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411’s Comic Reviews: Aquaman #43, Fantastic Four Wedding Special #1, More

December 27, 2018 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Aquaman 43

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Yesterday we discussed Things We’re Tired of in Comic Books.

Now on with the show!

The Lost City Explorers, Vol 1: Odyssey TPB

Preview by Stephen Gustafson

Lost cities aren’t the stuff of myth! They exist right under our feet.

When her archaeologist father goes missing, teenager Hel Coates rallies her friends and brother to find him. They’ll have to dodge a shady corporation, mercenaries and speeding subway trains while they follow the trail deep into the tunnels under Manhattan—and what they find down there will change their lives forever.

Follow Hel and her friends on a coming-of-age journey through subterranean tunnels, and ultimately to the holy grail of lost cities: Atlantis!

Zack Kaplan (Eclipse, Port of Earth) and Alvaro Sarraseca (Magnus, Turok) bring you an adventure story unlike any other, collecting the whole series (issues 1-5).

Robotech #16

Preview by Stephen Gustafson

SDF-1 faces a deadly attack from Earth! Robotech Year Two continues! Simon Furman (Transformers) and Hendry Prasetya (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers) bring new life to the classic anime, in an ongoing series perfect for fans old and new!

Gears of War: Hivebusters #1

Preview by Stephen Gustafson

Building upon the momentum of 2018’s wildly popular Gears of War: The Rise of RAAM comic book, IDW Publishing and The Coalition® are thrilled to announce the upcoming March release of Gears of War: Hivebusters #1, the first pulse-pounding chapter in a five-issue storyline.

Written by returning Rise of RAAM author Kurtis Wiebe and featuring the artwork of Alan Quah (Dark Souls, Quake Champions), Hivebusters introduces a fearless new squad, racing headlong into a conflict like none you’ve ever seen! After successfully busting a Swarm hive on the remote island of Pahanu, this suicide squad will face their most dangerous mission yet — going after the Swarm that decimated the home settlement of one of their own!

“I’m really happy to be back on this new arc for Gears of War,” says Kurtis Wiebe. “We’re taking the story back to the human side with three new characters that I’ve played a major role in developing. Even with all the blood and violence, I’m weaving a heartfelt story around our three main heroes: Mac, Lahni, and Keegan. I can’t wait for it to hit stores in 2019!”

Alan Quah says, “I am super-excited to be working on Gears of War: Hivebusters and looking forward to the next six months drawing the world of Sera and its characters. I wish to continue the high standard set by previous contributors to this franchise in the comic book medium with my art style, and hopefully you will enjoy this new entry into the Gears universe!”

“After the success of Rise of RAAM, IDW Publishing is thrilled to be working with the Coalition again on Hivebusters,” says editor Chase Marotz. “Kurtis and Alan’s work on this has been incredible, and I can’t wait to show everyone what we’re cooking up!”

“Expanding the lore of Gears through comics allows us to introduce our fans to new characters and new stories, while also reaching a new audience with our partners at IDW. Following the success of Rise of RAAM, we’re thrilled to have Kurtis return and to welcome Alan into the Gears family with Hivebusters, as their combined talents will help to craft a deeply personal and perilous adventure from an entirely new perspective. I can’t wait!” says Rod Fergusson, studio head at The Coalition.

Fantastic Four Wedding Special #1

Review by Stephen Gustafson

As you might have heard, the Fantastic Four are back and the Thing is engaged to be married. In honor of the nuptials, Marvel has released Fantastic Four Wedding Special #1.

Be warned, if you’re looking for the wedding, you won’t find it in these pages.

I was a bit surprised to see Dan Slott, Gail Simone, and Fred Hembeck’s name attached to the issue, as it felt like a puff piece to get a few extra dollars out of the pockets of fans. Not saying it doesn’t have its fun moments, but the book never rises above OK.

The writing and dialogue feel off in each story but the art from Laura Braga, Mark Farmer, Mark Buckingham, and Mr. Hembeck respectively is solid.

This one gets a pass from me, as there’s nothing here that feels special or essential to even the most hardcore of FF fans.

Rating: 6.0 out of 10

Aquaman #43

Review by John Pumpernickel

Get ready folks because we have us a new era, new team, and new status quo for Aquaman. Thanks to a great box office weekend, which generated $22 million on Tuesday for a five-day haul of $105 million, this issue is landing at a perfect time.

Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and the art team of Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques and Sunny Cho deliver a tidal wave of goodness with this issue and anyone stepping into a comic book store to follow the adventures of Aquaman will come away extremely satisfied.

Old fans will enjoy the ride as well. This creative team has a vision and really crafted a story that serves the character well. This really had the feel of a new era and I’m digging the new direction.

The story has us following an amnesiac Arthur Curry living on a tiny island filled with some interesting characters. We get some great, introspective moments, laying the groundwork for Aquaman’s future.

This is a great issue to jump on and signals good things to come.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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