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411’s Comic Reviews: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1, Captain Marvel #1, More

January 17, 2019 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

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The Replacer

Preview by Stephen Gustafson

The 1990’s. Tragedy strikes the Beharrell family in the form of a debilitating stroke. Now the youngest child in the family is convinced his paralyzed father didn’t truly fall ill but is possessed by something sinister. He believes a demon, THE REPLACER, has come to take away his jolly, agreeable, tech-obsessed Dad. But no one seems to see the monster — and with every passing day, his father falls deeper into the clutches of evil.

Based on Zac Thompson’s true story of coming to terms with a disabled parent, THE REPLACER is a complete 64-page graphic meditation on loss, tragedy and fear told through the eyes of a nine-year-old — a horror tale about learning to walk again, even if a demon has to teach you how to do it. A bizarre mashup of IT, The Exorcist and The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, with stunning visuals by Arjuna Susini (Made Men), THE REPLACER is not for the faint of heart.

Penny Dreadful:The Awaking (Artist Edition)

Preview by Stephen Gustafson

Relive the first volume of the ongoing Penny Dreadful comic series in this stunning black & white art edition!

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1

Review by RobF

FMSM 1 is a throwback to the old days, where Spider-Man is a simple super hero trying to help the people and Peter Parker is a just a normal guy. Writer Tom Taylor and artist Juann Cabal attempt to bring Spidey back to roots and offer an alternative to the other Spider books on the market.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the Lee/Ditko days. It may be sacrilege to say that, but its how I feel. I enjoyed the edgier, adult themed Spider-Man so much more. This title is more of a throwback to simpler times. Here, the heroics are downplayed in favor of characterization. We see Spidey adeptly avoiding temptation when a potential victim attempts to tip him. We also see a large supporting cast which provide some chuckles. (I defy you not to laugh about the stolen underwear)

The back-up story, written by Taylor and illustrated by Marcelo Ferreira, drops a revelation that will affect the rest of the Spider titles. I won’t spoil it, but it’s something we have seen before.

A story like this needs some clean, low-key art, which Cabal supplied admirably. He has proven he can handle the quiet moments, it will be interesting to see how action scenes pan out.

I’ll ask the question: Did we need another Spider-Man title? Answer? In my opinion, no we did not. If you are a fan of a kinder, gentler, less complicated
Spider-Man then this is the title for you.

Rating: 5.0 out of 10

Captain Marvel #1

Review by John Pumpernickel

With the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, it’s no shock that Marvel is going to capitalize on the opportunity to snag a few casual fans by putting out a new Captain Marvel series.

Series like this are hit or miss. How do you cater to a new fan without alienating long time fans? This issue does a fair job at balancing the struggle but comes off as feeling very safe; not breaking any new ground.

The issue feels very “paint by the numbers” and I put it down without feeling the rush to read it again. It was like eating a donut. A nice couple of bites but not too much substance that keeps you locked in.

Captain Marvel #1 is a nice, safe issue for new fans but the ending may throw them off the path in the name of keeping older fanboys intrigued. Good, not great, but even after all that, I’ll check out the next issue.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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