPlayboy.com now, with additional photos and video available at www.playboy.com/elizabeth-ostrander.

Originally from St. Augustine, Florida, Elizabeth spent her younger years as a competitive surfer. She turned to modeling at age 18, which took her to Greece, Paris and South Africa to work with various modeling agencies. She has appeared in the Greek editions of both Vogue and Lucky, and has been featured in a variety of other campaigns and editorial work.

Miss December recently moved to San Francisco to take up sailing, and in the past year and a half, has sailed a 41-foot yacht from San Francisco to Hawaii to Bora Bora. “I’m a strong person who has always had intuitions that come true, and one of them was that I’d sail around the world,” she said. “I knew I’d actually do it one day, so I mentally trained myself to be like a Viking.”

Elizabeth currently works at the San Francisco Sailing Company and is a part owner of The City Yacht Company, located in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf.

Elizabeth was kind enough to answer some questions from me.

Steve Gustafson: Hi Elizabeth! First, congratulations for being named Playboy’s Miss December! Second, thanks for taking time to answer some questions for 411wrestling.com! To start off, what got you into modelling? What was your first shoot?

Elizabeth Ostrander: Aloha Steve! What really got me into modeling was the fact that I started my own swimsuit line. I was hand making swim suits and selling them on Etsy. My first shoot was taking pictures on the beach of myself in my bikinis. It all eventually just lead to modeling.

Steve Gustafson: That’s pretty cool! How did you get involved with Playboy?

Elizabeth Ostrander: I’ve always been a Playboy collector, even from a young age. While sailing and out at sea for a month at a time, I began to feel disconnected. I had a stack of Playboys onboard and it just clicked…I should submit my photos. I did a casting and it all fell into place real quick after that.

Steve Gustafson: Very cool. What was your reaction when they told you that you’d be Miss December?

Elizabeth Ostrander: I was thrilled to find out that I was going to be Miss December, especially because my birthday is Dec. 7th. I felt extremely exciting!

Steve Gustafson: Well, happy early birthday to you! Who was the first person you called?

Elizabeth Ostrander: I called my mom right away to tell her the good news. She’s the world’s best mom because she’s always believed in me and supported everything I’ve ever done.

Steve Gustafson: That’s always good to hear. How was your photoshoot for the pictorial? Were you nervous?

Elizabeth Ostrander: The photoshoot for the pictorial was awesome. We shot in the desert, but it was an ice berg set. I couldn’t have been more happy because I love being in the sun and I can’t stand tan lines. So while we were shooting this cold, winter theme I was working on my tan and since it was Playboy I didn’t have to worry about tan lines. I wasn’t too nervous. I felt very confident that Playboy would make me look incredible no matter what and I kept a mantra in my head to just have fun and enjoy this experience.

Steve Gustafson: Nice. How has your life changed, if at all, since becoming Miss December?

Elizabeth Ostrander: Since becoming Miss December I have many more eyes on me, especially with social media. Which I think is great because I feel that my voice reaches more people and one life goal of mine is to inspire people to be great.

Steve Gustafson: I have no doubt your popularity will continue to grow on social media. I read that you recently returned from a sailing trip from San Francisco to Hawaii to Bora Bora. What inspired you to do that? How was that experience?

Elizabeth Ostrander: Sailing has always been a dream of mine, since I was really young. I feel that it’s very un-ordinary and extremely challenging, which both attract me to the adventure. It has honestly been the most difficult, thrill seeking, dangerous and enlightening experience of my life. It’s helped make me grow and become a more secure person on my own two feet (From SF to Bora Bora is more than 7,000 nautical miles, more than most sailors ever dream of accomplishing). Next year we plan on sailing the boat from Bora Bora to Australia and I CAN’T WAIT!

Steve Gustafson: Wow! That’s awesome! What’s next for you? Any projects we should be on the look out for?

Elizabeth Ostrander: Hopefully PMOY is next! But we will have to wait and see. However I plan on doing much more acting in the future, rather than modeling.

Steve Gustafson: I’ll be looking for you! We’re a pop culture website that covers TV and Movies. What was the last movie you saw in the theater?

Elizabeth Ostrander: The last movie I saw in the theater was Interstellar and I found it to be thought-provoking and something I would like to own.

Steve Gustafson: Are there any TV shows that you MUST watch?

Elizabeth Ostrander: Unfortunately when I sailed away from San Fran last year, I gave up my favorite TV shows. I was pretty into the HBO series Girls while on the boat. Which I had on a hard drive and as soft and girly as the show is, it made me feel good when I was without girlfriends for months at a time on the boat.

Steve Gustafson: I bet! What advice do you have for future Playboy Playmates?

Elizabeth Ostrander: As far as advice for future Playboy Playmates- Follow your dream, let your own beauty shine through as different as it may be and never give up.

Steve Gustafson: Good advice! How can fans stay in touch and follow your adventures? (Facebook/Twitter/Website)

Elizabeth Ostrander: SailingIsSexy.com, Instagram- MissElizabeth_O, FB- https://www.facebook.com/MissElizabethOstrander, Twitter- Miss_ElizabethO

Steve Gustafson: Awesome! That’s it! Thanks again and all the best!

Elizabeth Ostrander: Thanks Steve!

Photos courtesy of Playboy. Her issue is on newsstands NOW! For more Elizabeth, check out www.playboy.com/elizabeth-ostrander!