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411mania Inteviews: Disney Junior star Kiara Muhammad

December 7, 2012 | Posted by Al Norton

Kiara Muhammad is one of the biggest TV stars you’ve never heard of, although if you have kids under 10 years old you have more than likely heard her voice; Doc McStuffins is the single most watched show on all of television among 2 – 5 year olds and has been since its premiere on Disney Junior earlier this year. 13 year old Muhammed had acting appearances on Hannah Montana and Curb Your Enthusiasm already on her resume before she began voicing the title character on the animated smash.

Al Norton: It’s a pleasure to talk with you; you’re the star of my kid’s favorite TV show.

Kiara Muhammad: Thank you (laughing). That’s great.

Al Norton: It seems to me that you have the best of everything because you have a show that is a huge hit but you can go out in public without people bothering you.

Kiara Muhammad: Oh, yeah. I never thought of it like that but yes, that is true.

Al Norton: How did you get the job?

Kiara Muhammad: My agent submitted me for the role and it was one of my first voice over auditions; I was just getting started at the time. I did the audition and then got a call back and was so thankful and surprised. I went in a second time and a couple of weeks later they called me and said I got it. I was really shocked and was also really happy and proud of myself because it was my first time doing it.

Al Norton: How is voice acting different than the other acting you’ve done?

Kiara Muhammad: Voice acting you have to put all the emotions through your voice but with on camera acting they can see your expressions and body language so they can see what you’re trying to bring to them. Voice acting is kind of a little harder because it’s all in your voice.

Al Norton: Did you get to see what Doc McStuffins was going to look like before you started playing her?

Kiara Muhammad: On the script they had a picture of her so I could see what she was looked like.

Al Norton:You’ve got some great co-stars, like Loretta Devine, who is so awesome; how much interaction do you have with them?

Kiara Muhammad: I’ve only seen Loretta once (laughing). We met at the Doc McStuffins premiere party. I’ve seen the other cast members a little more just because Loretta is so busy. The other actors and I see each other coming in out of the studio some time.

We’ve been trying to do an episode with the whole cast together but we all have such busy schedules that we can’t work it out but hopefully we will in the future.

Al Norton: Did you have any idea how popular the show would be, and how quickly?

Kiara Muhammad: I did not. We’re not even done with the first season and it’s just amazing. I go on Twitter and search the hashtag Doc McStuffins and I haven’t seen one bad comment about it. Literally everything is good. I see things like, “watching Doc McStuffins with my three year old, it’s his favorite episode.” It’s amazing and I am really happy about it.

Al Norton: How do you balance your work with being a regular teenager?

Kiara Muhammad: I try to find time to hang out with my friends as much as possible. I do Doc Mondays and Tuesdays. It’s harder if I am also doing an on-camera show but we figure it out. It’s hard if I have to miss school because then I am doing my current work plus whatever I missed. I try to work it out because I like having good grades and I like acting.

Al Norton: Does everybody at school know about your job?

Kiara Muhmammad: Not everybody, really just my friends. I’m in high school so not a lot of people are watching Disney Junior (laughing).

Al Norton: Hey, you’re almost a real life Hannah Montana that way.

Kiara Muhammad: I guess so (laughing).

Al Norton: I have to ask, did I see that you have the nickname “Fufu?”

Kiara Muhammad: Yes (laughing). I was kind of a little weird when I was growing up and my Dad just randomly picked that out for me, I’m not sure why. All my aunts and uncles and cousins call me Fufu.

Al Norton: And you’re ok with that?

Kiara Muhammad: Yes, I’m used to it. I’ll turn my head when I hear “Fufu.”

Al Norton: That can’t be too often when it’s not you someone’s calling.

Kiara Muhammad: One time I was a restaurant with my family and they called out an order for “Fufu” and my Aunt told me to go get my food but I hadn’t put it in under that name. A girl my age came out and got her food and we were all laughing going, “there is another Fufu!”

Don’t miss a brand new episode of Doc McStuffins premiering today at 10am (ET) and running all weekend long on Disney Junior.



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